Vote! Which Blogger Dish to Cook on TV?

But first….a little laugh…

As I mentioned in my last post, our house is usually stocked with good, wholesome breakfast foods. Because running around the playground and singing, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” requires quite a bit of energy. A good breakfast is essential to becoming the superstar student, outrunning the bullies and beating up the rugrats.

We always have mini whole wheat bagels by Pepperidge Farms at the house. Usually, the kids love a bit of cream cheese and some fruit to top.

This particular morning a few months ago, Andrew asked for the the bagel, plain. He just wanted to eat it as-is, whole. As I handed him a warmed mini-bagel, this little 4-year old wiggle-master examined the bagel.

Looked at it from the front.
Looked at it from the back.
Curiously peeked throught the hole.

and then proudly proclaimed to me,
“LOOK MA MA!!!  I’m gonna eat a BUTT-HOLE!!!”


So deviant, yet right-on.

But…concerning to me…how does he know what a butt-hole looks like?!? It’s not like we randomly run into butt-holes in his nursery rhyme books, Disney channel or at the park.

Oh. But wait. He must have remembered the time we walked by a construction zone and 2 workers snickered lewd things to me in Spanish. That’s when covered Andrew’s ears and I shot back with, “!@#! off and go shove your hammer up your asscrack.” And I think he did.

BTW, don’t judge my parenting skills based on his uncoordinated pajama set. He dressed himself.


What Shall I Cook on TV in 2 Weeks?

Ok, on to the fun part of this post. As you know, I showed my face to the world on television last month, cooking live on our local ABC station. My next performance is October 9th. I’d love to promote the world of food blogging, so I’ve decided to cook a dish from one of you!! Will you help me choose?

Voting on the next page!

I only have 5 minutes of air-time to showcase a dish. Here’s how it works

1) I pre-cook, prep about 30 minutes before the segment (or the evening before)
2) at 6:35am-ish, I get about 3 minutes of live air-time to cook a part of the dish, talk about the dish & food blogging and smile at the camera
3) then I have about 20 minutes to quietly finish the dish (the newscasters are doing their new broadcast about 20 yards from me, and during commercial breaks I can be loud)
4) final presentation at very end of newscast

So, you see, it’s gotta be an easy dish. My criteria for choosing these dishes below:

1) Asian dish
2) Fast to cook
3) Uses only stovetop (there is no oven in the studio kitchen)
4) Simple enough for a home cook (a.k.a simple enough for me to cook)

Here are this month’s finalists. Please vote!  I’ll cook the winning dish!

Tiger Prawn Springrolls from Mae of Rice & Noodles. I’ve made these many, many times and they are absolutely the first thing to disappear. They are incredibly easy to make and I think of them as my go-to dish when company comes and I need to whip up a quick, impressive appetizer!

Malaysian Coconut Butter Prawns from Rasa Malaysia. These babies are so full of incredible flavors. Little bits of toasted coconut makes it a little sweet, a little salty. I’ll have to leave out the curry leaves and substitute with scallions.

Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers) from Tigers & Strawberries (I can use stovetop griddle). Everyone LOVES japanese skewers. I’ll tell you that where I live, not many know how to make yakitori. It’s prime grilling season in Florida – as it is finally cool enough to enjoy grilling and entertaining outdoors. The Japanese restaurants in town do not serve yakitor. (gasp! I know you’re thinking – where the hell do I live?!?) and this would be a great way to introduce this dish.

Bulgogi Burgers from The Delicious Life. Can you even imagine a tastier burger? I normally don’t like the term “east-west cooking” but this certainly shows the perfect blend of Korean flavors in an American burger. I LOVE this idea – I haven’t tried making a Bulgogi burger, but damn….this looks so delicious. If Sarah can make this burger look so tasty, I know the audience will love it.

(yes, I know these are non-vegetarian dishes….I promise next month we’ll do a veg dish!)

***VOTE HERE!***

I think this voting thingy is working….will you let me know if it is not?

Voting ends October 4th at 10:30pm


Of course I’ll post on YouTube after it airs. We can even have a virtual viewing party! Let’s all get drunk and watch it together!

If this works out well, I’ll do this every month and choose new blogger recipes every month. I love the idea of highlighting our little corner of the world on television regularly. What do you think?

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Comments 82

  1. JEP

    Kids say the darnest things!

    I vote for the burgers & yes, vegetarian food needs to be next 🙂

  2. tigerfish

    I say so, like some of the others too! It does not matter what you cook. I just want to watch you again on TV…:D
    Do you need another sous chef’s sou chef? Errrr….I can help to dump that shells and veins of the prawns (from sous chef Rasa Malaysia’s) to the garbage bin. :O

  3. Dr. Biggles

    Yes, yes. On the way back from picking up the 12 year old boy, the 7 year old boy exclaimed, “I wish my middle name was ASS.” The cool thing was that he allowed the pause before and after to allow for pause and guffaw. Ain’t they the best?


  4. Wanlee

    Hi Jaden,
    I voted for Tiger Prawn Springrolls. I don’t know about the Bulgogi Burgers. There’s kimchee in it. It’s kind of risky because kimchee is a black and white thing. You either love it or you just can’t stand the smeill of it.

  5. brilynn

    Your kids are great, I still love the story of how one of them told his class that he eats dog…
    Anything you make will be amazing… wait, that’s a stupid answer, coconut butter prawns.

  6. joey

    Yay! More TV appearances! Yesyesyes, please post it on Youtube so we can see it 🙂

    All those dishes look great so it was a tough vote…how fantastic that you are highlighting dishes from other blogs…you really rock 🙂

    As usuall, cute kid!!!

  7. BerlinKitchen

    Quelle surprise, I voted for Yakitori, but only 10% are interested in this great dish???
    OK, it seems the burger makes the race, anyway more important for my is to watch Jaden on TV………

    Take care,

  8. Carol

    Jaden, go with the Coconut Butter Prawns because of the aroma that’s gonna drive them all wild at the studio! Why aren’t you going to use the curry leaves? I think that’s the most aromatic thing about this dish.
    Andrew is such a Darling.

  9. Christine

    Please make the burgers! Bulgogi burgers sound the most interesting and innovative! Great blog btw!

  10. Barbara

    Even though I was the one who did the yakitori–I vote for the bulgogi burgers—which is ironic. But the reason I vote for it is because I saw Sarah’s post about bulgogi burgers on Slashfood, so I made my version on Tigers and Strawberries. Between Delicious Life, Slashfood and T&S, the recipe has gone all over the net–and folks have made it and loved it in various places across the world.

    I think that would really show the power of food blogging and the internet as a means of human cultural exchange very well, and I think that would really get your point across very well.

    And now, by gum, I want a bulgogi burger myself. Maybe this weekend….

  11. joyce

    you are a funny lady..have a good sense of humor..everytime i come to visit you blog..i can’t keep my mouth shut by laughing so hard. also thanks for the nice recipes.

  12. John P

    I want to support Sarah’s recipe, but I think on tv you should go with the most visually stunning dish since the audience can not smell or taste, and that would probably be the prawns.


  13. argus lou

    Methinks Andrew’s pyjamas are perfectly, trendily coordinated. He’s a Marc Jacobs in the making, I bet, Mrs Steamy.

    As a Malaysian abroad, I have to be patriotic and vote for the yummy-licious kisser-watering coconut prawn thingies.

  14. Beerme

    Bulgogi Burgers sounds good and most people don’t know squat about Korean food (which is delicious!). I could say the same about Malaysian food but I have to pick something, right?

    Have a great show!

  15. Shinae

    Found you through Oishii Eats, and you are so up my alley! Will definitely be subscribing when you get that feed thingy to work.



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  18. chip

    Coconut Butter Prawns! Everything I’ve cooked off of Rasa Malaysia has been delicious. I’d love to see you cook the prawns on TV, Jaden. Great idea.

  19. cooknengr

    Malaysian Coconut Butter Prawns! No mess, least handling, plus shrimps cooks really fast. Another plus is, even undercooked, on TV you can’t really tell it still a little raw ( no bloody mess).

  20. Bel

    OMG – you are toooooooo funny!! I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment back to the builders. And your son is so cute – kids say the darndest things :o)

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