Giveaway: Kenmore Elite Portable Induction Cooktop

Kenmore Elite Portable Induction Cooktop

The hot and searing with the simplicity of sublime, cool. The seduction of control,now, there for the touching. Kenmore Elite® Portable Induction Cooktop delicious by design™

  • Advanced, professional technology-Induction cooking is the most advanced, efficient way to cook. Used by professionals for its fast, even heat and precise control, use it whenever you want fast, flavorful results in your kitchen. Easily cook like a pro from expertly seared fish to scrumptious veggie sautes to smooth delicate sauces
  • Even temperature, no hot-spots-No more uneven cooking or unpredictable results, just gourmet creations made quick, easy and right in your kitchen
  • Safer cooking-Electromagnetic burner heats only the pans cooking surface with no open flame and quick cooling. Shuts off automatically when pan is removed. Lockout settings provide additional peace of mind for use around children
  • Elegant control-Beautifully crafted, touch-screen control panel provides quick and easy temperature adjustment. Blue LED bars clearly indicate when power is on. Warming setting and timer controls give greater flexibility in meal preparation
  • Pan included-Stainless steel and non-stick fry pan pairs perfectly with cooktop


Congratulations to our winner(s)!
Christine Jourdan

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  1. Oneida

    I was just telling my husband I wanted one of these for a Soup Party I have been wanting to have.

  2. JanD

    What a great prize. Especially for those of us who have Jenn-Aire ranges so only have 2 burners in our stoves.

  3. Two Moms Catering

    I love cooking with inductions burners when on a site event for doing fine sauces- I so hope to win this

    I am currious how we know who is the winners for each of the items? do you share it on your facebook page?
    I never seem to find out who the lucky winners are?

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