I’ve never been much of an exercise person. Okay, okay, I’ve NEVER been an exercise person at all. I once tried spinning, thinking the loud music would quell my inner dialogue of, “my body is in pain. stop.” The classes were great the first few times, but in my fifth class, the instructor put on Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

When Tina rocks it with Proud Mary, there is no freakin’ way that I can resist singin’ along, groovin’ and dancing along. The song climaxes from a slow, steady pace to a hand shakin’, hair-flipping frenzy. Try doing that on a bike. In a dark room. I smacked the girl next to me on the forehead while my foot slipped out of the petal and I landed on chin first on the handlebar “aaeeeeeeekkkkkk#(*$&!(*$Y!@*&$!@$”

Ever since that debacle, I just swore off the gym completely*

Uh, totally too embarrassed to show up at class again!

My kids have been taking Tae Kwon Do from Mr. Carpenter for the past 3 years, Andrew is almost a brown belt** and Nathan is a blue belt. Scott started a year ago, taking the morning classes and I had pretty much shied away as the most uncoordinated member in the family.

Last month, I was telling Scott how blah I felt every evening after dinner when I melted on the couch. We discussed options: Scott suggested going back to spin class. I suggested 5-Hour Energy shots in my coffee.

Then he double-dog-dared-me to join Tae Kwon Do, reasoning that it fits my personality:

1) it’s a social thing – I’ve got lots of friends taking the class

2) it’s a family thing – all of us would be in classes and we’d support each other

3) I can learn to kick *ss

4) I look hot in a uniform

SOLD. I signed up.

Well? LOVE IT! Lovelovelove Tae Kwon Do! It’s the first physical activity outside of the kitchen that I really enjoy with my mind-body-soul.

Last week was my first testing cycle.

Waaaaaahhhhhh FIERCE!

Watch me Jackie Chan! I can kick high too!!!***

Oh you nasty bad guys, I kick you long time!


* yet I still pay my monthly dues, “JUST IN CASE ONE DAY…..”

**update! Tonight Andrew got his brown belt!

***I’m thankful that my pants didn’t split after that high kick.

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  1. Stef

    I so would love to learn Tae Kwon Do. I just need some injuries to heal first…. oh yeah and find the time. πŸ™

  2. Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

    Ha ha! That’s awesome! Exercise is so much easier when it’s something you enjoy.

    I have a pretty nasty bruise on my leg from spin class. After the class, the instructor wanted all of us to hike up our legs on the seat to stretch – I am not that limber! I thwacked the seat and a big purple bruise was the result.

  3. joey

    Go Jaden! I have sworn off the gym too…I need to find a physical activity I actually like. This is inspiring πŸ™‚

  4. razzle

    Love your highlights color! Red is such an awesome and bold color. I’m tired of seeing blond highlights. Maybe you can do bright blue next? πŸ˜‰ I’m not brave enough to do Tae Kwon Do. πŸ™

  5. Brooke

    Look at that side kick, girlfriend! That is some serious heel extension. I never can get my leg to look right in those side kicks, always come off looking rather like a lunatic. But you look divine! Keep up the fabu work!

  6. Soyon

    I’ve wanted to try, but I remember when my brother took it that he had to do all these push-ups, sit-ups and I just kind of die doing that kind of stuff and never thought I would really enjoy it. You look great and woohoo that you found something you enjoy! BTW, I haven’t seen your photo in awhile so forgive if you’ve been sporting this new do for awhile, but I LOVE your shorter haircut!

  7. molly

    oh, lordy, this was hysterical! loved it, the pics, the text.

    good for you, and have a ball. and keep on with those superhuman kicks!

  8. Ilene

    Good for you!!!! I started taking Karate classes about a year and a half ago. My kids have been doing it for about two years. I love it. It is also the first real exercise that I have done in years and I feel great! BTW, I just got my orange belt. πŸ™‚

    Love your recipes too.

  9. Lana @ Never Enough Thyme

    It’s not often that I truly “laugh out loud” while reading a blog post, but that description of you rocking out to Proud Mary on the exercise bike had me howling. And I really needed a good laugh this afternoon. Thanks, Jaden!

  10. megan @ whatmegansmaking

    so fun!! I took taekwondow as a kid and LOVED it!! Seems funny cause I was the most shy kid you’d ever meet, but somehow I really got into the technique and fun of the classes. Seeing your pictures brings back such fun memories, way to go getting out there and trying something new! πŸ™‚

  11. Lizzie Longenecker

    Congratulations Andrew!!!

    That first picture is so sweet! I love it!! That’s one for the mantle ^_^

  12. Patti Carpenter

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! We are so lucky the entire Hair family is part of our TKD family.

  13. rita

    you.are.too.funny!!! did you really smack that poor girl in your spin class? lmao!

    kudos to you (and your fam) for taking tae kwon do and actually enjoying it. keep it up!

  14. Winnie

    Good for you Jaden! My son and I have been doing karate for going on 7 years. I got my black belt last year and he’ll get his next spring…I have kind of slacked off on going to classes so this is inspiring me to get back in there more. I love that you posted pics of your testing…you go, girl!

  15. Aggie

    Awesome that you found some sort of activity you love! you said it too…mind, body and soul. If you don’t love it with all three you probably won’t stick with it! Good for you girl!

  16. Kate

    I saw your testing and you did great! If you can learn TKD, then maybe I can learn how to use a wok properly…umm doubtful for me.

  17. Skinny Fat Kid

    I’m not a big exercise fan either. I just re-joined the gym after a long hiatus and am having trouble getting back into it! I just can’t find the time and would rather be hanging out with my friends or relaxing when I’m not at work. I think a class would definitely help keep me motivated!

  18. Toph

    Both of you guys look great in your uniforms? I have studied kung fu for 12 years and tai chi for 2 years, and I can never reach that level of cuteness. Glad you are having fun!

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