Grilled Corn with Lime Cilantro Wasabi Butter

Grilled Corn Recipe

I have so much to tell you that I don’t even know where to begin!!!  But of course, it’s always about the food, so I’ll start with the food.  But the food part is going to be really, really short because I want to share with you my first television shooting experience.  I guess I could have posted without a recipe, but then I’d feel like it would be a totally inadequate post – because there are readers that possibly don’t give a shark’s ass about me and are here just for the recipes.  And that’s ok. I’ll pretend to like you too.

The Really Short Food Part

I saw Elise’s grilled corn in husk recipe but wanted to Asian-fy it with this herb butter:

Lime Wasabi Butter

Summer is just too hot to turn on the stove or oven inside – it’s just so much easier to make my husband bear the heat and sweat outside to grill the corn. Just kidding. I give him a cold beer and all is good.  This grilled corn is perfect to pair with a simple meal of grilled fish topped with Fresh Mango & Melon Salsa.


Grilled Corn with Lime Cilantro Wasabi Butter

Servings: Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15-20 minutes
Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.50.27 PM


1 stick of butter, softened to room temperature
Zest of 1 lime
2 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro
big 'ol squirt of wasabi paste (1 tablespoon-ish)
corn in husk


1. Make the herb butter: Combine all butter ingredients. Use fork to mash and mix well. Lay a large piece of plastic cling wrap on counter. Spoon the butter on the wrap and fold plastic wrap over. Using your hands, mold and roll into a cylinder shape. I use a sushi bamboo mat and that worked really well. Place in refrigerator (or freezer if you're in a hurry) and let chill for at least 30 minutes. This can be made up to 3 days in advance.

2. Grill the corn on the cob: Preheat grill to 550F degrees. Carefully peel back some of the outer layers of husk and discard. Keep a couple of the soft, inner layers intact. If you have too many tough, outer layers, the corn takes longer to cook. Remove as much of the visible silky wisps as possible (which will burn on the grill). I like to soak the corn in water for 15 minutes. Elise of Simply Recipes does not soak her corn, but both methods work really well. Remove corn from water, shake off excess water. Grill on for 15-20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes to evenly char all sides. Remove the grilled corn on the cob with tongs and carefully peel back the husk (careful! it's hot!). Top with slice of Lime Cilantro Wasabi Butter. Enjoy your deliciously grilled corn on the cob.


Grilled Corn Recipe

End of really short food part.

Beginning of the part that rocked my world last week.

A few weeks ago, I met with Tampa Bay’s PBS station. Of course, I brought along some My Mom’s Famous Egg Rolls.  Just in case I couldn’t charm them with my good looks and crazy ideas, at least I could win bribe them with food.  The meeting went fantastically well and resulted in an opportunity to work with Jen Noble, a very talented Executive Producer for a multiple Emmy-Award winning show called A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack PerkinsThe Jack Perkins??? You mean the same Jack Perkins of NBC Nightly News and the powerful voice behind A&E’s Biography!?!?  Pinch me with Oxo tongs, momma!

Well, last Thursday we had an entire day of shooting at the studio kitchen where I teach.  I hosted a sushi class – and invited my friends.  As this was my first television experience, I wanted to be surrounded by loving friends and not by heckling strangers.  Here are the highlights:

Look how massively HUGE this light was!!  There were two of these mammoths, repositioned each time they wanted a different angle.  I planned on swiping one of them to use as a tanning bed:

The calm before the storm.  My good friend, Jan, helped me immensely with the decorating – didn’t she do a wonderful job?  Those banana leaves are from her garden. Here comes Jen, the producer.  btw, she’s HOT, talented and single:

Getting mic’d up.  This is Tom the sound guy.  A mic went under my shirt in the front and stuck right between my boobs, the transmitter box clipped to the back of my pants.  For some strange, strange reason, Tom had to reach down and reposition the mike every 10 minutes.  And the batteries had to be changed multiple times in the transmitter.   🙂   The hardest part of the whole adventure was being mic’d the entire time and knowing that whatever I said, whispered or even thought in my little head would transmit between Tom’s headphones, and then all would be confirmed that I was a little koo-koo.

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FUNCTION WITHOUT TALKING TO YOURSELF AND REFRAIN FROM SPONTANEOUS FARTING??!??!? I got a nice workout just clenching my ass-cheeks together all day.

Here we are at the ingredients table – talking about all how to cut and prepare the ingredients.  There is Alex the camera-god shooting:

This kid in the red is amazing.  Brian is Jeff Houck’s (Food Writer for Tampa Trib) kid who said really nice things on camera about me.  I slipped him a $20 earlier.  Next to him are Jeremy (Chef de Cuisine of Cork) and his wife Jules (a professional opera singer), Susan (a Sarasota reader of the blog whom I invited to be a part of this adventure), Kelly (my very bestest friend to infinity and beyond), Jan (the uber-talented goddess of all things elegant & beautiful), Mike (editor in chief of Your Observer). Next to me in the kitchen is Joe (who loves to eat and was my right hand man in the kitchen).  Chef Bob is hiding somewhere too – he played sous-chef, helping me prep in the morning (Thank you Chef B!)

Do you want to know what happens when a very hungry chef tries to make sushi?

Sushi rolls the size of small children.  Overachieving hot shot chef!

But then my best friend Kelly veered off in another direction with her sushi.  I’ve never seen a sushi roll bleed to death with rooster hot sauce.

After the class, we did a one-on-one interview. Alex the cameraman is the King of Lighting.  They spent about 30 minutes just on the backdrop and getting the “mood” right.  I think they were going for Jaden’s Buddha Bar Love Lounge. All we needed was some groovy music and an opium pipe.  I would have felt entirely at home then.

But we weren’t done after this!  The whole crew came over to my house and filmed me cooking at home and dinner with the family, otherwise known as The Chaos of Jaden’s House. But that is for another post, my friends….I’m not quite ready to share with you how my kids thought it would be fun to grab the long ties that held my shirt together and run in opposite directions ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERA. Thank goodness that by then I had already downed a half bottle of wine in 3 minutes.  Because I don’t know how I would have handled that while sober.

Next week, we’ll continue shooting with Jack Perkins coming to my home.  I’m sort of nervous. Will he read the contents of this blog and ask me how I learned to cook or what in the world would compel me to eat Cod Sperm Sac Soup or why I have a fan base of tranny cross dressersWell, I did name this blog STEAMY KITCHEN, not Amish Kitchen, you know?


Brilynn started a new project, called the Jumbo & Jaden Project (in honor of Julie/Julia Project)!!!  She cracks me up…so far she’s made:

Project #1:
Tropical Island Salmon

Project #2:
Pan Fried Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi

So now it’s my turn to master one of her recipes. Which one should I choose? Please help!

These are not Pierogies Pierogies

Bacon Brittle


**If you are NOT my husband or someone who is reading this to my children – highlight the text to read below.
Thank you Wok & Spoon for my Tim Tams!!!  I got them in the mail the other day and hid them in the fridge under the bag of spinach.and I am not sharing. There are 3 cookies left ….and they ARE MINE…..ALLLLLL MINE….


If you are in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, tune into ABC 7 this Thursday 8/23 at 6:45am-ish.  I’ll be cooking live on the morning news program. Yes…you read that right.  Cooking live.  Am I insane? Quite possibly.  It was only after accepting the appearance offer that I thought about the consequence of cooking live.  No edits. No “do-overs” and no “oops!”  It will be the longest 3 minutes of my entire life.

Will I survive? Will the network survive without being fined?

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  1. Gertrude

    Congratulations Jaden. You are one of the celebraties chef now. Do let us know when PBS is going to air your cooking show. I don’t want to miss it. Can’t wait to watch you on TV. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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  3. meeso

    You’re such a cutie, super funny, AND a great cook, of course you should be on TV! Lime, cilantro AND wasabi…oh yeah, I wrote this one down right now and seriously wish it wasn’t storming out I’d be grillin’ up a storm!!! Congratulations 🙂

  4. lynn

    I knew something big was brewing when you didn’t post for a while. I didn’t know how huge, though. Wow! It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic show. I’m so excited for your show, your cookbook, your line of kitchen utensils, and your bobblehead! Kudos!
    And the corn looks fabulous, too. Yummm.

  5. Melinda

    Well…it just keeps getting better and better! Congratulations on your TV debut. How I wish I could see it. Bummer. I knew you would go on to bigger things and I am so pleased for you!

  6. brilynn

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see the end result… but not cause I’m some crazy stalker, cause I’m not.. really, I’m not… quit looking at me with shifty eyes…

  7. Dani

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You HAVE to let us know when we get to watch you…I can’t wait. Your personality is so big in your writing I can only imagine how funny, charming, and entertaining you will be on screen!! Oh yeah, and did I mention…GREAT RECIPES!!

  8. Valli

    What a fantastic and rewarding experience. I enjoyed reading your post…it put a huge smile on my face!! Not that I’m not usually smiling!!!!I won’t tell your husband or your kids about the Tim Tams either!!!!!!

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  10. Krizia

    🙂 Jaden you’re so sweet. I’m pretty sure that no one comes to your site SOLELY for the fab recipes. Maybe they used to, but then the recipe turned out so well that they felt a strange desire to learn more about their creator haha (I’m making you sound like God). Congrats on everything! I

  11. wmw

    The corn looks so good and perfect till it can pass off as one of those Japanese plastic food display!!!!! Hahaha…You wonder why Tom has to reach in every 10 minutes??? ;o) Hey, do us folks in Malaysia get to see the show? Well, if you nomally don’t swear a lot, you should be doing fine with the “mic” control ;o)

  12. foodie

    Jaden! That is so very cool, and I don’t give a shark’s ass, I give a rat’s ass…so there.

    Plus the corn looks fabulous, plus the eggrolls look phenomenal. You are a rockstar.

  13. Amy

    Congratulations! You looked fabulous, really in your element! I hope this will be a national thing, can’t wait to see you on TV. 😀 And with all the butt clenching you’ll have buns of steel! (lol that part cracked me up)

  14. BerlinKitchen

    HipHipHurra!!! 🙂
    Congratulation Jaden, everything looks so gorgeous and you air/ray soo much “positive vibrations”. I hope I can see maybe your cook show via YouTube?!

    All the Best from Germany,
    Martin “BerlinKitchen”

  15. anh

    jaden, congratulation!!! I wish i could see your TV program. perhaps I must book a ticket to USA! 😀 😀

  16. tigerfish

    Do we get to see the show in California? If not, can you get a DVD copy and send it to me? ;p I can watch all day and maybe giggle esp. when I reminisce your blog writings and posting. Congrats again!
    Tim Tam is one of my favs – Love it!

  17. Marvin

    Congrats Jaden. Is this gonna be on all over the country? Or just in Florida? You’re gonna have to youtube it for everyone that can’t watch! And holding in farts is bad for you. You need to learn how to let them out quietly.

  18. Big Boys Oven

    Souch lovely corns…. sunny yaw and myself love corn so much that we can’t do with out them. Your new craft yet anothe simple dish but so warm, so invitng and so deli…cious. Woah congratulation on your the foodshow… can we see the show? Sidney

  19. Cynthia

    Jaden, you are the best. I love everything about you. You’ve got style. I come for more than the recipes, I come to read what’s happening in your world too.

    Hearty congrats on the TV stuff. I wish/hope I could see it here in the Caribbean.

    You are an inspiration and I wish you much more success.

    Love and hugs.

  20. Elise

    Hi Jaden,
    Congratulations! Sounds like a real fun time. Didn’t those lights make you want to squint? Love the corn photos. I too use a cilantro lime butter; what a great idea to include some wasabi!

  21. SteamyKitchen

    Gertrude- I don’t think I could ever be considered a celebrity unless I never have to ever do my laundry again.

    Meeso- I SO wish it was storming outside so I could be lazy and hole up on the couch

    Lynn- yeah. I was very very busy and couldn’t post for over a week…which is unlike me.

    Melinda- Thank you!!!

    Brilynn- “…honey!! we got another stalker! grab the cattle prod!”

    Dani- YOU should be the one with a tv show!

    Kirk- I’ll xerox my wok and send it to u

    Valli- SHHHHHH!!!!

    Kalyn- thank u!

    Krizia- thanks, you beauty queen you!

    WMW- oh. I thought the mic really needed adjusting

    Foodie- I have an abnormal fear of four legged furry shits. so I try not to use those bad bad bad words

    Amy- next project is a workout video

    Martin- YouTube it is. will post.

    Nicisme- Thanks for visiting!

    EW Kitchen- Airs in Oct. I’ll let y’all know

    Kelly- I wish I could get super fresh corn here….will have to ck the farmers market again.

    Anh- you come to US and I will feed you, sister!

    JEP- ::blushing::

    Tiger-no just here in Tampa

    Kat – thank you

    Marvin- no, it will air here in Tampa FL – but I’ll put up on You Tube.

    Restaurant Mom- Well once upon a time I submitted an audition tape, but they poo-poo’d me

    Kenny- that would be my dream come true…I love HK

    BBO- you guys are so sweet….always with kind words.

    Cynthia- you, my dear, are an inspiration as well. thx for all your love!

  22. LunaPierCook

    Gee, no wonder you’ve been ignoring all your readers who love you so very much. 😉 When your DVD boxed set comes out, or even if you just put each show on a VHS tape, send me a bill!

    Oh, BTW … you’re going to have a lot of guys, and possibly some gals, wishing they were Tom, the sound guy … 😀

  23. Lydia

    Jaden, you are a star! And funny, too…. I laughed all the way through your description of the television studio experience! If the show is broadcast beyond the Tampa area, please let us know when it will be on.

  24. argus lou

    Mrs Steamy, can’t wait to see pictures of your sons messing with your blouse ties.
    Bacon Brittle! That sounds ab-so-lute-ly delicious and fattening. I couldn’t believe that someone invented it. ;-P

    Congrats on appearing on TV. I just knew you were a TV diva waiting to be discovered. Hope it leads to more and better things for you!

  25. Lisa (Homesick Texan)

    Hey, hey! What EXCITING news! Very, very cool! Congrats and hopefully this will air outside of Florida so we can all see it (though I just went to the web site and it looks like it has the shows online as well). As for the Jumbo/Jaden project, I vote for bacon brittle.

  26. eatdrinknbmerry

    wow awesome. please try and upload the video to youtube or something. my cable tv doesn’t reach down to Florida. love the wasabi butter on the corn!

    and also…

    the maggi umbrella photo is THE BEST photo i’ve seen this year. ‘nothing can make food taste so good AND protect you at the same time!’

  27. Mercedes

    I generally have a very firm rule against grilled corn (boiled, please), but for you, Jaden, I will relent. I think the soaking trick is key- often grilled corn gets dried out.

  28. Andy

    I am so exited for you! I think you will make a great TV personality. Your are such a character and it will translate perfect to TV. Way to Go!

  29. caitlyn

    Congratulations, Jaden!!! I wish I could watch the segments. I love reading your posts — they never fail to crack me up!

  30. Lisa

    Aww such pretty pictures of you – ya gorgeous thang! =) I’m so excited for you.. how cool (and nerve wracking) this must all be! I wish I lived in the Sarasota area so I could watch on the 23rd! I think you should tape it and put it on You Tube. 😀

    I can’t wait to hear/read more!


  31. Lisa

    OMG I can’t believe I forgot the best part.. your poor ass cheeks. But on the sunny side – another couple TV appearances and your ass will be rock hard! YEAH!!

    Or you can try a dose of Beano the morning of. 😉



  32. Joanna Dyckhoff

    hey beautiful! you look stunning and oh so calm during your filming, interview and photoshoot! tasty looking food, great table setting and nice mood lighting, hee hee! great job!

  33. ilingc

    Congrats Jaden. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that we will get your show here in Australia (on cable tv). Hey, do you think maybe some of your cross dresser fans could/would post the episodes up on youtube so that I could at least watch it there?? Just kidding 😉

    I love the look of your corn with cilantro/wasabi butter. So much so that I’ve decided that I’m going to make herb bread with it (the cilantro/wasabi butter) tomorrow night. Not sure if it will work, but I’ll let you know if it DOESN’T!

  34. joey

    Woohooo! You go! Congratulations! How I wish I could see it here though and see you in action! 🙂 You deserve every bit of this…not only do you dish up fabulous food but I think it’s about time your blog personality be given full technicolor vision and surround sound! 🙂

    Pierogies or bacon brittle? Tough, tough call…both please! 🙂

  35. SteamyKitchen

    LPC- I know. I’ve been in hiding. But it’s because of a good reason, right?

    Lydia – I’ll post it! Then we can all pick a day and time and watch it together and laugh our heads off!

    Argus- I can’t wait to see it either. I’m hoping that it wasn’t AS BAD AS I REMEMBER IT

    Lisa- Bacon Brittle wins! Will make it this weekend

    EDBM- I need to have that umbrella. I ckd ebay and no such luck

    Eli- welcome and come back soon!

    Patricia= thank you! I just went through a TON of your archives and chose a few things to make. LOVE your blog

    Mercedes- yeah, I think soaking it is the key. I used to only microwave the corn (Eeeeek! I know. BAD!)

    Andy- thanks my friend!

    Caitlyn- do you know how hard it was for me not to email you and tell you that I WANT ALL THAT STASH!!

    WC- Sweetheart, if the food network calls me, I’d shit in my pants. And you’d be the first I’d call.

    Lisa- Buns of steel, baby.

    Joanna- If I get rich and famous, I am hiring YOU to be my set designer

    Berlin Kitchen- thanks for the recipe. I am going to try this weekend. Send me a potato salad recipe too!

    Ilingc- Cross dressing fans….I LOVE IT

    Srivalli- you rock!! Thank you for the award! you made my morning!

    Joey-Thank you J!

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