Funky Nail Art


Now this is some funky nail art for foodies! Not my kinda thing – I’d never be able to type! ;-)

(via Gizmodiva)

(via Oddee)

(via Gizmodiva)

(via Cakehead)


Yes, there’s even a vending machine for nail art!

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  1. Gaby

    O.M.G. that is intense!!!! Can we get matching nails and wear them to IACP next year… it will be all the rage :) haha

  2. Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

    This is HYSTERICAL…!!! I want the kiwis… but, like you, I’d never be able to type.. or cook… or take pictures lol. Maybe I should start getting pedicures and put some mint on my toenails, to keep ‘em fresh? :)

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