Unexpected Luxury

What did we eat to celebrate Husband being ranked one of top 10 mid-stakes online poker players world-wide?

can you guess?

Bread ‘N Butter

Danish Bread and Butter

Despite all the fancy-schmancy chopping and twirling that I do, my husband and my favorite summertime dinner is a loaf of french baguette with a hunk of German Cambazola cheese and creamy, dreamy Danish Butter. Yes, I know its spring-time, but when you’re on the coast of Florida and it’s 85 degrees out, its summer. When it is really the summer months and it’s 98 degrees out with humidity of 522%, its officially called hell disguised as paradise.

This was our “luxurious” celebration dinner: Bread ‘N Butter

Danish Butter

Danish Butter

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  1. Scott

    I’ll have to try this next time I’m at Whole Foods. I feel like I saw it this weekend when I picked up my supply of Kerrygold Irish Butter!

  2. Melinda

    Lurpak is my everyday butter here…so glad to know you consider it luxurious. I will feel pampered on your behalf when I have it on my toast each day. (I actually buy a French butter called Presidente, when I want to be fancy.)
    I think I would die in the humidy that you have there! It gets humid enough here when it decides to get warm.

  3. Jason Truesdell

    It’s so much fun to try different kinds of butter… I’ve been using Cremerie Classique for the last few months, an Oregon-made creme fraiche butter. Really nice. There’s also a Vermont Butter & Cheese butter that I like with bread.

    Kerrygold is relatively cheap at Trader Joe’s. Lurpak is not too hard to find here, but I always forget where I see it… My uncle is convinced that Danish butter is the best.

    For me, I’m happiest when the butter is fresh (or frozen early), though so much of the mass-produced butter in the US has a strange taste to me.

  4. Anh

    This is heavenly! I love Lurpak! It’s my only butter to eat with bread. I am very picky on how the butter is served though (learnt from my dad). We normally cut some pieces and leave it to return to room temp. This way the butter is perfectly smooth and spreadable… Yummy!

    When my father is here, I gotta serve him Lurpak. In Vietnam, where my family lives, they like President.

  5. SteamyKitchen

    Scott- let me know if you find it there. I got this at a local fancy market near my house. Did you see Dorie Greenspan’s review of butter? I’ll have to re-read that post. I don’t remember the results of the taste test.

    Melinda- you are SO lucky!!! American butter SUCKS.

    Simcooks- aaaawwww thanks!

    Jason- oooh….I’ll have to find the creme fraiche butter. That sounds so sinfully delicious. Don’t have Trader Joe’s here. Yes, I agree, American butter tastes like crap – very bland and chemical-ish.

    Anh- I’ll have to try Presidente – I think I can find it here. But since I live 30 minutes from the nearest Whole Foods, it takes an extra effort to go AND coordinate activities around my dairy purchases since it so dang hot here.

  6. tigerfish

    Woooo…sure…bread and butter (the basics…) should always come first, before all the creative chopping, twirling and rolling πŸ˜€ …if not, where to get all the energy?
    I’ll still be hungry if I have this for dinner, though. Breakfast sounds better ;p
    So, do you get out of “hell” when it’s summer ? Sounds shitty weather – just like S’pore. Then I can only say it’s hell 365 days a year, every year in S’pore (at avg 90deg, humidity >90%)…is that not hell at every instant ? :O …

  7. Passionate Eater

    WOW! Top ten?!? Is he one of the guys that I see on the Poker Championships on ESPN?!? I went with my beau to play in a poker tournament in Reno, and the pit boss-guy allowed me to sit on a stool right behind him. My expressions gave all of his hands away. My beau has never invited me to another trip to Reno again. But, we are going to Vegas this weekend, so I hope that maybe I’ll run into you and “Husband” there!

  8. Janice

    Bread (not always baguette) and butter with a variety of cheese is what we eat for dinner sometimes. Our comfort food :). President butter is good especially the salted version.

  9. SteamyKitchen

    Tiger- I come to LA & SF to escape the heat! Too bad you’re not in LA – I would come visit you in a couple of weeks!

    PE- Thats so funny! I would be so totally nervous if I played live or watched him play. He only plays online on the major poker sites…I can’t even sit next to him when he plays online…too nerve racking.

    Janice- You’re the 3rd person to mention President. Now I must go find it!

  10. Marvin

    Hmmm, I’ll have to look into this fancy butter thing. When buying butter, my main concern is whether or not it will fit into my butter dish;)

  11. Wandering Chopsticks

    If you eat butter regularly, you can buy a French butter keeper. I’ve seen them at Marshall’s. It’s like a mini-crock with a bowl upended into it where you store the butter. Add a bit of cold water to the bottom of the crock (oops, I typed it without an R and that would have really played around with your stats! :P). Anyway, the water and the bowl upended into the crock seals it, allowing you to store the butter at room temperature for up to a month. It usually sells for around $5 or so.

    I like the Irish cream butter myself. But too decadent since I don’t eat butter that often. Surprised you didn’t make your homemade French bread to go with this. πŸ™‚

  12. SteamyKitchen

    Marvin- oh you are so funny. anything you buy imported will not fit in your butter dish!

    WC- You know what? I think I have one!!!!! I’ll have to dig through my kitchen crap for my butter crock!!! hehe ;-P

    I was too lazy to make french bread!

    Lisa- you and i will have to try president brand – everyone has been recommending it.

  13. Lizzy

    I LOVE Danish butter! I buy it about once a year, for special occasions, and now am reminded that special occasions happen every day. I should celebrate more. In Portland, it’s a steady 70 degrees for a couple of weeks now, fluctuating a bit now and then. I’m so glad I live in a mild climate. Though I do miss the four seasons every now and then! We have only two: rainy season and sunny with occasional showers season.

  14. Ari (Baking and Books)

    That sounds like quite an impressive distinction! I know next to nothing about poker but I’ve always wanted to learn. Congrats to the hubby!

    You are one of the few food bloggers I know who can make bread and butter look so very, very good.

  15. Amy

    Mmm a simple but delicious meal. I agree with Ari, the bread and butter look amazing. I had some awesome Irish butter at the cheese festival. I had Steven get me 5 samples… πŸ˜› I love butter too much…

  16. Freya

    I love bread and butter! It’s the best snack, so comforting and delicious! And i always use wayyy to much butter!

  17. Johan

    Seeing a close up of Danish butter on a foreign website just warms my heart πŸ˜‰ Actually, despite having spent months over there, I had no idea it was even available in the States.

    Everybody loves bread and butter, though, it’s a huge luxury for me as well some times πŸ™‚

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  19. W. Shedd

    Very interesting. My dear Russian wife eats butter like it is going out of style and in fact butter on bread is a perfectly acceptable meal to her. I’ll have to try some of these other butters, she had settled upon Cabot Creamery butter (from Vermont and readily available here) and not had any complaints. Dairy products in general here are not typically as rich as in Russia though (and I’m guessing some other parts of Europe as well). It seems the milk you buy in the store in Russia isn’t quite as homogenized (some cream does rise to the top) and may have higher milkfat as well.

    I also sort of thought you couldn’t screw up butter, but I’ve been eating this Cabot stuff for so long, I might no realize it is any different than other more mass-produced butters.

    As a side note, Ukrainians (well, and some Russians also) eat “salo” – whipped or churned lard, often mixed with garlic and served on dark or black bread. You might not believe it, but its quite tasty, rather like a garlic butter. Most people wouldn’t know the difference if they were served this and not told what it is.

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