Andrew’s Debut on TV

Andrew's Debut on TV

For the past year, Andrew has been asking me, “Mama, can I do a cooking show with you?” and I’ve kinda resisted, mainly because a 5 year old boy…specifically MY 5 year old boy is quite unpredictable. How do I know that he’s not just going to blurt out my dirty laundry on LIVE TV???

There’s no bleep button on the control board (I’ve checked) and even if there was, how would I signal the producer to bleep out the part when Andrew would spontaneously shout out, “My mama dances naked on the bed to ‘Careless Whisper.'”

Like, totally embarrassing to let the world know that I still, even after the gerbil incident (wait, was that a different dude?) and knowing that he’s so totally gay that I’d fling my naked body at George Michael if he rang my doorbell.

Last Christmas I asked my husband for George Michael concert tickets. But of course, I Believe he got jealous of my Fast Love for George Michael. Husband was furious and told me that I Can’t Make You Love Me, I’m just Waitin’ For The Day that you leave me for G.

I said, “Honey…I just have A Last Request. Try not to Wake Me up Before You Go-Go. Oh, and can you take the trash out first? I’ve had an Amazing…Hard Day.”

That was 10 songs!!! Can you do better?

But Andrew PROMISED he wouldn’t blurt out that, “when my friend at Kindergarten pushed me and hit me, my Mama told me next time he does that to kick his ass and tell him that he has ears like a donkey.”

So I let him come with me. Oh. My. Buddha. He was soooo excited that he skipped around the house all and even did the dishes, laundry and mopping for me that night. Since it was his cooking show, I asked him what would he like to cook.


Come see TV Debut Andrew’s debut on TV. Just click on the “Featured Video” link.

Weatherdude, John Scalzi,Β  said to Andrew, “Come with me! I’ll show you the control room!”

Andrew was mic’d up from the beginning (and was afraid to go to the restroom because he thought, “my teacher will hear me go peepee.” Cute.


Andrew brought a little Beanie Baby frog that his Mimi gave to him.


He said, “SO! MANY! TVs! and BUTTONS!”


I was a bit nervous that he’d be scared of these monsters. There are three of them in the studio, all moving around depending on the shot.


Waking up at 5am was easy…staying awake waiting for our spot to come on was tough.

We went on air for about 4 minutes to do our thing. Then we had another 20 minutes til the end of the news broadcast where we’d come back on to show the final dish and say goodbye (video doesn’t show that part.)

During those 20 minutes, we have to finish the fondue, cut up all the fruit and make a pretty platter for the beauty shot. Here’s Andrew making the fondue.

TV Debut

Stirring the melted chocolate…

But of course chopping fruit doesn’t take long and we had plenty of time left. Without talking, Andrew just stood there on his stool, tired as all hell. He did what any 5 year old would do…

Andrew's Debut

Just started eating the chocolate during the commercial break…

Andrew Sneaking Chocolate from Jaden Hair on Vimeo.


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  1. Kitt

    How cute! I’ll bet he had a fun time. Is he lording it over his brother?

    Your hair looks good, too! Shorter, yes?

  2. Sowjanya

    Oh my. Your title should have had a warning of something like, “Cuteness overloaded”..:)

    He is just so adorable. I cannot believe he got up at % am :). Give Andrew a hig from me :).

  3. courtney

    He’s a natural. Food network will be calling and he will have his own TV show for kids. I know I have told yyo this but he’s adorable! I used to always “bust out” my Mother. I was such an honest kid.

  4. Mikky

    congratulations to Andrew…he looks so adorable… πŸ™‚ and boy, i love your George Michael dialogues… bet your hubby went grrrr… lol…

  5. Mike

    lol, that is just too much. I’m sure he was in his glory after his successful TV debut. Congrats to both of you. And rofl at the George Michael bit…I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) to chime in, so after a bit of a struggle to come up with a good reply, I thought I’d give it One More Try because I thought if Jaden wants anything George Michael, she should get Everything She Wants. If I Told You That I ran out of juice after only using 4 titles though, well, you’d be disappointed that I couldn’t find any reasonable way to work “”I Want Your Sex” into this comment with looking like a Freeek! Whew, 6, yea, I’m done now, lol.

  6. Lyndsey

    I watched it before I went to work. He is adorable. I thought it was cute at the end of the broadcast went you presented the finished dish and he had chocolate all over his mouth. We knew what he was doing.

  7. Carolyn Jung

    Your son is adorable! Hey, maybe this is the start of a regular gig for the two of you? If Jacques and Claudine can do it, then why not Jaden and Andrew? πŸ˜‰

  8. kate

    oh my god …how cute … we have a star in the making, wouldn’t be surprised if he started giving you competition in a couple of years ! He’s a pretty confident kiddo for 5 Jaden, you are a lucky mom πŸ™‚ … George Micheal … hahaha … :p

  9. Marysol

    You know, if I hadn’t been so busy enjoying your adorable sous chef Andrew, I might’ve noticed what he was actually making. So, I went back for a second look. And what a treat it was, both times. You make a great team.
    And please whisper to Andrew that pineapple is also my favorite fruit.

  10. Amy

    Awww! Now when he’s in school and has to share an interesting fact about himself or what he did this summer, he can say “I was on TV!” We had to do icebreakers at orientation this week and I wish I had something as cool as that to say. πŸ™‚

  11. rita

    congrats on andrew’s TV debut! he looks so comfortable in front of the camera. a celebrity chef in the making? why not, right?

    by the way… dancing naked on the bed to careless whispers? girl, you are too much! πŸ˜€

  12. White On Rice Couple

    Oh gawd, you didn’t, didn’t,didn’t have to bring up my precious George in this post did ya? If I could start with George and Andrew during their Wham! days, you’d have a 10 paragraph post from me. But to save everyone here from my 80’s music geeky-ness, I’ll only share my love of George with those who vacation with me. πŸ˜‰ Just have FAITH that you’ll find out more about me very, very soon.

    Andrew is just a Cutie Pa-too-tee! I just wanna stroke some of that chocolate over his lip for a chocolate mustache. You can then sell that print to a PR company for a “Got Chocolate?” campaign! Watch out “Got Milk?” folks, eat your heart out with Andrew!

    So sad about Anita. I’ll cut back on my billiard playing this week and save it for Anita. Thanks for the message.

  13. finsbigfan

    High five to Andrew! What a little star. Bet he had a blast at the tv station; he’ll be running it some day. Big props to mom—GREAT JOB!!

  14. Grifola frondosa

    Are you sure the Iron Chef started this way?

    Yep, I can see it now.

    First the TV appearance.

    Next, Cookin’ for Kidz blog.

    Then comes the food column in the Tampa Bugle Gazette.

    Followed by the EZ Recipes for Kidz Cookbook, with a nod to food fotog Jaden.

    Then, the book tour now that he’s out of diapers.

    And naturally, appearing on FoodTV’s Next Chef competition…

    And, Voilΰ…

    Andrew’s own TV Show and onward to be named the Next Iron Chef allowing Mario Batali to retire.

    PS: And yes, Jaden… you did a wonderful job as Andrew’s able assistant.

  15. David

    Hah! This reminds me of the recent “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” where Peter Sagal was talking about how Michelle Obama gave her daughter Sasha the mic. On national television. Live. Where an impromptu poop-joke could destroy the Democratic Party for all time.

  16. veron

    Oh I see another celebrity chef in the making. Yes…great to hook them when they are young ;).

  17. Marysol

    Don’t mind me, I just came back for a second look. Andrew is precious. My monkey has no interest, at all, in cooking, his biggest passion is PS2.

  18. David

    Don’t underestimate the benefits of video games, Marysol. Problem solving, critical thinking, and possibly reading comprehension, depending on the games.

  19. SteamyKitchen

    My friend, WMW was too shy to post. So I’ll do it for her! Here’s what she emailed me:

    Andrew isn’t one of those Bad Boys or some Young Guns, he’s just a cutie enjoying his Freedom. By the way, your food postings always takes me The Edge Of Heaven! Though we are on A Different Corner, I have not lost Faith that you’ll employ me one day. Hahahaha…I just Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. I gotta have Patience and maybe with that One More Try, I’ll succeed and that will be Amazing! You’ll smile and say “I Knew You Were Waiting, Waiting For That Day” but you’ll change your mind in a Heartbeat and tell me that it was just a Careless Whisper cos you were too busy in holidaying in Club Tropicana Kissing A Fool, a fool that wanted Somebody To Love; Fast Love, that is! I’ll then cry Like A Baby and nothing would Heal The Pain. Where Did Your Heart Go? Sob! But that’s just you, you’re Too Funky! :o)

    Hahaha…still vying for that job of holding the fan. That’s 22 Wham/George Michael songs! I’m a big fan! :o)”

  20. Paula

    Oh man, you make cute kids! I bet viewers tuning into that broadcast let out collective “oh he’s so cute” comments simultaneously! Looks like the perfect recipe for a little man, and I love his green frog! What a great memory you’ve created for him!

  21. Mae

    Oh, what a cutie! Andrew is a star in the making! What a great debut for him. πŸ™‚

  22. Nate

    Well done, Jaden! You are much improved – not too many “and, um”s this episode. It helps that the host isn’t trying to interrupt you with silly questions or repartee – he was probably worried Andrew might hurt himself or say something inappropriate.

    Or maybe he was just as enthralled with how cute Andrew is.

    Keep doin’ what you do!

  23. joey

    Go go Andrew!!! A big congratulatins to him! I’m already a fan! πŸ™‚ He is truly adorable with such a winning onscreen personality! I imagine how proud you must be πŸ™‚

    Love the little kiddie cutter thingy…it’s perfect!

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