Introducing Steamy Kitchen Wok and Rice Bran Oil!

Steamy Kitchen Wok Rice Bran Oil Launch


UPDATE: The Steamy Kitchen wok has sold out!!! We are currently looking for another manufacturer that can help us produce more ASAP!!


One of the most asked questions I get is, “what kind of wok do you recommend?” To me, the perfect wok has to be:

– easy to cook with, easy to clean

– made of cast iron material for superior heat retention, but light enough to lift with one hand

– enamel on the outside so that it wouldn’t scratch the stovetop surface

– friendly for gas, electric, glasstop and induction stovetops

– glass lid so I can see what’s going on in the wok

– steamer rack insert

All of these qualities were a must for the perfect wok. Since I couldn’t find one on the market, I designed one myself with the help of my friends at

Steamy Kitchen Wok

Steamy Kitchen Wok Rice Bran Oil Launch Oil and Wok

After a loooong year in the design, prototype, testing and manufacturing, I’m so thrilled to announce that the Steamy Kitchen Wok has launched! The wok features everything that I’ve described above!

Steamy Kitchen Wok Rice Bran Oil Launch Enamel SurfaceThere are 3 layers: the outside features an enamel coating so that it won’t scratch your countertop, cabinets or stove top. The middle is a thin, light cast iron material so that it heats evenly and retains the heat, and the inside is a durable nonstick coating to make cooking and cleanup simple.

The handle is silicone so you don’t burn your hands and there’s even a helper handle on the other end to make carrying easy.

The glass lid! Finally I can see how the vegetables are steaming or when the stir fry is perfectly cooked. I’ve also included a removable rack inside so that you can steam vegetables, steam buns, make Chinese steamed fish or make dim sum.

How to steam in the wok

To steam foods, all you have to do is pour in about an inch of water.

Steamy Kitchen Wok Add Water To Steam

Place the steamer rack in the wok.

Steamy Kitchen Wok Wire Steaming Rack

Put whatever you want to steam in a deep dish (like a cake pan, pie pan or glass dish)

Steamy Kitchen Wok Wire Steaming Rack in Action

Cover with lid.

Steamy Kitchen Wok with Vented Glass Lid

Let it steam! The glass lid also has a steaming hole so that some steam can escape, which keeps the lid in place without rattling. The glass lid also lets you see the progress of your cooking without having to lift off the lid.

Steamy Kitchen Wok with Vented Glass Lid Steaming

If you have a silicon steamer insert or one of those collapsable steamer inserts, you can use that too.

Steamy Kitchen Wok Accomodates Several Dishes

The wok is deep enough to accommodate all sorts of dishes.

Steamy Kitchen Wok Has a Roomy Lid

You can buy the Steamy Kitchen Wok online at the store!

Steamy Kitchen Rice Bran Oil

Another question I tend to get is, “What’s the best oil for stir-frying?”

Steamy Kitchen Rice Bran Oil DetailI’ve been using rice bran oil in cooking and salad dressings almost exclusively for the past 5 years, since I read Fine Cooking Magazine April 2004 rave and more recently, San Francisco Chronicle’s article, “Rice Bran Oil Offers Lighter Way to Fry.

Rice Bran Oil has one of the highest smoke points – meaning you can heat it up super-hot and it won’t smoke like crazy. It’s smoking point is 490°F, even higher than canola (450°) peanut (460°) and grapeseed oil (485°).

Steamy Kitchen Rice Bran Oil features:

– One of the highest smoke point of all cooking oils, which prevents fatty acid breakdown at high temperatures

– Clean, neutral, light taste, versatile. Use in stir frying, deep frying and as a salad oil.

–  From non-GMO rice

– Best balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as recommended by American Heart Association and the World Health Organization.

– Hypoallergenic

– Trans fat free, high levels of antioxidants

The best part is that Steamy Kitchen Rice Bran Oil is made from the bran and germ of the rice kernal.

Love it yet? I hope so!

You can buy a large 750ml bottle of Steamy Kitchen Rice Bran Oil for less than $10!

Steamy Kitchen Wok Rice Bran Oil in Action

Thank you, thank you to all my readers who’ve followed our Steamy Kitchen adventures. Scott, Andrew, Nathan and I so appreciate your love and support! This is a dream come true and we are so proud of the wok and rice bran oil.

Big kisses ‘n hugs ‘n silly faces!

Steamy Kitchen Wok Rice Bran Oil Launch Fun Times

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  1. Kim Bee

    Congrats on the launch of your products Jaden. I love the photos of you and the family. You all are too cute for words. Off to check if the wok ships to Canada.

    Also I had no idea I could steam food that way. I tend to do mine in the microwave so I’ll be trying that with steamed veggies this weekend. Great tutorial.

  2. Nick (Macheesmo)

    Congrats on the product Jaden! It looks so amazing. I have a wok that I like at the moment, but when I’m due for a replacement I’ll be checking this out for sure. Love the steamer insert.

  3. Faleen

    Wishing you the best on your new endeavor, Aside from being a good quality wok, it looks quite attractive also

  4. Jason

    Jaden, I love your recipes and your site overall, but a nonstick wok? The first (and last) time I bought a nonstick wok, the nonstick layer bubbled up and flaked while I was pre-heating it the first time. Is this built to stand up to proper wok cookery or is it just another wok-shaped nonstick pan?

    1. SteamyKitchen

      It’s a strong nonstick layer and a layer of cast iron in the middle. I too had a cheap-o nonstick wok that bubbled in college. So when we designed this one, we made sure it was durable. I’m still using the prototype that we designed for a year now!

  5. Jason

    Thanks for the quick response. I greatly appreciate that you put in the time and effort to make a product that is worth buying. Congrats on the release, I wish you the best with this and future products. This is going on my “to-buy” list.


  6. Kathy - Panini Happy

    That’s so awesome, Jaden – congrats!! My wok has been unusable since the wok ring disintegrated and I haven’t been able to find a replacement that fits my burners. I’m thrilled to see that yours doesn’t even need one! Would love to hear about the R&D process sometime, it sounds like a ton of work but fascinating.

  7. Ruth Anderson

    I have a gift certificate I won to cooking .com you have just made up my mind what to get thanks for ideas.

  8. Kentucky Lady 717

    Love this wok….where can they be purchased and how much are they ? Love the idea of Rice Bran Oil…..will have to try this also…and BTW, your children are beautiful and your husband is very handsome…..he looks like a model 🙂 Is he in show business ??

  9. Dana B

    Congrats on the product release! I’m always amazed at how many woks have a temperature limit of something like 200 or say to cook on low to medium heat. Glad to see that this appears to be made for high heat and durability! I’ve been wanting to do more wok cooking since my 10 yo developed a bunch of food intolerances; teh foods that work lend themselves much better to asian cooking 🙂

  10. Kathleen

    Jaden, Jaden, Jaden…
    When I came to your sight today and saw the picture of you on your home page, I just had to open this post. YOU ARE GORGEOUS in those photos! (Not to mention how wonderful the family photos are.) .. Sorry, I just had to let you know how great you look.
    Congratulations on the launching of the wok and oil!

  11. May

    Congrats on the release of your new wok. Sounds amazing and so looking forward to trying it out. The new wok is light weight and I was wondering how much the wok actually weights. I am asking because I have bad carpel tunnel and light pots and pans keeps me from dropping it…actual I have been told that coordination and I can not be used in the same sentence. = )
    Love the Chinese red color. Your blog is the best pick me up during a stressful day. Thanks and keep it up.

  12. Jen

    But I thought non-stick woks defeat the purpose? They don’t sear or caramelize… Yes? I was always under the impression that you need to use a properly seasoned carbon steel wok…?

  13. anelle

    Does the steamer rack not scratch up the non-stick surface? We’ve been wanting a good wok for awhile now, but I was pre-trained that all non-stick couldn’t have metal used on it.

  14. SteamyKitchen

    Well the rack is placed I’m the wok, it’s not really used in any other way, so unless you purposely roughly scratch the wok with it, it shouldn’t do anything to the wok!

  15. SteamyKitchen

    Hi Jen! Yes you can absolutely sear and brown meats in a wok! It’s all in the technique and not overcrowding the wok. I will have to do a post on how to stir fry step by step!

  16. Jen

    I know you can sear and brown in a wok. But I was told not in a Non-Stick wok. Is that true? Is non-stick better than carbon steel? I’m not worried about having to maintain carbon steel.

  17. Julie

    really love your wok but shame I can’t still to figure out how to purchase it for international orders oh wells 🙁

  18. Kim in MD

    I am one of those readers that has asked you about your wok! Congratulations, Jaden! I am so happy for you! 🙂

  19. :D

    Jaden: Do you have an induction cooktop shown above? If it is, can you elaborate on the cooktop?

  20. Katie

    Congratulations! What an exciting accomplishment in your journey. This could not have come in better timing since my current wok’s non-stick surface has completely worn off and I’m in need of a new wok bad!!!

  21. Megan

    So many congrats, Jaden! This is absolutely fantastic! The design is beautiful, looks like it cooks like a dream 🙂

  22. Ellen

    Looks great-what a winning combo-great performing wok with Rice Oil-the best oil to use for woking and all kitchen needs!

  23. Vijitha

    Congrats on the launch Jaden. So happy and I feel so good that someone whose blog I have been following for years has her line of wok and oil. Way to go! As an ardent fan I feel so proud & happy that I know you and your blog so I can imagine the happiness your parents, family and friends would feel about you. Sending warm wishes your way.God bless!

  24. Elise

    I love this wok, and the rice bran oil! We’ve been using both like crazy since they arrived. The wok heats up fast and is easy to clean. The oil has a very clean taste and works great with high temperature frying. Yay Jaden!

  25. Charlie

    Hi Jaden!

    I love your wok, but I have to ask.

    Over continued use won’t the metal rack scratch the non stick surface of the pan/pot?

    Have a Joyful Day :~D

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  27. Campy Camphausen

    Hi: I like the looks of the Steamy Kitchen 13″ red wok. According to one review it works on an induction stove – good. Another review says it has a round rather than a flat bottom. I think a flat bottom is needed for a flat surface stove, right? How can it stay level when the bottom is rounded? If you have a flat bottom model I’d buy it immediately. Thanks, Campy

  28. Mike


    That’s a great design, but I see nothing’s been mentioned in the comments about a new production of the wok. Is there any news about when it would be available again?

    I love the red color too. It’s definitely a bunch more exciting than a drab metal color.


  29. gloria randall

    Hi Jaden!

    I’m interested in the Steamy Kitchen Wok with glass lid (the one you’re trying to find a new manufacturer for) and would like to know how much it costs. Please send email on cost and if it is now available for purchase.

  30. "Campy"

    I’ve had the wok for a year and it’s the finest wok I have ever used, and is the most successful one for use on a modern induction stove.

  31. toni

    since you’re not planning to make anymore now, can u please recommend one. I need one ASAP.

  32. gloria randall

    Hi, Jaden! i would like to know where i can purchase on-line a low sodium, no MSG, no corn syrup, packaged Hot & Sour soup mix for a rice recipe i am making. can you tell me what store on-line sells this? i have looked at walmart and amazon and their hot and sour soup mixes have all the ingredients i cannot have. please help.

    1. Post

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