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I’m testing out a new feature called Asides. I really don’t know what it does. Obviously it doesn’t work.

That sucks.

Did not load Widget Area 5

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  1. Jack

    As a friendly aside, may I ask (aside from being nosy) what the hell Aside was supposed to do? And don’t you see (he said as a smartass aside) if you don’t know what it is supposed to do …. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT DIDN’T DO IT???

  2. Jacquie

    I just wanted to say that I love your website and now religiously check it every day. Your pictures are always gorgeous, writing always entertaining, and your recipes always accessible! I also liked that you had so many links to other blogs that you like. It is not there today though…could that be something your ‘Aside’ thing did on accident or did you intentionally get rid of that? :o)

  3. SteamyKitchen

    Jack- I DON’T KNOW!!! aaarrrggghhhh…..just stab my eyeballs with a pitchfork and wring my liver with a pasta machine, why dontcha!

    Jacquie- The links are still all there – I’ve created an entire page dedicated to Link Love (look up and see the tab).

    Meeso- funny. it was very funny after 3 hours straight of clicking the same damn options and not getting what I wanted….which leads me to the definition of INSANITY….doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

    LPC- at this point, Asides can eat rotten duck eggs and fall in a tub of fungal toenails for all I care.

  4. lynn

    Sorry for the frustration. Take a break. Maybe a bubble bath. Something involving wine and/ or chocolate would be good, too. Just stop banging your head on the keyboard. QWERTY is really unattractive imprinted on your face.

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