If only customer service was this easy

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kenmore.

Am I so bored that I’m talking with my washer? Well, no, but my washer is talking to a Sears tech. Yup, you read right, my Kenmore washer and dryer communicates via phone to help the tech diagnose the problem through Kenmore Connect. Sure beats calling and waiting for a tech to arrive days later, especially with the amount of laundry we go through…..or worse yet….have a bored junior tech walk me through a troubleshooting script. I’m sure you’ve been through that with your computer! 😉

I sure wish Kenmore Connect was available on other things….like

….our entertainment system – “why does it take 5 remotes just to watch TV?”

….and our pet turtles – “why did you eat your tank mate, Speckles the harmless goldfish?”

….my AT&T service – “WHY CAN’T I GET *!@&$! SERVICE?????????”

Kenmore Appliance Giveaway

If you are interested in winning your own Kenmore Washer and Dryer (or Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher…your choice), we’re giving one away!

Head over to BlogHer’s Kenmore Elite giveaway page!

I’m also giving away a Kenmore Vacuum too – head over to the vacuum giveaway page.

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  1. Laurel

    The Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set is gorgeous. They are attractive and obviously efficient and functional. I’d be honored to have the pair in my laundry-kitchen area!

  2. Lisa R.

    Beautiful appliances! How could ANYONE ever complain about doing laundry with those 2 awesome appliances???!!

  3. Noelle

    The washer and dryer are downright dreamy. My 14 year old Kenmores are challenged daily by the 7 year old dirt queen in the household. If a new set could take care of the stains she gets all over her clothes (including the backs!); I could start a whole new hobby in all of my spare time. Thank you for such a generous contest.

  4. amelia martinez

    i love these new modern washer and dryer, i love this contest good luck everybody, i sure need them

  5. arosegarden04

    I am renting my home now and will soon be moving. I will be needing a new washer and dryer and would love to have this beautiful pair.

  6. lulu

    my washer is 30 years old and the hot water hose just broke last night resulting in a little flooding in the second floor. this made the ceiling in the first floor wet. i would love to own a new washer. our dryer still works but it is showing its age though it is i believe 15 years younger than the washer. we have had to glue the handle several times with heavy duty adhesive.

  7. Mira Teplitsky

    These applainces of my dream. They are modern and very efficient. I wish I had them. Thank you for contest

  8. Debbie C

    Wow, I’ll give this pair their own private line if it will keep my laundry looking nice!

  9. Maria Riedyk

    I am 50 years old and I am living like I was still in university with taking my laundry to the laundromat.

    Therefore, since my old washer and dryer kicked the bucket a few months ago, I would love to win the Kenmore washer/dryer set.

    My life would be so much simpler, and with the new technology I would also be saving on water, electricity, and detergent.

    This would be a win-win situation, for the environment and for me.

    All I need is to win this Kenmore washer/dryer set, and place it where my old washer/dryer set used to be.

    Least but not last, Please pick me!

  10. LoRee Williams

    I have a Kenmore Washer & Dryer that is 30 years old. They still work somewhat. The washer timer is messed up and uses only hot water. The dryer sounds like it could throw parts everywhere BUT it still drys. NEED REPLACEMENTS ASAP!!!!!

  11. Stacie Robinson

    I would love to win this kenmore washer and dryer set, i have never seen such an amazing duo!

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