They Draw and Cook; We Fish

We’ve been fishing a lot lately, it’s the perfect weather to do so, the fish are hungry and our pond in the backyard is nice and quiet. These next two photos are my favorite – the Scott and the kids are just so content waiting patiently for the fish to bite.


Sometimes, they’ll be out there for a couple of hours and then I bring them out a little picnic dinner.

[sidenote: The fish we catch in the backyard aren’t for eating unfortunately, which is why I have absolutely no interest in fishing at home – I don’t see the point of fishing if I can’t eat it!!! The community that takes care of the pond sprays some nasty stuff along the edge of the pond to keep the bugs or whatever away :-(] [sidenote #2: yesterday we saw someone spray painting the mulch which just totally blows my mind.]

But at our friend’s Patsy and Charlie’s house, we catch to eat.

Oh! What is that?

It’s a puppy!! Seriously, that thing was a MONSTER. As tall as Nathan. The circumference of the catfish was bigger than my child’s waist.

And his mouth? Did you know catfish had tongues this big??

They bite too! Ouch!


That catfish may be massive, but at least it wasn’t as ugly as this one: 

It reminds me of Ziggy, the comic strip character that I loved way back in the early 80’s. But wow, this fish better have some good personality, he sure doesn’t have the looks! Found this on the 20 ugliest fish in the world. As much as I love fish, I don’t think I could eat any of them.

Since I don’t include all the giveaways in my RSS feed, I wanted to make sure you got to see this – I want to replace your entire spice collection! McCormick Gourmet is sponsoring this giveaway – don’t miss it!


Do you want to know what’s my favorite new recipe site? Check out They Draw and Cook, run by brother and sister team, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell. They collect recipes from talented artists who illustrate recipes in art form. Over 1,000 recipes are currently in their database (fully tagged and searchable with interactive map) and they have a book coming out this Fall.

Here are some of my favorites:

Linguini with Grilled Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

French Toast by Yu hsuan (smallx2) Huang

Cookie Dough Cupcakes by Kimberly Smolkowicz

Caponata by Diego Haupenthal

Swampy Pasta by Jolanta Gil

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  1. xenos

    as an artist that has contributed to the TDAC website, seeing you feature this on your blog made my day!

    thanks for the plug and crossing my fingers to score one of your giveaways…

  2. xenos

    as an artist that contributes to TDAC website, to see you post it here just made my day!

    thanks for the plug and crossing my fingers i score one of your giveaways…


  3. skip to malou

    we wemt fishing a lot when we lived in FL. I remember somewhere in Cocoa Beach (im not sure if you know the place) my son who was 10 at that time, caught a huge black fish (i forget its name) but yeah we didn’t eat it as we were told that it’s not safe to .. how sad. I lol’d at your ziggy pic, since it surely looked like Ziggy haha.

  4. Nate from TDAC

    Oh wow – thanks so much for the great shout-out! I LOVE the recipes you picked! That “Swampy Pasta” is so great and the French Toast..adorable. Actually, I heard that an art director from a major U.S. greeting card company sent that artist an email within 2 hours of us posting her recipe! THAT’S what it’s all about!

  5. Richard Smith

    Hi Jaden. You have a very nice website. I hope mine becomes as good as yours some day. I have just started this site and blog and have a lot to learn.I am a retired Personal Chef and spent some years working for a book publisher.
    I live on Vancouver Island 30 miles of water west of Vancouver Island. I look forward to sharing recipes sights and sounds that are dear to me.
    Please visit my website and look at the recipes that I have entered so far.Perhaps you will find some that suit your fancy. I am adding more each day. Iwish I could attend your April seminar. It sounds like fun.
    Please post your comments to my site

  6. Wendy O

    Your son must be thrilled to have caught that ginormous fish and the other one…well that is one ugly fish.

    Thanks for posting about They Draw and Cook website. I want to explore but the pillow calls me.

  7. Lauralee Hensley

    That is a big catfish. I wouldn’t have any interest either in fishing if I couldn’t cook them up.

  8. Eileen

    We love to fish too but sadly cannot trust the safety of most fish we catch to eat them…yes, too much pesticide spraying in so many areas.

    I love the site you linked. My 11 year old is collecting recipe/cookbooks. She’ get a kick out of this for her birthday late summer. She is def going to be a foodie and is already loving to cook!

  9. Terri

    It’s really a shame they spray pesticides around your lake…that fish was a beauty! High five to your son!

  10. Sofya @ The Girl's Guide to Guns and Butter

    Oh, I love that, Jaden! I got my husband to go and catch fresh trout for me – here in the Driftless Wisconsin we have one of the foremost destinations for incredible trout fishing, and I love cooking it. I am starting a newspaper column, and my first installment (it’s a food column) will be on fresh-caught trout stuffed with morels and wild ramps.

    Then we also live close to Mississippi, so I have a fishmonger who I buy catfish from, as well as carp and perch. He goes and catches in in the morning and I buy it that same day. By they way, it just occurred to me, I should share that carp recipe here:

    Here’s the trout adventure:

    I once made caviar with trout that happened to have eggs in it. It was incredible.

  11. Kim in MD

    This is a very sweet post, Jaden! I agree with you about that monster ugly fish looking like Ziggy! That is too funny!

  12. angela billows

    How sad that in this day and age they spray pesticides around a recreational lake. They are denying the lake its own eco-system which could give hours of fun to children, identifying bugs etc as well as give food for the birds and fish for you that you could share with us with your recipes! It has far reaching consequences!

  13. vietfoodrecipes

    It’s exciting the boy catches something. We sometimes spend the whole evening with the kids fishing, the kids loved throwing baits, I wished my kids were able to catch something to entertain their excitement. What a beautiful view.

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