Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Update + More Testers!

Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

I’m getting so close…I can smell it! So far, I’ve written 90 recipes and shot over 65 photographs…but I’m a little behind – and still have 30 more photographs and another 15 recipes to go.

I must give great thanks to a hardcore team of testers who have been relentlessly testing, suggesting and tweaking my recipes for the past couple of months. I’m sure by now, they are all Asian’d out at dinnertime! But big hugs and eternal thanks to Katherine, Susan, Phil, Susan, Daphne, Arlyn, Diana, Michael, Patsy, Shasta, Renee, Helen, Kim, Claudia, Regina, Silvia, Joon, Jaime, Susan, Joel, Richard, Bonni, Marion, Audrey, Carmen, Christine, Brian, Rory, Tina, FriedApplePie, Gail, Robin, Lexi, De Hendrix, Tauie, Danielle, Jennifer, Sarah, Ashley, Cindy, Lisa, Jeff, Owlhaven, Barry, Juliana, Madam Chow, Kathleen, Lynn, Sara, Sowjanya, DmOrtega, Melanie, Suganya, Patsy, Andrea, Wiffy, Margy, Patti, Ed, Valerie, Eneri, Marvin, Jude, Joel, Emily, Lynne, Sandy, Courtney, Will, Anne, Melissa, Shana, Micha, David, Nicola, Margy, Jim, Laura, Ric, Tiffanie, Claire, Betty, Thuy, Kindra, Xavier, Shasta, Patti, Foodiebear, Lauriel, Dickie, Cinzia, Li-Chia, Su-Eng, Jacqueline and Christina.

While the testers have done a fantastic job, I’m a little behind. I still have about 15 more recipes and another 25 photos to take. I will say that I totally underestimated how long it would take to write this book. I mean, I write on this blog twice a week and write for the newspaper weekly and it’s like no big deal. And you have to understand that I CRAVE spontaneity and loathe anything that has to do with deadlines, long term planning or being a responsible human being.

Let me tell ya, the ONLY hesitation I ever had with agreeing to write a cookbook was having this massive, dark cloud hanging over me called a deadline. Not just a regular “due by next Monday” thing, but a MASSIVE BEAST of a deadline called 18 month project.

Holly, my editor, has pretty much let me do my thing, checking in once in a while and staying quiet in the background. I’ve had nightmares that on that day of delivery, she takes one look and says, “A cookbook? Wait. You’re supposed to be writing a needlepoint and quilting book!”

Which, actually, might have been easier to write – “just stick yer needle in the cloth.” Oh but wait, what size needle? What length? How big of hole? In which direction? How much does the cloth weigh? What kind of threadcount? If I can’t find silk thread, what to substitute with?

Never mind, I’ll just stick with figuring out how to perfectly decribe in words how to cut a plum in wedges without saying, “slice 1/4″ to each side of the plum’s ass-crack.”

Seriously. If I say “plum ass-crack” don’t you immediately know what I mean? Shhhh…I might try to sneak that sentence in the book just for giggles.

Would you like to help test recipes?

So obviously, I’m behind schedule and there are a bunch of recipes that still haven’t been tested fully. If you’re interested in testing, I’d be forever grateful. What I’m looking is real recipe testing, meaning don’t look at my recipe and then just make your own thing. I need you to follow exact measurements and directions as it is written and give me feedback on the dish. That’s the only way I know if my scribbly scrabbly gobbly gook actually makes sense to people.

You’ll have to use your real name (sorry, no nicknames) when you register and try testing some of the newer recipes that I have posted.

Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Testing Site
(just click on the register link)

Please only register if you’re serious about testing at least 1 recipe, okay?



I survived first week of kindergarten

and so did Andrew…



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  1. courtney

    I have to get back on the testing bandwagon. I have only tested about 3 I think so far and they are all excellent. Thishas been so fun.

  2. marion

    It’s been such a fantastic experience to test those fantastic recipes !
    I have somme little more to cook, and as you read, I loved all of them πŸ™‚
    It’s great, you’re gonna make it for sure, with huge success !

  3. veron

    Hi Jaden,
    Okay I logged in but when I registered months ago, I used my nickname and never got the chance to fix it. Can you delete my profile so I can re-register with my full name. I already saw some stuff that I am dying to try out….:D.


  4. Sarah Marie

    I have my eye on a couple more recipes to test, but I do want to say you’ve done a fabulous job so far and I can’t wait to have a copy of the book in my hands!

  5. Carrie Hasson

    Your boys= OMG so CUTE!
    I would love to test a recipe (at least one I promise!). Seeing as how I rarely cook and the girls and I find ourselves at Moe’s every Monday for the $5.55 special, this would give us a good excuse to stay in and cook (and have some fun!) together. No need about recipe tampering, I don’t know how to cook without a recipe card and lots of measuring equipment lol. I also read that blogging pics (without recipe) is no prob. so it’ll give me an excuse to have some more fun w/food fotos….and when the book comes out I want it signed by the “ass crack” quote, k? he he
    Guess I need to finally splurge on a Lowel light, you still think that’s the best starting point for food fotos?

  6. Sowjanya

    That picture of both the boys is sooo stinkin’ cute.

    Your post reminds me that I haven’t sent in lot of updates on my testing. Note to self: stop being so lazy

  7. Annalisa

    I just found your blog and think you’re hilarious and cool. Your kids are cute as buttons (whatever that means!). I too have a little one, just entered the first grade and thinks he is SO GROWN UP now! I’d love to test a recipe or two… registeriiiiiing….. NOW!

  8. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

    I just wanted to say that I’ve tested quite a few of Jaden’s recipe and they have all been great. So much so, that I’ve made several of them over and over again. Believe me, if you help out, it will definitely not be a hardship!

    Jaden- Congrats on surviving the first week of kindergarten! It is a real milestone! Now, get ready to bake lots and lots of cookies!

  9. Mikky

    your boys are so cute… :)… hope to have a copy of your book when it’s done… hope to help out as soon as my sched is fixed…:)

  10. Ady

    Hi Jaden I wrote a cookbook too and I can understand how much hard is to do it, please tell me how can I buy it when it’s ready, I’ll very happy , hugs and kisses

  11. Carmen

    (there are a few that I’ve already tested that I just haven’t had a chance to post on your testing site about yet – will do it pronto!)

  12. Rupa


    I love your blog.. and i would love to test your recipes !! Every day i visit your site and am blown over by the yummy dishes and great photos.

    I have registered….

  13. Prachi

    Hi Jaden, I’ve been following your blog for sometime and I absolutely love it. I’ll be more than glad to test out some of your recipes – I even picked something to get started with. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  14. mochachocolata rita

    JADEN! There’ll better be a “plum asscrack” somewhere in your book. Otherwise I’ll be totally disappointed, depressed, and need lotsa plum asscracks covered in chocolate therapy

    I am worse than you, as I can NOT even follow recipes properly (this is why I never sign up for any recipe testing of any kind, as I would only “give a great creation a bad name” – yes as in bon jovi’s song, baby!)

  15. finsbigfan

    Jaden, Your kids are sooo cute…. ahhh the memories. Anywho, can’t wait for the cookbook! Keep pounding the rock girl. It will get done and it will be fabulous! Love the plum asscrack. Get it (sneak it) in the book. Your writing is so funny as well as informative. I have learned so much from you as well as being entertained and THAT is what it’s all about.

  16. Wookie

    Alright girl, I’ll test some recipes for you…as long as the recipe has “plum ass-crack” somewhere in there. LOL, just kidding, I’d love to test some recipes.

    BTW, I hate deadlines, too. I was always an all-nighter kinda girl in college. Good thing I have good retention.

    Your boys are adorable. I’m always tickled to see the little ones with their backpacks.

  17. Hillary

    Yay for Andrew in kindergarten! I know what you mean about deadlines and burdens πŸ™‚ I would love to test a recipe! On the other site now =:)

  18. Cindy

    Ahh I’ve only tested two recipes,
    Would love to do more but life’s been hectic here,
    I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out!!

  19. [email protected] Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    I’m a recipe tester too and let me tell ya…..once you make one of Jadens recipes, they will become part of your regular menu. Her fried rice is a staple in my house and her Teriyaki sauce, oh lordy, we use it all the time on everything.

    I had both kids going to Jr. High this week so I feel your pain Jaden! LOL

  20. pixen

    Hi Jaden…

    OMG your kids are so handsome and adorable πŸ™‚ Hahahhaa..plum ass-crack… I do agreed with you (looking at one plum right now!) I wished you all the best for this cooking book. When will it published and will there be e-book (in pdf) as well?

    take care


  21. Lynn

    I’m happy to help, if you need someone to tell you how not to do things. That seems to be my speciality.

    Congrats to Andrew on his first week at kindergarten. What a handsome boy!

  22. joey

    Jaden! Registering now and will try to do some testing! πŸ™‚ So excited πŸ™‚ Also excited for your book to come out…I hope it makes it to my shores! We get periplus here so I’ll be having a little chat with my bookstore friends (I used to work in a bookstore!) to order your book! Don’t you worry about Manila girl πŸ˜‰

    Also…Congratulations Andrew!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  23. Tartelette

    I have to apologize…profusedly….I have not been able to focus and test like I said I would…most days is roast chicken and salad because I don’t have to think….sorry sorry sorry….arghhhhhhhh somebody needs to invent a 28 hour day…would you?!!

  24. Marysol

    Well, I’ll never look at another plum the same way again.

    But, I had to add my congratulations; can’t wait to check it out!

  25. Ingrid


    I just recently found your blog from a comment left on mine about the Lowel EGO lights you use. I can see by the amount of positive comments you’ve been left that you know you have an awesome blog but none the less I’ll tell you myself…awesome blog.

    I’d love to test a recipe! I will of course follow the link.

    I will be redundant and say that your boys are SOOOOO handsome! By the way it’s going to be ALL KINDS of baked goodness that you’ll be requested to make. I just hope you get more notice than my children give me.


  26. Cindy

    I really really can’t wait for your cookbook to come out,
    Please let us know when it’s gonna be on the shelf,
    I’ll go grab one copy with a speed of light!
    Ok maybe more than one copy,
    Let’s buy a whole bunch!

  27. DmOrtega

    I’ve recommended your book to as a choice for their Cookbook Club section. Good Luck!

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