A Nifty Trick: How To Peel and Cut Kiwi Fruit


These little fuzzy kiwi fruits are fussy to peel, because the skin is so incredibly thin, and a perfectly ripe kiwi is delicate to handle.

But it’s still one of my favorite tropical fruits, as I love the sweet, tart, juicy fruit with the crunchy little black seeds!

Wanna know my trick to peeling kiwi fruit? It’s super simple, the fruit stays whole and look at how little fruit I’ve wasted on the peel! I was recently on both ABC7 and CBS10 showing off my kiwi fruit peeling skills.

How to peel Kiwi Fruit

Well crap! The television station must have taken down the video (I was live on CBS doing this kiwi slicing trick!)

But no worries – here’s my friend, beautiful Alejandra from Always Order Dessert peeling kiwi the same way.

What are some of your fruit peeling/cutting/storing/serving secrets? Would love to know!

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  1. Big Mike

    Well, it’s not fruit, but onions…. Ever cut up an onion for use the next day, and when you get it out of the fridge it’s soggy? Rinse it good, pat dry with some paper towels, and store in the fridge. It’ll stay nice and crisp like you just cut it for at least the 7 days I’ve gone up to.

    The science behind it, as best as I understand, is that cutting releases the compounds that make your eyes water and tear up. Those same compounds/enzymes start deteriorating the onion, and by rinsing them away, it stays crisp in the fridge.

  2. Sowjanya

    I am just blinded by the bling on the finger ;).

    I think I have to go get some Kiwi just so I can learn to peel your way 🙂

  3. Grifola frondosa

    Peel them?


    Ohhhh, To think I’ve been eating them fuzzy kiwis like an apple.

    The mango tastes kind of funny, but at least they look more like an apple.


  4. Sam F

    Neat trick! Very flash way you popped that kiwi out.

    Here’s a trick that I would have thought everyone knew, but I’m still surprised at the number of people who don’t, so it ought to be mentioned:

    To de-stone an avocado: Cut avocado in half, rotating blade around the stone, and pull halves apart (stone will remain in one half). Then confidently thwap your knife blade right into the center of the stone so that it cuts in about half an inch into it. Rotate the knife a little to dislodge stone, then pull.

    As for peeling it them, I always sliced a grid then pulled open the skin, but I’d bet that your spoon method works even better?

  5. Nicole

    When I was in New Zealand we just cut them in half and used a spoon to get the fruit out. That way you don’t waste all the fruit on the ends. I would love to know where you can get good Kiwi fruit here in the U.S., I never liked them until I went to New Zealand.

  6. Maricel

    An easier way to scoop out the mango flesh is to use a drinking glass. After separating the fleshy parts from the seed, just push in a drinking glass at the bottom end of the mango and push all the way to the top. You get to save the juice, the flesh settles neatly into the glass and retains its shape better than when you use a spoon.

  7. april

    I’m so interested and the video isn’t working!! I love kiwi, and so does my mother in law but she hates to peel them.

  8. Terry B

    Wow. Excellent tips for handling two fruits I love! Like Nicole, if I just want to eat kiwis “straight,” I halve them and eat the innards with a spoon. But your approach is perfect for producing beautiful slices. Thanks, Jaden.

    Also, what wonderful poise on TV. Very cool!

  9. Jun

    That is a great easy way to do it! I love kiwis. The ones we find here have been through a long flight, they are either super mushy or still rock hard. So by the time I was done with them, they were virtually unpresentable.

    Love your interview.

  10. astrorainfall @ Discover Supplements

    That’s so simple and amazing! It’s kiwi season here and I’ve been eating this with yogurt every other day. It was a question burning on my mind: how do you get the fuzzy skin off without chopping off too much the the luscious flesh? Thanks, Jaden! Fantastic post as always.

  11. argus (Joon)

    You look and sound good on TV – hey, hey, hey! 🙂
    Thanks for the mango and kiwi tips, Mrs H.
    For rambutans (hairy reddish or yellow tropical fruit), press a thumbnail into the skin and twist off in halves. Remove the flesh starting from the spot where the stalk used to be – work the flesh right off. A good species of rambutan will not shed the skin from its seed.
    For mangosteen, lace your fingers together to form a cave into which you place a ripe mangosteen. Press gently with the heel of your palms on ‘back’ and stem areas till the shell cracks open. Peel off the shell carefully if you want all the segments of flesh intact in a perfect white ball on top of the upturned stem. Fit the whole thing into your mouth and pull off the stem. Enjoy!

  12. Veronica

    I always rinse my onions under cold water after I slice them in half. I’m really sensitive to onions. My basics final was killer. We had to cut up like 6 onions. aye.

  13. Psychgrad

    Gone are the days of me peeling a kiwi with a knife! Thanks.

    I made your Chino-Latino wings the other day and posted them. I’ve also tagged you, if you’re interested in participating.

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  15. Giff

    love that kiwi trick. hadn’t seen that before.

    one interesting thing I once read about onions (since there is an onion theme in the comments) – if you cut with a piece of bread in your mouth, you won’t tear up. I thought this sounded bizarre but have tried it a few times and it seems to actually work.

  16. Hélène

    I found that you were so natural on TV, you express yourself very well. It looked so professional.

    I do the Kiwi like you do but not the mango. I’m going to try it. Love to make that salsa with jalapeno, cilantro, pepper to taste and a bit of honey.

    Hope there is other videos coming.

  17. Marysol

    I’m pouting a little, as I was expecting to see your little sous chef doing the demo.
    Anyway, I’ll admit I’ve never tried your technique when peeling a kiwi. I typically slice the fruit in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. But, I’m going to give this a try.

  18. Summer

    i love the video although the camera man did not do your hands justice!! i have never seen this method before for peeling kiwi, but it is great…mango i can peel, slice and dice great, i also cut mango in the middle to form two cups, twist the seed out and scoop out the mango “meat” with the spoon, the seed you can just suck out all the meat, get messy and enjoy!! thanks for sharing your tips.

  19. Jude

    If there’s anything I don’t like about kiwi, it’s peeling the fuzzy little things. Thanks for saving my knuckles! Would never have thought to peel kiwi that way.

  20. Jason

    I love Kiwis, but always hated peeling them. At one time I bought a special kiwi peeler, but didn’t work so hot. Thanks for the tip! (stumbled)

  21. wmw

    I’m so ready to show off my new kiwi peeling skills…guess I’ll be carrying a few kiwis with me everyday till you teach us another skill! Hahahah

  22. Sues

    Awesome kiwi trick!! A lot of times, I just cut it in half and scoop the inside out with a spoon. But next time I am making a fruit salad or serving the kiwi to someone, I will try your trick! I loveee kiwi 🙂

  23. alison hogarth

    Watched the interview without sound unfortunately but nice one! Now I have to go buy a kiwi to try it out. Mmmmm kiwi. Also the mango trick was brilliant, I normally score mine into cubes and try to cut them from the skin.

  24. Rachael

    I tried this this weekend! What a great idea! Now I can serve kiwi instead of eating it with a spoon. 😉

  25. Dorothy

    I seem to be the odd duck out since I prefer to eat kiwi with the skin on. I just rub it with a dry towel to get most of the “hair” off then eat away. The skin adds a nice tartness to the sweet fruit.

    Although, if I want to use them in something, this trick will be most handy and also make me look smart!

  26. Jo

    To clarify: A kiwi is a flightless brown bird and a common name for New Zealanders.
    The brown-skinned green-fleshed fruit is called (funnily enough) kiwifruit (one word).

    Why peel a kiwifruit? All the goodies for your health are just under the skin.
    Wash the fruit, top and tail it, then thinly slice (through skin and all), then eat. After a couple of slices you don’t worry about the fuzzies.
    A great winter tonic and “cure” for colds.

    Kiwifruit is effective as a 1-2hour marinade for red meat – not too long cos the enzymes break down the structure of the meat and makes it mushy.

    Enjoy your kiwifruit,
    signed, A Kiwi from EnZed (NZ)

  27. Ed Musgrave

    Hi Jaden
    I read your article in the Bay Life Magazine & was interested right away as I grow most of your fruit & vegetables from around the world 120 kinds (before the freeze that is). What caught my eye was the Miracle fruit berry . I didn’t know of a pill from them . As I read more about your article on the web , I lost all interest in it as you never continued on with anything only went on & on about you being afraid of the pill & how you didn’t believe it would work . Why should you be able to know how it works it just does that is all. I have tried the berry and it does work .Some things in Nature are not to understand but accept ! Do you believe that there is a blackberry jam fruit I have it . Do you believe that there is a fruit that tastes like raw peanuts I have it.Do you believe that there is a fruit that tastes like brown sugar & cinamon there is I have it also , do you believe that there is a herb that is 100 times sweeter than sugar (it is a Stevia plant) Mine died . I live in Brandon . Ed

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  29. atomicshrimp

    Spoon-peeling Kiwi trick was demonstrated on Atomic Shrimp several years before this article.

    yeah and it’s also in Martha Stewart Living, dozens of videos and websites. i’ve been peeling this way since I was little. do you have to be such an assclown? ~jaden

  30. sng ju

    hi jaden, the video does not load, maybe it is my computer… could you teach it out in words instead? thanks!

    1. SteamyKitchen

      Hi there! You’re right, the video is down! 🙁 Well, I’ve inserted another video, this time of my friend Alejandra doing the same trick.

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