Quiz: Do you know your lettuce varieties?

Okay, all  you salad lovers out there! So you know your Butter from your Romaine, but can you correctly identify 21 different varieties of lettuce and cabbage!? I thought you’d have fun with this quiz – big thanks to husband Scott for all the programming, Dole Salads for all of the text descriptions of the lettuce and cabbage varieties and my kids who dutifully ate salad at every single meal for 4 days after the photoshoot.

Take the lettuce quiz!

Click on each thumbnail for larger image. At end of quiz, there’s a button to check your answers!


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  1. Natalie S.

    That was really fun! I got the ones I’ve eaten correct – does that count for something? 😉 This really makes me want to try new varieties of lettuce!

  2. Marsha D

    Well I knew more than just Iceberg Lettuce, but not as many as I would have liked! Time to expand my greens:))

  3. Katy

    18 out of 21. I mixed up green baby tango and romaine and the baby red tango with the lolla rosa.

  4. Kathleen

    Wow, I don’t know squat! Got all of 4 right….must be in quite the rut when it comes to lettuce….

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    Much fun. Cheated a little… okay cheated a lot! This site was just what I needed to identify greens for my daughter’s new guinea pig. Thanks so much!!! 😀

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