Lovely things

1. Leaf-It NotesForget square and boring sticky notes for these naturally inspired leaf-it notes. They come in green for Spring and brown for autumn.

2. Note from the pastAn unexpected find: A note dated 1973 and addressed to “Future Man” was found during a renovation. Have you ever found something during a renovation?

3. Jar Toppers – With these jars you can pour, shake and decant anything! What a great way to upcycle old mason jars.

4. Footed Aerium – Bring the outdoors in with these sleek aeriums. Wouldn’t these be perfect for a home office?

5. What to cook? dice Such a fun way to decide what to cook for dinner, just roll the dice! My kids would love this.

6. Sugar Cookie BowlsWhat a great idea – turn your mini cupcake and cake pans upside down to create ice cream bowls.

7. Kitschy CoastersWhat better way to encourage kids to use coasters than to have them choose their own designs and make a personalized set?  

8. Toaster that revives bread – CLEAR! 

9. Pretzel Bites –  You must see the recipes for these pretzel bites! You choose: parmesan, cinnamon sugar or both!


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  1. Mary at Deep South Dish

    Neat finds! I really love the leaf stickies. I used to buy all kinds of odd & interesting ones when I was working. I’m such a geek for office supplies though. Just went to the store and bought me up a bunch of those hardboard composition notebooks while they are on sale for back to school. Yes, it’s almost back to school time.

    I really LOVE LOVE the note though, for the sake of Jesus!! I think that’s a cool idea. I would have to leave a time capsule with it though – a newspaper, a magazine, how fun would that be to find some little jewels from the future one day?!

  2. Allyn

    The dice idea is fun!
    Of course, dice like that always remind me of high school when my bff find some special dice in her parents room, dice that had body parts…
    She was a little scarred.

  3. Shira

    #2 –
    We moved into our new house last summer there were huge ornamental grasses that were very overgrown/had never been divided. This spring we had them divided (ugly difficult job, hired a landscaper) and the next day we thought we found someone’s pet, a very large lizard, the likes of which cannot survive here easily in the northeast… It was just a toy, but it sure looked real, even the police thought so (yes! we called animal control). It must have been buried under the grass. See here for proof!

  4. Sherri M

    Love Love Love the notes from the past. Never had that happen, but I think it’s so cool that people can find out things from the past. Sometime I think I’ll bury a bottle somewhere and hope that they find it 50 years from now!

  5. G.

    Love them all! Can’t decide my favorite, but those footed aeriums are beyond dreamy! Thanks for making my day a little sweeter!

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