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  1. Beverly Mills

    Dragon rolls are my passion at Sushi restaurants! All the ones I’ve had use tempura shrimp rather than eel, so this one looks interesting. Where do you get bbq eel? I want to try this

  2. Lamchop

    My favorite roll! I think eel and avocado go hand in hand.
    @Beverly Mills, I’ve seen packaged eel in Asian supermarkets. I’ve purchased them before and they can be eaten straight out of the bag and comes with more sauce!

  3. Tricia

    Jaden, how do you keep the avocados from turning brown? Do you think I can make this roll ahead of time? If I were to make this as school lunch (for 6 yr son) do you think it would keep without refridgeration??

    1. SteamyKitchen

      You can make these ahead of time – make sure your avocados are all brushed with some fresh lemon juice. Wrap the sushi roll tightly with plastic wrap (so there is very little air touching the avocado) then place roll in a plastic container (to protect from getting squished)

      Pack with a small ice pack (but make sure the sushi itself doesn’t touch the ice pack directly.

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