Modern Housing for Urban Chickens

It looks like something for kids….but it’s for chickens! Ultra chic and modern housing for backyard chickens.

It’s about time that chicken coops were made from more than ugly wire and wood.

Omlet is the company that makes these beautifully designed “Eglu” chicken homes. Not only do they sell the structures, but they also feature an interactive map where you can buy/sell specific chicken breeds (though it looks like they’ve just launched this tool)

And don’t forget the bees!

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  1. Lael Hazan

    OK… they are fun! But that is a bit silly no? Actually, I think the kids will think the houses are so cute that they will want them for themselves.

  2. Lucy Lean

    Love the Eglu from Omlet – will check out the bees too – my friend has one and the best part is being able to hose it down to keep it clean.

  3. Shannon Lillard

    They are too fancy pantsy! Cute yeah but old wood and old farms and barbed wire are beautiful too ( just add some paint). If you have an abundance of money to spend,sure but with the same money your chickens could have twice the room 🙂

  4. Michael Pitts-Campbell

    $1,500! I don’t think so!

    Cute, well thought out but absolutely, outrageously, overpriced. Suitable for people with more money than brains. For a practical chicken house, see the design in The Integral Urban House: a couple sheets of plywood, some hardware cloth, and some paint and you’ve got a temperate-zone chicken house for 6 layers (I’ve built this design and used it successfully).

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