Andrew Solving the World’s Problems

We just got back from 5 days of pure blissdom and I haven’t quite gotten back into the groove of reality yet – I’m still half expecting Luscious to show up with 2 drinks in hand and a massage table.

The kids had a blast at their Mini Club Med – which should be renamed to “God’s Gift to Parent Sanity” as from 9:00am to 9:30pm the kids participate in super-fun vacation just for them. To call it babysitting would be an insult, as they probably had more fun and activities than the adults! Circus school, swimming, Petit Chef, Petit Tennis, playing in sand, yoga, just to name a few.

I think the biggest compliment to Club Med would be a conversation that Nathan had with me:

“Mama, my cheeks hurt!”

“Oh baby, what happened, did you fall down?”

“No Mama, I laughed and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt now! I can’t smile anymore.”

Without missing a beat, Andrew turned around and said, “Nathan, it’s easy. Let me help you smile.”

Problem, solved.

…and Andrew goes right back to eating.

Obama, honey. I got a better candidate than Clinton. Andrew’s your man. This 5 year old can fix any situation! How can world leaders resist such common sense and cuteness? The world’s problems would be solved so simply!

kids yoga on the beach                                at the pool overlooking sea

ride ’em dolphin boy!                                    whoopseeee!

on the playground                                        tie dye masters

I bow down to thee, superwoman

I have to thank beautiful Kate Moeller, the Official Superwoman from Club Med and Morgan Painvan PR Goddess for hosting our family.

Their film crew were great with kids and we got some awesome footage of Andrew and Nathan in their Petit Chef program that we’ll be using on their new website launching in January.

Kate                                                                 Morgan

Also got to meet this lovely lady and her family! Anyways, I’ll be headed back to Club Med in a couple of months for the Food and Wine Festival and to get more video footage and food porn. Anyone want to join?

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  1. SteamyKitchen

    Rox dear,omg i’m so totally offended that you weren’t looking at my boobs instead. I was totally squeezing them together for some cleavage action.

  2. Janet

    Those cheeks of his are scrumptious! Oh I wouldn’t want to come home! So, a future giveaway for one lucky commenter could be a free trip..? Ok, so I know I am grasping at straws, but this Arizona desert is killing me!!!

  3. Suji

    I second Andrew to be nominated :). Looks like you had way too much fun 🙂 and the place seems super kid-friendly

  4. Diana

    If I win the lottery before then, I’m so there! Of course I don’t buy lottery tickets, I’ve decided if God wants me to win He’ll have someone give me a ticket 🙂

  5. Dawn in CA

    I’d go for the food porn… and for Luscious, natch. On a more family-friendly note, I love that Nathan continued to massage his own cheeks after Andrew got him started. Too cute!

  6. RecipeGirl

    Yes, I’ll join you on the next Club Med vaca. Looks wonderful. And your kids are cute.

    We just returned from a week-long cruise to Mexico and my son was much more interested in hanging out in Cruise Camp than he was with Mom and Dad. Wonderful service, but they lured my child into more interesting things than hangin’ w/ family!!

  7. Mom101

    I’m scrolling through this with Thalia and Sage by my side and Thalia screams THERE’S THAT BOY FROM CLUB MED! THE ONE I DANCED WITH!

    If we could all go back tomorrow (along with the superwoman and pr goddess hostesses of course) I wouldn’t complain, that’s for sure.

  8. soulchocolate

    You have the cutest kids (aka really beautiful i mean it)! The thought of having an island vacation is always good for me!

  9. Luna Pier Cook

    The tie dye juice in the yellow bin looks surprisingly like cheap ketchup.

    Jaden, since I can’t click on those pics to make them larger it first appeared as though you were covering yourself with a small cat!

    That is … make the pics larger … not the … um … er … never mind …

  10. Stephanie

    Jaden, you truly have a blessed life! I am jealous of your fun jaunts!

    Your kids are darling… Sounds like they had a great time.

  11. mikky

    your kids are truly adorable… and what a vacation you had… looks like so much fun… wish i can join… 🙂

  12. Janet Bridge

    Man, what I wouldn’t give to have my boys be that age again. My sweet, innocent, twenty year old has decided to leave college at the end of this semester (after 2.5 years!) and joined the Army last Friday. He’s a bunny-rabbit, not a warrior; but I seem to be the only one that knows that fact.

    My 17-year old, Liza-Minelli-forward-swept-hair-in-his-eyes-wanna-be, rides my last never every day like Zorro. Listening to him, you would wonder how I manage to stand up straight on my own, with how little he thinks I know!

    Your boys remind me of the time when mine thought I hung the moon, sun and stars and life was oh, so perfect… Sigh.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  13. Missy Hurley

    Club Med is great! I don’t have kids, but went with a family with 2 boys and they had a blast too. Your boys are so very cute and good to one another!

  14. Hana Mi

    oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaawd that is so holiday heaven for me and my family,were is that????? We’re off to Miami beach and Duck Key in 2 weeks , but they dont have anything like that for the kids under 5 :(, mine are 2 and 5. Mummy needs somne me time in a BIG way, whats a mum gonna do!!!

    Im sooo looking at this for next year.

    The kids look like they are having the most wonderful time and such lovely cute kids, gorge.

    Have added you to my blogroll

    Hana Mi (aka @GiftedHand on twitter)

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