A Little Strip Tease

Just a quick peek at what I’ll be posting tomorrow….can you guess whats in my rice?

I know.

You love when I tease you.


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  1. LunaPierCook

    Looks like dried cranberries, aka Craisins. That’s what they look like when I put them on my oatmeal.

    Am I right? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller??

  2. Ashley

    i just came across your site today (from a link on slashfood) and wanted to say that i LOVE it! your photos are divine, the recipes are great, and i even read what you write (instead of skipping right to the recipes like i do on some blogs). well done!

    my guess is that you’re making sour cherry rice with saffron.

  3. Melinda

    Looks like raisins, honey, and soy sauce. I hope it’s not crispy pig ears. You creeped me out when you said you liked those.
    When my husband travelled to japan the guys there where always trying to get him to eat deep fried cartilage. He said no thank you. But they try it every time.

  4. Anh

    Jaden, you are naughty lady! πŸ˜‰

    My guess is cranberries or cherries. Will check back tomorrow for the recipe. πŸ˜›

  5. V

    Hey teaser! I am thinking cranraisins or goji berries with basmati rice…. but I know that you have a something up your sleeves…

  6. Su-Lin

    I’m going to guess the same as Nina – it looks like a Persian rice dish (the crust!) with barberries.

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