Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream

Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream

If you have an ice cream maker hiding in your pantry….or if you can safely steal borrow your neighbor’s ice cream maker that has been neglected without getting caught, please….just PLEASE bring it out and give it some love!

Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream is so elegantly rich that a little scoop is all you need.  I found this post from Kuidaore, where I just simply fell in love with the idea of pairing Matcha with White Chocolate.

Since I had just finished making a batch of Matcha Finishing SaltMatcha Finishing Salt and had plenty of Matcha green tea powder left over, this was a perfect recipe to try. I’ve simplified the recipe just a bit.

Of all the ice cream flavors I had all summer (and believe me, I’ve sampled more than I really should admit to) this is by far my favorite ice cream flavor.  Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream will be a regular treat at my home.  Its even fancy-sounding enough to serve at gourmet dinner parties….shhhhh….you and I will know that it was a cinch to make.

Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream

I was tagged!

by Glenna….here we go!

In case you haven’t seen this very super cool 80’s photo of me where I thought I looked just like a Chink-a-fied version of Madonna complete with lace socks, here….just click…go for it. laugh at me!  Anyone who used Aquanet as their second skin totally deserved to be laughed at!!

I’ve previously have been tagged with the “5 things you wish you never found out about me.” meme, but since Glenna requested so kindly, I’ll add another….hmmmm….but what can I tell you about myself that I haven’t already revealed?

Oh crap.  Have I already divulged too much information about myself on my blog?

Have I already lost my mystical, magical, angelic aura of innocence?

You think?!

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  1. wokandspoon

    Me neither. No ice cream maker 🙁 The matcha ice cream sounds great and I love the photo paired with the orchid!
    Hehe – love the white sneakers!

  2. argus lou

    Oooo… one of my favourite ice-cream flavours too, but I don’t have an ice-cream maker either. 🙁 I could sidle up to Herr Schmidt next door with fluttering eyelashes, but then I found out he’s my friend’s husband’s uncle. *sigh* Switzerland is too small for brazen broads.

  3. Lydia

    That ice cream looks absolutely beautiful — and will be the perfect excuse to dust off my ice cream machine and get that canister in the freezer!

  4. Sue Ann

    That looks to elegant! I haven’t had ice cream in a long time but if I had an ice cream maker, I would be in serious trouble!!!!!!!!!!! Jaden, your photos are just so awesome! You are awesome!

  5. rowena

    Heh heh…in regards to your comment, I asked the guys. And even if they replied in italian, the english equivalent would have been something along the lines of Porky Pig’s “I b-believe, I b-believe, that’s all folks!”

    I’ll have to rethink my position on Matcha Tea icecream….the last one I tried (and I won’t say which company) tasted like soap. {argghh…}

  6. Marvin

    Wow, matcha and white chocolate seem like they would be perfect together.

    And I must admit, I pegged my jeans in the 80’s too. I thought only guys did that. But I guess “coolness” knows no gender;)

  7. Oishii Eats

    Tai over at Scoops made the best Matcha Maple ice cream. The initial taste was smooth maple and then it finished with a sweet lingering matcha. So damn good. I want an ice cream maker now!

  8. Melinda

    No ice cream maker here either. (or a rice cooker for that matter!)
    Love the cool Madonna look. I have a mullet hair cut in my school pictures, but we called it a shag hair cut then. *Cringe* Which is worse?

  9. tigerfish

    I’m another one – no ice-cream maker, and don’t even know my neighbor (how to borrow?). I feel so lousy now….I can’t eat your ice-cream and the nearest ice-cream parlor does not have this flavor too 🙁

  10. Ellie

    You ice-cream making food bloggers, you! *sniffles* Now that I’ve read how easy this is, and seen how absolutely delicious it looks, I don’t think I can live without this matcha and white choc ice cream! But alas, I have no ice cream maker 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 It will have to be bookmarked for one day in the future when I have my hands on such a gadget…till then, I will resign myself to licking the computer screen :/

  11. SteamyKitchen

    WC- how about I just send my lear jet over and you come to my home?

    Brilynn- great minds think alike!!

    Rowena- no soapie here! it was yum.

    Hillary- thank u!

    Marvin Marvin Marvin- we were SO DAMN cool back then.

    Mercedes- it doesn’t feel as unhealthy if i make it from scratch!

    Ninja, W&S, Argus, Tiger, Melinda, Oishii, Ellie- We need to get all us bloggers together and pool our gadgets and appliances!!! b/c now I’m “ice-cream’d out” and the icecream maker is going back to the garage….

    Lydia- yeah, its about time that you join the ice cream revolution

    Sue Ann- no YOU are awesome!!! how are the “girls” doing?

  12. Lynn

    Beautiful color on the ice cream and the orchid garnish takes my breath away! My particular brand of 80’s awesomeness was shoulder pads and a bad perm. My daughter won’t let me forget it.

  13. honest ape

    I read your “5 Things” post. A few comments.

    1. I also dip McD’s fries in soft-serve. And I got my wife to start doing it.
    2. Despite your assertions to the contrary, I do not have the same photo in my closet. To my recollection, I have no pictures of me as an a young Asian woman who looks like an up-and-coming member of the Yakuza.

  14. Sarah C.

    So, apparently I am the only one brave enough to raise my hand and ask “What is Matcha?” I cant be the only one who doesnt know…
    Is it just green tea? Regardless, it looks awesome!

  15. Ari (Baking and Books)

    First: what a beautiful ice cream! I love the colors, and the presentation is beyond – looks like something you would order in an elegant restaurant.

    Second: you will never lose your mystical, ANGELIC aura. Never!

  16. SteamyKitchen

    Lynn- but did your Mom make you wear Princess Leia hair buns?

    Honest Ape- dude. call me Yakuza and I’ll whip out my nunchucks

    Argus- hehehe…you send me good looking talented Deutsch cooking man and you might not get him back!!!

    Sarah- Matcha is Japanese fine green tea powder

    Ari- I thought I lost my angelic aura of innocence!!!

    I mean, what fun is a cooking show hostess without hooker heels?

  17. honest ape

    Nunchuks? Now I know you’re no Yakuza. Try Nunchaku, or shu?ng ji gn if you want to be really cool. Either way, Yakuza wouldn’t work for you anyway, hailing from HK. So Triad, I guess….

  18. Big Boys Oven

    OH my God, Jaden!!!………. your matcha white chocolat ice cream looks so beautiful and exotic . . . . . . . just like you do. For sure now, . . . . . most of us are going bananas with matcha.

  19. Elaine

    That ice cream’s so drool worthy! 😀

    And that picture of you looking like Madonna in the 80s is really bold lol! Man, 80’s fashion is soooooo bad, luckily it’s all sorta fuzzy right now 😛

  20. ilingc

    Hi Jaden, I saw that recipe at Joycelyn’s too. Pity it’s so not ice-cream weather at the moment. I love the little orchid with the ice cream. So pretty. 🙂

    Btw your “Madonna in 80’s look” rock! 😀

  21. joey

    That ice cream looks decadent! Oh I am thisclose to getting an ice cream maker already!

    Love the pic 😉 Gosh, those eighties…

  22. Ady

    Hi Jaden, what taste the matcha has?
    Is it bitter?
    I would like to prove but here it’s difficult to find it.

  23. MeltingWok

    Sigh..went to Macy, there had one on sale, 49 bucks, made a detour somewhere and didn’t make it back on time 🙁 I’m still thinking…had a noise in my head “is it gonna collect dust like “”some”” of your other tools” you had ? shoot..what to do ? I’ll be starring at your Matcha white choc ice cream now ! Till then .. 😛

  24. Inne

    That ice cream looks great with the flower! I’ve been eyeing the same kuidaore recipe for a while now – it’s not really summer weather here and I don’t have an ice cream maker, but I’ve been in a ‘Japanese’ mood lately, so I might just have to make it anyway.

  25. Kevin

    Matcha and white chocolate are two of my favorite flavours. I am really wishing that I had an ice cream maker now.

    The photo is amazing.

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  28. Dave Harralson

    For any of you wanting matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder, Google same and you will find lots of places where you can buy it, even Amazon. So………Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream coming up !!!

  29. Dave Harralson

    If you want Green Tea Powder in the Sarasota/Bradenton, FL, area, you can get it at Wong Kai Imports just off SR 70 and 33rd St. East (just west of the Braden River Post Office) in Bradenton. Jaden, does it have to be JAPANESE Green Tea powder? This one has both Japanese and Chinese characters on the outside, so I assume it’s OK. If it’s not, let us know.

  30. SteamyKitchen

    Dave- I didn’t see green tea powder at Wong Kai the last time I went. It doesn’t have to be Japanese Green Tea powder – but of course the better quality of powder you use, the better your ice cream will taste!

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  34. Josh

    I love the recipe. And that it doesn’t do the “metal bowl over not boiling water” bit, I can’t fanangle that for some reason. This’ll be the perfect dessert for my shabu-shabu party tomorrow. -on a side note though, you need to edit some previous comments, or allow me (hehe), they’re seriously not up to par with most of your readers. And I usually insist on reading all the comments because you’ve got such an awesome site!

  35. junecutie

    I love Green Tea Ice Cream! Your recipe is almost identical to mine except I put a whole cup of sugar in it, and just before I put the cooled mixture in the freezer, I stir in a cup of creme fraiche. The last ingredient adds a touch of flavor that is indescribably yummy in my humble opinion. By the way, I really love your blog.

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