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At one point, I owned 120 domain names. So I guess you could call me a domain-name hoarder, but seriously they were silly domains that people wouldn’t ever think of or want in the first place. Every time I think of a cool phrase or idea, no matter how strange, dingbatlike or just plain stupid, I’d go and buy the .com, reasoning that “Oh one day this would make a fun site!”

Silly me.

I’ve only used 3 of them: Steamy Kitchen, Food Blog Forum and one that I can’t tell you about because then you’d read all my deep dark secrets.

My husband’s threatened to sell my collection of vintage Pyrex bought one by one from ebay if I don’t get rid of these domain names. Clearly, it’s gotten out of hand. I’m willing to part with a few of them (my hands are shaking as I’m typing this)….as I’m already experiencing domain withdrawal.

Keep in mind I’ve owned some of these for several years and hope to at least sell some of them for market value.

As the Hoe Turns ( and other various spellings) – great for a gardening blog

Bistro Go Go ( catering?

Go Go Bistro (

Deliciously Delightful (

Dinner To Door ( and catering or delivery service?

Diva of Delicious (

Food Fight TV ( and great idea for TV show

Gourmet For Dinner (

Gourmet For Everyday (

Mommy Blog Forum (

My Gourmet Chef (

Smoking Hot Fire ( and

Spicy Spy (

Digital Doctors (, this is an old company we used to own. I’m currently getting a professional appraisal for this one.

If you’re interested in any of these domains, email me (my contact form is on my Contact page) and send over an offer!


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  1. Erin Smith

    This blog posting had me laughing today. I am glad I am not the only domain hoarder out there. As tempted as I am to buy some of these, I think I need to stick with the ones I currently own and not add to the list. Good luck!

  2. Katy

    Ha! I have four, all related to projects of mine (, my name, my book’s name, and but I know the temptation to snap them up when you realize no one has taken them! I just wish I’d done that in college!!!

  3. Melissa

    I think my favorite part of your post was re the vintage pyrex. I adore vintage pyrex, some of what I have is what my grandparents purchased for me when I was born (it’s a Turkish thing to do that, I have a crock pot older than I am from the same source). Others, I have purchased from ebay. I love thinking about what food has resided in the dishes and how it’s amazing how some things are just eternal classics…

    1. SteamyKitchen

      My brother has an entire dinnerware set that Mom gave him (it’s probably older than me) Next time I visit, I’m going to bring an extra suitcase.

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  5. Carl

    Domain hoarding causes so much grief for designers and developers. You may look at it as a casual investment; developers and people with dreams see it as holding domains hostage. I’ve inquired about truly unique/obscure domains that have sat completely undeveloped (without even an ad page) for years and have been quoted $8,500. Ridiculous!

  6. @AidaofNubia

    This just made me laugh so hard! I was skimming through my subscription feeds and I must say I didn’t expect to such a tech title on a food blog. Love it. I’m guilty of hoarding too but thankfully no one’s threatening to sell my vintage collection of anything… yet. Not sure what I’d do with any of the domains listed but I’ll help spread the word for you… all the best with the sale!

    By the way, the domain “” is brilliantly funny.

  7. Sue

    Just going through your old posts and you made me laugh! Can’t believe you had 120 domain names at one time! I hope you managed to sell them all. 🙂

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