What the Frack?

What Will Fracking Do to Your Food Supply?

The controversial gas-drilling practice is tainting water. Your food might be next.

by Barry Estabrook May 14, 2011

There’s a stunning moment in the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland, where a man touches a match to his running faucet—to have it explode in a ball of fire. This is what hydraulic fracturing, a process of drilling for natural gas known as “fracking,” is doing to many drinking water supplies across the country. But the other side of fracking—what it might do to the food eaten by people living hundreds of miles from the nearest gas well—has received little attention…..(cont)

Read the rest of the article on Gilt Taste – a brand new site edited by my friend Francis Lam.

(image of fracking well photo credit: Riverkeeper)

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  1. Catherine

    S(hell) is attempting to frack in the Karoo here in South Africa. Our Karoo lamb is legendary! I say frack off Shell!

  2. Amy C

    But we all like having gas in our cars and heating out homes with natural gas in the winter. As consumers of the products resulting from hydraulic fractionation, we all buy in to this process. Maybe most people don’t know about it because they don’t live in oil/gas regions, but without the use of fracking, there would be entire communities without work and a higher dependence on international oil and gas fields.

  3. Frank Furter

    Actually, this ‘flammable’ water excitement is more PR spin than anything. There have been numerous incidents of flammable water long before fracking was in the spotlight. If a well is drilled through a pocket of Methane, guess what? Faulty wells are also to blame, as Methane is naturally occurring and can seep into wells.

    Regardless, I will probably remove this blog from my normal reading, because I -thought- it was a food blog, not a liberal soap box. Unfortunate, because you have a nice site. Just don’t believe everything you read or see.

  4. Lorie

    Living in Ohio and hearing about Fracking for the first time a few months ago, we around here wonder if we are getting the whole truth instead of the sugar-coated version. Thanks for the link to this article. It has far more information – truthful information – that is needed here where they are seriously considering fracking. The “Haliburton Loophole” (follow the link to read it all) makes one wonder just how much our government really cares about our welfare.

  5. Dave C

    Stick to food, you’re great at it, and it’s hard to alienate your readers. While the Eco-freaks who think humans are parasites hate fracking, there’s virtually no evidence linking the practice and tainted water supplies. See the Salon article on the subject today.

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