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Grilled Fish with Citrus Herb Crust

Grilled Fish with Citrus Herb Crust Recipe - final photo

Servings: serves 4      Prep Time: 10 minutes      Cook Time: 10 minutes

Basil, oregano and parsley can be substituted for other herbs in the recipe, for example, cilantro and scallions or chives would be a great substitute. Recipe adapted from The New Sonoma Cookbook by Connie Gutterson.


1/2 cup minced fresh herbs (basil, oregano and parsley)
2 to 4 swordfish fillets (or your fish of choice), 1-inch thick
Salt and pepper
Zest of half a lemon
Zest of half an orange
2 tablespoons olive oil


Preheat your grill — medium-low heat on one side and high heat on the other side.

To mince the herbs, you can do this by hand with a chef's knife, or place the herbs, zests and olive oil in your food processor and give it a few whirls.

Pat fish dry with paper towels, and season both sides with salt and pepper. On a large plate, mix together the chopped fresh herbs, lemon, orange zest, olive oil and a little salt and pepper.

Generously coat both sides of the fish with the herb mixture and allow the fish to marinate for 10 minutes. Place the fish over the medium-low heat side of the grill, cover and cook for 4 minutes. Flip the fish, cover and cook for 4 minutes more, or until the fish flakes easily when poked with a fork. Just before serving, squeeze a little lemon juice or orange juice on top of the fish.