Found on the blogs – a photo that has just made my jaw drop.

Filipino comfort food: crispy roasted red pig – skin so crisp it looks like sugar-candy. Head over to Jun Blog for the post (and where you can find this dish in San Francisco area). Plus check out this post on Lechon on La Loma.

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  1. justin k.

    jaden! I am so happy you are starting to explore filipino cooking! Looking forward to it! More power to you and your blog!

  2. Peetu

    Wow! So happy to see a Filipino dish mentioned here. I hope you can try that one time. Sinful, but very delicious!

  3. Rowena

    I grew up eating Lechon. It’s pretty much a staple at every Filipino party so I love this stuff. The skin is definitely the best part. I haven’t found a place here in FL that serves it so I’m hoping that maybe one day. I also keep a bottle of Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce in the fridge. It’s a great dipping sauce!One of my friends has a recipe for it using Butt Roast but she won’t give it to me unless I visit her. Needless to say, I’m planning a trip to DC to visit her for a few days and get the recipe.

    Glad you’re exploring Filipino food! I’ve been featuring Filipino food on my blog and so far so good.

  4. Richard

    It looks alot like a chinese dish – For Yuk – (my chinese is horrible) Crispy Roast Pig? but the chinese dish has more fat…either way now i’m starving…

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