Roasted Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic

When a recipe calls for bacon, I instinctively double the amount to cook, because in our household, just-cooked bacon sitting on the counter (even those waiting to be incorporated into a yet unfinished dish) is fair game to steal. Even I can’t resist the urge to take a little nibble here and there, and pretty soon there’s no more bacon for the meal.

Cooking an extra batch solves the problem, doubles the delight and allows me to finish the dish properly. The unfortunate consequence is, of course the extra calories consumed, though I think some of you would reason that nibbles and crumbs don’t really count.


This recipe for Roasted Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic is so simple that I even hesitate to write out a recipe. Toss cauliflower florets with olive oil, bacon and garlic. Roast for 20 minutes at 375F and then season with salt.

The bacon crisps the same time as the cauliflower cooks and the garlic get a nice toasting as well.

The smaller you cut the cauliflower, the faster this cooks.

If you want, you can even finish the roasted cauliflower off with a good snowfall of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

But I think it’s perfect as it is. Recipe at the bottom of post.

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Roasted Cauliflower Recipe with Bacon and Garlic

Servings: 4 Prep Time: 5 Cook Time: 20

This Roasted Cauliflower recipe only takes 5 minutes hands-on! Sometimes, we add fresh grated cheese at the end, just before serving.


1 head cauliflower, cut into small florets
6 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
3 strips bacon, cut into bite sized pieces
2 teaspoons olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 375F. On a baking sheet, toss together the cauliflower, garlic slices, bacon and olive oil. Roast for 20-25 minutes until bacon is crisp and cauliflower is cooked through. Season with the roasted cauliflower with salt and pepper to taste.

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  1. Kath

    Sometimes the simplest things are just the best! Roasted cauliflower, bacon, and garlic sounds perfect! I’ve got all of the ingredients for tonight…thanks for the idea.

  2. susie

    I just made it for a late lunch, to go with the last of my tomatoes from my garden and a piece of leftover green chili quiche. My garlic brown too much and was bitter, next time I will use onion pieces instead!

  3. Kiki

    Sounds amazing! I think I might just have to go get some cauliflower in the morning… if I weren’t so worn out from all the baking I’ve done tonight (pumpkin muffins and two kinds of soda bread) I’d be tempted to make it right now!

  4. Mia

    I have a head of cauliflower that was going to be soup. But I don’t have the leeks I need. So I will be making this instead. Although I will make it veggie by leaving out the bacon.

  5. Joe M.

    Would you please clarify the garlic prep? Ingredients say “halved” but photo and directions say “slices”. Can I just smash and roughly chop?

  6. jay

    Oh man, I just made this for dinner! Fantastic, and easy! I upped the bacon and onions a bit because I had a GIANT head of cauliflower, and I always burn my garlic, so I roasted a full head of garlic wrapped separately. Tossed it with the rest, topped with fresh parm, and my buddies wolfed it down.

    Note: Jayden, this recipe makes an AWESOME soup. I have a broken jaw that’s wired shut and healing, so I’m on liquids only for six weeks. For myself, I just added a portion of this recipe to some homemade veggie stock and a bit of milk, and threw it in the blender for a while. Seriously, it was the best thing I’ve “eaten” in three weeks! Thanks!

  7. Chris

    I am not a big cauliflower fan but bacon and garlic….I’m a slave to them! Nice looking snack or side dish, Jaden.

  8. Christina

    I had tried roasted cauliflower and its real nice. I rubbed in curry powder, salt and olive oil. But will definitely try this recipe of yours one day 🙂 Thanks for the extra recipe to roast cauliflower 🙂

  9. jay

    My apologies, Jaden! I was so excited about this recipe and having it for dinner tonight, that I spelled your name wrong.

    I’ll be making this again really soon. So easy. So tasty.

  10. SeattleDee

    i LOVE roasted vegetables with bacon, but sadly the husband won’t eat cauliflower. Even with bacon. Not even dusted with curry powder. Nope, smoky pimenton won’t do it either. So there’s more for me to enjoy, and he gets to shake his head in disbelief.

  11. Kat & Kim

    Beautiful how sometimes the most simple things are often the best. What a wonderful combination, will definitely be trying this one.

  12. Vivian

    You could put garlic and bacon on an old shoe and I’d probably eat, but cauliflower is probably easier on the teeth ;-). Looks fab, will try it soon.

  13. Katie K

    All my favorite food in one dish. And roasted ! Even better! I’m making this tonight for sure : )

  14. Liza (Jersey Cook)

    Hi Jaden, I just made this recipe and it is SO GOOD! For some reason, mine took way longer than 20 minutes. It was in the oven for an hour. The worst part was smelling that amazing bacon/garlic combo and not being able to dig in!

    I added a splash of sherry vinegar at the end for some acidity. The dish is so good. Thank you for the simple recipe!

  15. letitia

    What do you think of the possibility of adding par-boiled potatoes to the mix…could that work for an aloo gobhi kind of dish, minus curry but add (lots of) bacon?

  16. Louise

    i can only imagine how delicious this is, i love cauliflower and then of course bacon you know… love the color on the cauliflower, perfect

  17. Lea Ann

    I hear ya on the extra bacon. Is there anything better than sneaking bites while cooking? I’m a huge fan of cauliflower and can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

  18. dana

    HMMM…I need to add bacon to my oven roasted potatoes. I make the oven roased potatoes with out the bacon. I cut them up, cover them with plastic wrap and microwave them 5 to 7 minutes on high. That way they cook faster in the oven. All they need is bacon.

    I could add bacon to the garlic, carrots parsnips onions and potatoes that I roast to go with chicken.

    Thanks for the tip about cutting the garlic in half.
    I am so excited. More bacon in my life!!!!

  19. Macarons

    I agree with your posting…you can never go wrong with bacon,…morning, lunch, or dinner. This looks like an awesome dish as a side. Should give it a try soon as I LOVE bacon, cauliflower, and garlic.


  20. [email protected]!

    Interesting! I think I could actually eat cauliflower with bacon. Bacon makes everything better!

  21. Peg

    Can this be made using back bacon? I’ve recently become a big fan of back bacon. Same lovely flavor and less fat. Any suggestions? This recipe looks awesome!

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  23. Mary

    This was delicious!! Had to bake it a bit longer to get the bacon as done as I like it, but DELICIOUS!!!

  24. Audrey

    That sounds absolutely DELICIOUS! I love cauliflower but my kids don’t. They LOVE bacon, though. I have to try this one. Thank you

  25. MDaily

    I bet this would be amazing made with either brussel sprouts or red cabbage. Mmmm..can’t wait to try it!

  26. Veronica

    I just had this for dinner tonight. It was really delicious! I probably shouldn’t have eaten it all at once but it was my main meal not a side dish, so I guess it’s okay. This is your first recipe I’ve made and can’t wait to try the many others I’ve bookmarked. Thank you for this recipe!

  27. Jon Tanner

    Just made these last night. Turned out great! Added some sliced shallots to the mix. Everyone agreed it was the best cauliflower dish they ever had.

  28. Monica S

    I made this recipe for Thanksgiving and everybody thinks I’m a genius. So, me thinks, why don’t I combine cauliflower with Jaden’s brussels sprouts with cranberry pesto. Well, you guessed it. I’m still a genius. Everyone wants the recipe so I’m directing everyone to the Ugh! The secret is out and everyone will now know who the real genius is.

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