Rubber Duckie Tea Infuser

Who can resist this cute thing!?? Rubber Duckie Tea Infuser at Fred Flare $12 (via @alltop)

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  1. Cooking in Mexico

    I want one! It is so cute.

    By the way, I have been following other blogs’ photos and accounts of the Food Blogger Camp. It sounds like you made contributions that were much appreciated by others there. Good for you for sharing your blog knowledge.


  2. XeniaE

    WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR FOOD USAGE! I bought the “Tea Duckie” tea infuser for my husband for Christmas, and as cute and functional as it may be, I cannot recommend this item to others, as it NOT safe for food usage! The duckie is HOLLOW inside–instead of solid plastic, as it should have been, and as I thought it was, when I bought it–and it has gaps around the head and base where liquids (tea and soapy water, when you wash it) can seep into it, and there is no way to get the head or base off (short of breaking it) to drain out the liquid inside. Because of this, the liquid that collects inside it gets stagnant and moldy, and if you then set the duckie in your tea, that inside liquid can seep out into the tea, contaminating it (whatever seeps into the duck can just as easily seep out again). Also, the black rubber eyes have partially melted from the hot tea, so I doubt those are safe either. I just wanted to warn everyone who sells these ducks or who has bought one that they are NOT safe, and that the company that makes them should recall all of them, to avoid anyone potentially getting sick from using it.

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