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My husband’s been working hard the past couple of weeks building the new Chicken Palace for our 5 birds who have quickly outgrown the coop we bought locally. Scott designed the entire coop on paper and then on transfering the plan to Google Sketchup for a 3D model. It’s pretty darn cool – and I’ll let him share the plans with you in detail himself – he’s taken step by step photos of the coop – everything from pouring the concrete to the littlest details (I think he’s planning a solar powered door for the coop – eeeek! how cool!).

It’s nearly finished – the hens will move into their palace on Wednesday. I think we should have some kind of housewarming party for them or something! They love squirmy worms, flopping minnows and popcorn. Yum.

This weekend, I hosted a little girly get together ‘n sleepover with The Little Kitchen, Bev Cooks and The Novice Chef – the three of them got me started on Instagram! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to join this little community – and start using my crazy-expensive iPhone more than just to play Angry Birds.

(Oh yes, all the deets on girls weekend are in another post — I wouldn’t leave ya hanging like that)

All of the photos were taken from my iPhone:

The boys! I used Instagram’s filters to create this effect.

Nathan stickin’ his head in the chicken coop door (yes, the floor of the coop is lined with those sticky tiles to make cleanup easier….see, I told you this was a palace!)

Scott took this pic with his iPhone and I edited with Noir app that Diane had recommended for B&W photos.

Went fishing this weekend in our pond and Andrew caught bait an itty bitty fish. This was edited with Instagram or Picture Show app (I don’t remember)

And finally, the collage – created with PicFrame app that Jessica recommended. All done with the iPhone!

Fierce chicken. I think Oreo’s PMS’ing.

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  1. Dee

    I want a chicken palace! May I pretty please borrow Scott? ;p Ohhh, your boys are growing up so fast!

  2. David Lorenzen

    Nice chicken palace Scott. That looks better than my house. Can we stay there next time we come down? : )

  3. Jessica

    My egg lady told me that her chickens got confused and freaked out when she got a new coop. She had to shove one through the little door because they stayed out in the cold rather than brave the new house! After that they all went in.

  4. Ben

    Wow, that really is a palace. And almost the size of my bathroom in my studio apartment. Sigh. Now I’m kind of jealous of your chickens and kind of sad for me. 🙁 LOL

  5. JCA

    Dang! That’s an impressive coop layout Scott – I drew up a very similar design for our present coop, but yours will be the new design if and when we move from this place. Two thumbs up!!!!

  6. Kim in MD

    Wow…those are some lucky chickens! Scott and your boys are just adorable, Jaden. What a gorgeous family you are!

  7. Steven

    I came here from “Ducklings learning to swim”.
    nice story here, enjoyed the reading 🙂 Your chickens must be really happy 😉 …like your family is looking
    thumbs up

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