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  1. Jeanette

    I love Vietnamese food, the lemongrass, fresh herbs and fish sauce. Their cuisine is so light and fresh. Now that we have a gluten allergy in our family, Asian dishes like this seem to work really well.

  2. Mary at Deep South Dish

    That just looks so delicious and fresh! We have a large Vietnamese population where I live here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so there are a smattering of little hole in the wall eateries hidden away here and there all over the place, especially in Biloxi. I once worked with an attorney who seemed to know right where to find them too. Like this, the dishes are often such beautiful works of art, and the food is delicious, but my problem is that sometimes I don’t quite know the proper etiquette on how to eat them!

  3. Lana

    I am like Alice in Wonderland, slowly working my way through some wonderful and new dishes since I moved to SoCal. Thank you for making the recipes so approachable and easy:)

  4. e

    Hi- would love your recipe, but link to new asian cuisine site is not working. Would you please fix?

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