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Cookbook edition! Every week, I receive an armful of cookbooks to review from publishers. Here are my favorites. 


  1. Asian TofuAnother winner from Andrea Nguyen! An absolute must for any tofu lover. Even learn how to make it from home.
  2. Delish Cooking SchoolThis book is a full-color encyclopedia of cooking with step by step photos on every cooking technique imaginable. I can’t think of a better cookbook for a wedding present or for a budding gourmand!
  3. LooneyspoonsFun! Fun! Fun! With recipes like Lawrence of Arrabbiata, Eenie Meenie Fettuccine and Just for the Halibut, how can you not love it! Lots of color photos and tidbits of food facts for the geeks.
  4. Pioneer Woman Cooks Food From My FrontierYou’ll love this book and want to cook every single recipe. I promise.
  5. River Cottage Fish BookIt’s the “Definitive Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Fish and Shellfish” – it’s a massive book filled with good choices. Love the “FLT” sandwich – fish, lettuce and tomato.
  6. Everyday Gluten Free Slow CookingI gave this book to my friend, Wendy, who just started eating GF and she’s feeling amazing.

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  1. Marina

    Thanks for the review. I added The river cottage fish book to my cart at Amazon, I love this series! I have one on breads and absolutely love it.

  2. Faleen

    The tofu cookbook really looks terrific. I always want to try using it but have never actually found a resource that gives specifics as to the different types and their uses as this one does. I have not actually seen the cookbook in person but went to amazon to get some indication as to the inclusions.

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