Fab Finds

  1. Recycled vintage silver plated flatware – Spread Love. Spread Joy. Spread Cheer. Spread Peace. 
  2. Salad In a Jar – Reformed salad-hater, Paula has devised a way to make salad for 7-9 days at one time. Her trick?  Mason jars!
  3. Pig Dishtowel, from Terrain – Oink.
  4. Crayons in the Summer! – A DIY craft! Wouldn’t it be so fun to watch them melt!
  5. Whiskey Sour Popsicles – Boozy popsicles! From Bakers Royale.
  6. Scrambled Eggs – Woah….scramble your egg before you even cook it.
  7. Monster Shark – So cute! A hand-knit monster shark for your soda can.
  8. Snickerdoodle Muffins – Want. Now. From  my friend Heather Christo!

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  1. Allyn

    Love the salad jars! And the crayon idea! Soooooo going to be trying both of those!
    It’s hot enough in TN to freakin boil a crayon.

  2. Sara B.

    The pre-scrambled egg is crazy! I’ll have to try that out sometime. Also, the salad jar idea is amazing. Why don’t I think of these things?

  3. Annie

    How fun are your fab finds? LOVE them – especially the recycled vintage silver plated flatware and those boozy popsicles – uh, yum!

  4. Renuka

    Love all the ideas. I love your blog too. The salad in a jar idea is fabulous. Thanks Jaden for sharing these with us.

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