Kobe Beef Steak Burgers on CBS

Grilling Kobe Burgers and Sliders

Yesterday I got to do a live segment on CBS on location at a restaurant right in the heart of hoppin’ Superbowl frenzy. It was my first time doing a live segment outside of the television studio, and honey, I gotta say that it’s SO MUCH FUN! My segment’s theme was “Affordable Luxuries” and I wanted to feature Kobe Style Steak Burgers from Palm Beach Prime. Lately, I’ve been eating way more than my share of steaks and burgers, and after chompin’ down on over 9 brands of frozen burger patties, I know my favorites: Oliver Ranch’s Charolais Steak Burgers, Palm Beach Prime’s Kobe Burgers and Meyer All Natural Dry Aged Burgers.

Details of burger taste test and more info on “Kobe” vs “Kobe-Style” vs. “American Kobe” will come in another post. Just know that all Kobe from outside of Japan is called Kobe-Style. But for the sake of my carpal tunnel, I’m just gonna type Kobe, k?

So, here I am at Gaspar’s Grotto restaurant in the middle of Superbowl week, getting my portable burner, cast-iron frying pan and the table display set up. I’m outside on their patio at the front of the restaurant, right next to their outdoor kitchen. Big football dudes are walking by (clearly I’m not a football fan and don’t know these famous ball player’s names) and I’m sure a handful of celebrities too. Then, this guy comes up to me and ask, “hey, whatchu you cookin’?”

“I’m making Kobe Burgers,” I replied, and continued on with my set up. His eyes grow wide and he returns to his table a few feet away.

Before long, two more young guys join him, then out of the corner of my eye, I see the group grow and slowly move towards me.

Uh-oh. I better make sure I have enough Kobe burgers to feed this hungry crowd.

The same guy breaks from the group and slides on over to me again, “Excuse me ma’am…did you say Kobe Bryant Burgers? Is he gonna be here?”


Well, that just made my day. But sadly, I had to fess up to the guys and say, “no honey, these aren’t Kobe Bryant Burgers…but these will be the BEST DAMN BURGERS you’ll ever have!”

So, you’ve gotta watch the segment, as I feature Kobe Burgers, Kobe Sliders, Pop Champagne, Truffle Honey drizzled on cheese and strawberries, Balsamic Creme drizzled on strawberries and Fries tossed with Truffle Oil and sprinkled with Truffle Salt (whew!)

Continue reading and watch the video for KOBE BURGERS ON CBS

That was FUN!

Products that I had featured:

  • Driscolls Strawberries: The juiciest, sweetest strawberries ever from a 3rd generation family strawberry business.
  • Kobe Burgers from Palm Beach Prime: Throw the frozen patties onto a frying pan and 7 minutes later, you are in Kobelicious heaven. These are the first burgers I’ve ever seen that do not shrink. They seriously are as big as a plate! Did you see how massive these guys are in the video? I’ve seen these EXACT same burgers on menus for $28 each. Palm Beach Prime sells ’em for 4 for $29.95.
  • Kobe Sliders from Palm Beach Prime: These babies are so cute! Less than $2.00 each! How can you beat that???
  • Balsamic Creme from Earthy.com: I looooove this Creme di Balsamico on strawberries. Oh. My. It’s balsamic that has been reduced down to a sweet, syrupy sauce. $11 for a BIG bottle. You can whisk with olive oil and make a fab salad dressing.
  • Da Rosario Organic White Truffle Honey: The truffle aroma is unmistakable in this Truffle Honey. Drizzled over cheeze is absolutely DIVINE.
  • Da Rosario Organic White Truffle Seasoning: Hit your fries up with a sprinkle of this seasoning salt. There are ground up bits of white Umbrian truffles throughout the seasoning.
  • Da Rosario Organic Black Truffle Oil: It’s a small bottle, but just a few drops are all you need to toss with your steamin’ hot french fries!
  • Those gorgeous handmade ceramic plates are by Plumhome – take a look at her collection on Etsy!

By the way, if you’ve got fabulous food products that you want me to feature on television, contact me. I’m on CBS10 and ABC7 every month showcasing recipes, yummy stuff and kitchen gadgets. Email me at [email protected]


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  1. Kristen J.

    β€œExcuse me ma’am…did you say Kobe Bryant Burgers? Is he gonna be here?”

    LOL! I love truffle anything! Yum!

  2. Giff

    I want a kobe bryant burger! πŸ˜‰ Fun segment, although it pains me to see you all in short sleeve shirts! Jealous!

  3. Janet

    It all looks so amazing! With taste testing all of that food, how in the world do you stay looking so fabulous!?!

    sucking in belly on camera. ~jaden

  4. Dallas

    I at first thought he said “palm beef burgers,” which would actually be a good name for a company!

    You were amazing on camera. So put-together and bubbly, and you managed to pack a lot of information into a short segment. Great job! I am now heading to the store to search for some “kobe-style” beef.

  5. Erin R

    Love your website … Great segment … Kobe “Bryant” burgers LOL. Not sure where to post my recipe request so I will here. Do you have a recipe for ‘stuffed scallops’? I was able to order this dish from a local Chinese Restaurant off their “Chinese menu” … Very tender scallops with a topping of what appeared to be the shrimp topping on shrimp toast. The scallop was then quickly deep fried revealing a moist succulent treasure. Unfortunatly the Restaurant changed ownership and I can no longer get this wonderfully delicate dish. If you are familiar could you please share? Thank you.

  6. caroline

    Great segment. Those look yummy! Kobe Bryant burgers are hilarious! How much would you pay for those? LOL!

  7. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

    Great video – you were amazing! We used to get kobe beef fillets every week in our local Wegmans and then they stopped ordering them because I believe the company provider went out of business. I am so happy that you posted the link to the site where I can get kobe beef! Thanks!

  8. [email protected]

    I WANT THOSE BURGERS NOW! Do you ship to Europe? πŸ™‚

    Am I the only one thinking there could have been some more light on the food on the table? It was kind of dark with the sun shining on you. (not the worst person to illuminate tho πŸ™‚ )

  9. Tomas - University Place, WA

    Enjoyable segment, Jaden, makes me want some of those burgers. πŸ™‚

    (Looks like it’s about 40 degrees warmer there than here, though.)

    It has been quite a while since I’ve had REAL Kobe beef, but some of today’s “Kobe Style” is really pretty close. Definitely worth the premium prices.

    Take care,

  10. finsbigfan

    Girl you are a natural! Great segment. Food looks yummy too esp. the white truffle honey.

  11. Joanna Dyckhoff

    So with all of your steamy appearances on the big screen…when are you gonna have your own steamy kitchen show? line of asian cookware? magazine? (ahem forget RR, I’m talking SK) so kool! or maybe it’s already in the works??? anyways, I want to see your lovely mug on the packaging of my soy sauce and bamboo steamers! hee hee! humbao hugs and soya smooches! come to seattle pleeze!!!!

  12. Arlene

    Great segment girl! Where do I find out about your local appearances? Read the Trib and love your column and your website! Thanks for tellin me about Mae Ploy Chili sauce! Ohmigod I think I could drink that stuff!Then marinated a skirt steak in it, addicting!~ Gonna check out Palmbeachprime too! Thanks girl!Arlene

  13. kamaile

    Your Kobe Bryant burger story is hilarious! teeheehee

    You know, I’ve never had truffles or truffle flavored anything, but a lot of people rave about it. Maybe I should see what all the fuss is about.

  14. veron

    How exciting doing live tv outside the studio. I have yet to taste real kobe…all I’ve tasted are wagyu. Kobe bryant story is hilarious.

  15. Ellen Davenport

    Hey Jaden,
    I love seeing you on TV. All your food ideas look great especially that honey. I will second that recommendation for the Steamy Kitchen empire.

  16. Carrie Oliver

    First, great, great TV spot. Same for Dave Wirth, too, he really looked like he was having fun.

    Second, ha ha ha re: Kobe Bryant mix up. I have heard this from more than one customer. And hey, a bunch of random athletes have launched new steak brands, so why not Kobe.

    Oh, hey, why not a Kobe Bryant Kobe steak brand now that I think of it πŸ˜‰

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