Coco will need pyschotherapy after this Halloween

I love going to Halloween parties where costumes for the adults are mandatory, as it forces people who normally wouldn’t dress up to do something a little out of their comfort zone –> pointing to Scott πŸ™‚

Thank goodness we had party on Saturday night, as this year, I get to spend Halloween on a plane to Dallas, Texas. Well, other than being a little bummed I get to miss out on the fun of scaring little kids, I’m crazy excited about this trip. I’m headed to singer/songwriter Jewel’s ranch in Texas, where along with wedding designer, David Tutera, will be filming a series of short videos.

No, we won’t be singing – THANK GOODNESS – Jewel and I will be in the kitchen chatting about cooking for the Holidays, and David will be giving pointers on decorating. We’re filming this at Jewel’s house. I’m still pinching myself. In fact, I’m bringing along my girlfriend, Wendy, as a chaperone to ensure that I don’t make a fool outta myself πŸ˜‰

Well, back to Saturday night – Scott and I decided to dress as zombies and moan “BRAAIIINZZZZZ” all night long. We did our own makeup after watching a few YouTube videos onΒ How to Look LIke ZombiesΒ and stuck on these fun special effects and fake skin ‘n blood (messy affair).

The problem with looking like this:

….is that we forgot to tell Coco, our little 8-month old dog, all about Halloween and that we were going to dress as zombies.

While we were doing our makeup, Coco was asleep in our room. We were just about to leave for the party when Coco woke up to two strange,Β dead, flesh-eating people.

Scared the bajeebers outta her.
And she barked, growled and the hairs on the back of her stood up 6 inches high. I got on the ground, tried to call her, tried to give her a treat and held my hand out. Dang dog snapped at me and nearly BIT ME.
Then Coco ran out of the house, barking like crazy, trying to alert all the other neighborhood dogs of this zombie invasion. Stupid us went after her, trying to get her back into the house, but uh….doesn’t that just make it seem like the zombies were CHASING her!??? Poor Coco. We had to send our boys, who thankfully were NOT in zombie-wear, to go after Coco and bring her back in.
So finally, we got chased out of the house by Coco again, we locked ourselves in the car while the boys had to go close up the house and calm Coco down.
Next year, maybe we’ll dress up as a princess and prince….something a little more less freaky looking. I think the dog will need some therapy after this.
We were supposed to bring booze and eats to the party, but since we were chased out of the house and didn’t have time to grab the stuff (and didn’t dare go back in the house), we stopped at the supermarket. You’d think that it being the Saturday night before Halloween, that people at the market would expect maybe a few people dressed up.
But no. Um, I guess if they’re doing their grocery shopping on a Saturday night, then perhaps “Halloween fun” wasn’t first on their mind. We freaked out a few customers, got dirty looks from supermarket management and giggles from some of the clerks. We even made a baby cry.
What do zombies bring to a party? Fried chicken and boxed wine, for sure.
Classy eats.
Oh, and for the record, if Dr. Shapiro, my orthopedic surgeon is reading this, YES, I DID WEAR MY STUPID LEG BRACE LIKE YOU TOLD ME TO. I was a crippled zombie. That was my costume.


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  1. AmyRuth

    Lovely, I’m from Texas and I actually know where Stephenville is situated. There are warm lovely people there and there are horses. Horses & horses. Have a wonderful time working and playing, mostly playing and doing what you love. How wonderful is that?
    Happy Halloween

  2. Rachel

    SO awesome. Poor coco lol. I’d have probably bust out laughing if I saw you at the store. I can’t get over how great a job the makeup is!

  3. Faleen

    What does one say in response to a photo like that. It certainly looks like the two of you were made for each other? Loved it….thank you for sharing.

  4. Chris

    It’s amazing what youtube can teach you these days, ya’ll did GREAT! I though the bolt through Scott’s head was a nice touch but I’d never do that because Alexis would be forever saying, “I KNEW you were screwed up in the head, now I have proof.”


    Just got a new puppy last week and last night, she was so scared looking at all the costumes. This morning, she did not want to go outside. She will also need psychotherapy.

  6. Jessica

    I am equal parts super excited for you and incredibly jealous! You are going to have a blast! Texas is the best…and Jewel is so amazing.

    P.S. You and Scott look terrifying. In a totally awesome way. πŸ˜€

  7. rita

    omg! you just cracked me up so loud that i hit the enter button instead (see post above). now, our neighbors really think that we, americans, are absolutely crazy (not easy living in germany, sometimes). and yes, my dear, you are truly my hero (this post hits my fave game – left for dead πŸ˜€ ).

  8. joey

    Jaden you and Scott look fantastic! What great Halloween costumes!! Poor Coco though…but funny too πŸ™‚

    OMG…Jewel!! Have a blast!

  9. Ting

    LOL I love your enthusiasm for Halloween and your site in general! I am slowly making my way through reading all of your entries πŸ™‚

  10. Kim in MD

    Oh my gosh…I am laughing my a%% off right now! You and Scott are too funny! Poor Coco!

    That is so cool that you are going to Jewel’s house! Don’t wear that Zombie makeup, ok? πŸ˜‰

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