Never Choose Paint While Hungry

Thinking about re-painting our bathroom…came home with these paint samples and discovered they all had something in common. And I’m not joking about the names of the paint!

But seriously, they need to fire whoever is getting paid to come up with paint names. I don’t know if I’d ever eat Lobster Bisque if it came out looking like the Pink Panther.

Name the color of your walls, using food terms!

Mine are:

  • Cheapo Hershey’s Squeeze-Bottle Chocolate
  • Hospital Pea Puree
  • Severely Burnt Creme Brulee

But if I had to pick a color for my bathroom..
it might just have to be a nice, warm Grey POOPon.

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  1. Dan

    Umm… Spiny sea urchin?!?

    That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? I mean, what’s wrong with calling it “Institutional Beige” or “Loony-bin brown?”

  2. Sharon

    Been there and no matter what they call it, the sample never looks like what the wall color will be.

    While we’re just chattin’, I was wondering about the beautiful double strip of pictures along the right side here. They’re links to some of your fab recipes. Have you considered adding the “alt” thingie to your html so that when we mouse over them, we could see which recipe the photo represents? I would soooooo love that. πŸ™‚

  3. J Tang

    If it’s any consolation, half of my room is painted “Hot Tamale”. I wanted to feel energized (hungry) where my desk is.
    The other half of my room is painted “Serenity” where I rest my weary head at night.

    SLASH, I made another post! I didn’t realize I had such a demanding audience.
    I think my next blog project is updating my blog roll.


  4. Melinda

    I think I could do the job of naming colours for paints. But is it really an honest days work?
    How ’bout these names… burnt toast , curdled cream, moldy cheese, collapsed chocolate cake, diced carrots, red wine stain and fish scales.
    Do I get the job?

  5. joanne

    Is my color filter off or does the Edamane color look really not so Edamane. I would really be worried if my food look like those color cards too. I’ll just stick to to psuedo Tiffany blue and chocolate brown in my bedroom. Boring I know, but I just can’t go wild with paint colors, I’m not that brave. My mom is worse, she prefers shades of white. Builder beige is considered extravagantly bold in her world.

  6. RecipeGirl

    Oh wait, come to think of it… that might be wrong since tomatillos are green (duh). It might be some other tomato-ey sounding word!

  7. Amy

    Lol! I dunno about you but I’d never eat edamame if it was that color. πŸ˜› Olive oil and sea urchin needs to switch places. πŸ˜€

  8. Kitt

    Back when Mom redid the den, we were really worried when she told us the main colors would be raspberry and banana. “Mom, we’re all going to get fat!”

    I really had my doubts, but it turned out great.

  9. Grifola frondosa

    Well it’s obvious you’re doing your paint shopping in the wrong store.

    I think you’ve got food on the brain 24/7.
    Relax, take a break.
    Breathe deep.

    Try shopping for your paint at Sherwin Williams, not Williams Sonoma !

  10. Amanda

    I’ve actually got Burgandy Tea in my bedroom. Wild Porchini in the bathroom and Batter Bowl Green in the kitchen….ahh…Martha and her underhanded domination to take over the world….

  11. daphne

    haha..that’s funny. Imagine going to a paint shop and ordering “blue corn tortilla” please. Oh! and make that with “chardonnay bottle”

  12. michelle @ Us vs. Food

    i what universe is edamame that color? i will never understand paint color names.

    my hallway is “vitamin-enriched urine yellow.” other rooms feature “oxidized avocado” and “blue-not-otherwise-found-in-nature.”

  13. Marvin

    I too was vulnerable to Martha’s foodie colors! I kid you not, we just painted one of our walls “Rice Pudding” a few weeks ago. It was between that color, and another color Ms. Stewart Inc. deemed “Wooden Spoon”.

  14. Rebecca

    Girl-you are preaching to the choir! I painted a wall of my house lovely, lucious “Mango” when it really should have been named “Cheetos from Hell” or “Danger! Construction Cone Orange!” Mango, my ass! Ditto for the colors they name lipsticks-“cherries in the snow”, anyone? (I repainted. It’s white again.)

  15. Chris

    Unlike Rebecca above, my kitchen did OK with “Mango Sunrise”. Another item with weird names is OPI nail polish…”My Private Jet”(black colour), “Russian navy” (dark blue), and it goes on. Sometimes I go into Trade Secrets just to read the bottles on the shelves. Yes, I know, I’ll be banned soon!

  16. White On Rice Couple

    Glad someone already mentioned nail polish names, those are even better! There’s one name of a red nail polish that you definitely don’t want to brag about….I can’t say it here. E-mail me privately for the answer…

  17. Mike

    Haha, thats quite a selection. Sadly, the colors where I am right now, in some parts of the house, are a bit ghastly. I guess if I wanted to be positive, I could call it red velvet cake, but that seems overly generous…its more of a retro mauve that doesn’t remind me of much in the way of food…

  18. Miniver Cheevy

    A number of years ago we painted our parlor, and we followed the normal pattern: my wife hunted through 2 million shades of white, and selected 4 of them. We painted patches on the wall, and I discarded the bluish-white and reddish-whites, and we ended up with ‘Fluffy Unicorn’ on the walls and ‘Vanilla Milkshake’ on the ceiling. To make it better, the parlor is where she keeps the bulk of her unicorn collection…

  19. Miniver Cheevy

    BTW, there’s a reason for all of the weird names for paint colors: the intellectual property laws in the USA don’t allow for protecting colors themselves, but you can protect the *names* of paint colors, so that’s why every manufacturer uses a different name for what would otherwise be the same color.

  20. Jill

    Those crack me up! When we renovated, I thought about food all the time with all of the Buttercream, Dark Chocolate, and Cafe au Lait paint for the walls!

  21. Suji

    I would think Edamame would be much darker green…hmmmm..

    Imagine going into the bathroom and thinking I am in Lobster Bisque and I just had that for lunch…. lolol

  22. katy

    i don’t think my walls really correspond to any culinary theme, but they could probably make up a bag of easter-pastel-colored m&m pretty well!

  23. Mansi

    hahaha, this is such a jesty post, and yet so true! in fact, we already discussed this issue while choosing a color to paint an accent wall in the living room. finally we settled with dark chocolate and butter pecan:) perfect, righT!!?

  24. argus

    That Lobster Bisque pink did shock me, too, ha ha. And Edamame is grey-blue?!
    I would love Avocado, Wasabe green, Beetroot red and Fennel (a white-green) though.

  25. mochachocolata rita

    ehm, my living-dining wall color is “overcooked skinless chicken breast” (this never sounds appealing no matter how sexy i tried to make it sound)

    my kitchen & bathroom floor color is “the raw inner side of undercooked chicken thigh fillets” (although “inner and thigh” sounds sexy when not paired with “enormous”….but…ah no buts…this indeed sounds very sexy. i bet you’re totally hot & turned on by now)

  26. one food guy

    My bathroom downstairs is a bright pumpkin. My living room, dining room and den are a latte brown, my bedroom, sage green, and my office? Marshmallow fluff! All my trim is popped corn. πŸ™‚

  27. Jessica

    I love painting! It’s so messy but relaxing all at the same time.
    I’m into key lime pie green right now. Maybe apple pie is next?

  28. Simply...Gluten-free

    ok, you just make the rest of us look bad, you are writting a cookbook, you teach, you cook, you photography, you blog , you raise you sons and now you are going to paint the bathroom? Jeez. I really wish I was a type A personality.

  29. Cal Phillips

    LOL. Will need to remember asking this when speaking to our customers as they pick out paint colors. However, we make a tradition of sampling on the wall, any color that is quite different than original, in that small paint chips can be quite deceiving than the larger content of a wall or ceiling.

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