Buster Blue

Our entire family is in love. This is Buster Blue, the newest member of our family. Buster Blue is a 13 week old blue pitbull puppy that we adopted this past Sunday. He’s got a soft, supple, velvety, gorgeous gray-brown coat that’s exactly the color of my front yard at 5:00am (I thought I lost him when we took him out to pee).

Buster Blue’s eyes are amber-blue and he’s got massive paws. MASSIVE. Our baby is gonna be a big dog!

He’s shy, quiet, snuggly and a very calm puppy. Buster Blue loves to sleep, snuggle, cuddle  – and it’s so cute – when he sleeps, his skin has all these deep folds that crumple and sigh around his face!

So far, Coco loves playing with him. Sharing toys? Not so much. I’m sure it will take time to go from only dog to big sister.

This morning, it wasn’t a good morning for Coco – she refused to look at the camera and smile.

“Coco! Look at the camera! Mommy wants to take a picture!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Please? Purrdy please?!”

“Fine. I’ll look at the camera. But I ain’t smiling.”

“Chickens! Do you want to smile for the camera?”

“Camera?! No way! I’m outta here!”

“I’ll smile for the camera!”


 Did you know Pitbulls used to be the “nanny dog”? In recent years, bad people trained pitbulls to fight – thus tarnishing their reputation as a fighting, biting dog.

Who also had pitbulls? Helen Keller had a pitbull. Cesar Millan’s “Junior” is also a blue pitbull. Petey from The Rascals was a pit (remember him!?)



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  1. Life's a Bowl

    Your new addition is absolutely ADORABLE!!! We got a puppy last winter and I have a hard time believing that he will be 1 next week! There’s something so special dogs bring into a family… Unconditional love 🙂

  2. Cindy Blaylock

    Just stumbled on your website shile Googling for a roasted tomato soup recipe (trying yours tonight)and love it! Loved it even more when I saw you have a blue nose pit. Contrary to what one of your commenters said, there is really very little difference between pits and Staffordshire Terriers – it’s an AKC thing. We adopted a blue nose in May. He had been abused and was used as a bait dog in dog fights because he was so submissive. He is wonderful – hope you enjoy yours. Love your site.

  3. Abigail

    They are really cute…Looks like its nice to the people..Having a pet in the house really good to have a nice bonding with the family also..

  4. Robin

    The American staffordshire terrier IS a pit bull. If you register them through the AKC they’re called pit bull terriers and through the UKC they’re staffordshire terriers. And yes, pits were called nursery dogs. The image you cited above is from and old pit bull advertisement for them.

  5. Joon L-K

    Lovely big dogs! Handsome chickens too! :)) Am also partial to big dogs. We have a black Lab, a retired seeing-eye dog who is petite for her breed.

  6. Jenna

    He is cute! My older daughter has 9-year old red-nose who could be a poster child for baby-sitting. She is the nicest tempered dog but very loyal and protective of my daughter. I adopted mine from my son-in-law’s friend who didn’t feel he could give him the attention he needed. Boy, talk about a baby! He thinks he’s a lap dog like our boston terrier. You have not lived till a 75 lb pit bull tries to sit in your lap on the couch! Hilarious! I know you’ll have fun.

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  8. Patti Ward

    I am new to your site and saw you have Pitties!!!! I have 4 and they are the most precious pups in the world…not a mean bone in them!!!!

    So glad you are bringing awareness to the community that they are a fabulous breed.

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