Corn Kerneler

This summer, if you’re a neat freak, this $13 Corn Kerneler would be for you. Zips the corn right off! Fun looking contraption, I guess with that little spout you don’t even need a fork or spoon, just tip into your mouth!

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  1. Nina

    My son doesnt have any front teeth and LOVES corn! I usually have to cut it with a knife for him. This will be PERFECT for him. haha.

  2. George

    Looks interesting, but I’ll skip it. I need to regulate my kitchen storage carefully. All the better, I can always brush up on knife skills.

  3. Skinny Fat Kid

    Oooh! I like this! I’m dying to try grilling corn and making salad this summer so I will need one of these! I love my mango cutter and pineapple cutter gadgets so hopefully this will work just as well!

  4. Adina

    Has anyone from Steamy Kitchen tried this? It looks really cute, but I’ve tried several corn-stripping gadgets that looked cute and didn’t work well, so I’m wary of trying anything else.

  5. Basketball Drills

    That thing is amazing. I hate trying to use a knife to cut my corn off the cobb…it’s never just right and I usually miss a lot of the delicious corn! I’m going to have to go and get me one of these!

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