Toast It


A different way to toast your bread: each slice glides though two thin hot plates then comes out the other side ready for you to enjoy. What a fun addition to the breakfast table.

From designer, George Watson; Photo Credit: Design Boom (Found via Pintrest)

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  1. Lynne

    My hubby thinks it should then pass through another set of plates that will butter it. ;-)

  2. Lynda Clark

    I Love it and especially for a small space kitchen. Is it available on the market? I would totally buy it.

  3. rose

    that is cool. that better that a toaster that never toast right

  4. EvelynB

    So cool..definitely would like one of those in my small little kitchen.

  5. alison mcquade

    love it want one but have looked and can’t find it anywhere……any ideas?

  6. Adina

    It’s not in production. The designer made it for a class project, and it won a design competition in 2007, and that one picture has spread out to a lot of blogs.

    1. adamjoanne

      Hi Adina, thanks for looking into it for us :) It is a pity, because it would be cool to have in the kitchen.

  7. Liz

    Oh wow that is really cool. I have never seen that before. Has anyone figured out who makes it or where you can buy them?

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Liz

    Oh thanks Adina. Do you know who made it? Are they trying to get it to production or anything?


  9. Adina

    Liz, I don’t think anyone’s trying to produce it. I was searching because I was hoping to find out, but all I could find were some articles about the designer, George Watson (he’s mentioned in the photo credit above) having entered it in a contest; eventually I found another article that said that it was a college class project for him. That was in 2006.

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