Buster Blue

Our entire family is in love. This is Buster Blue, the newest member of our family. Buster Blue is a 13 week old blue pitbull puppy that we adopted this past Sunday. He’s got a soft, supple, velvety, gorgeous gray-brown coat that’s exactly the color of my front yard at 5:00am (I thought I lost him when we took him out to pee).

Buster Blue’s eyes are amber-blue and he’s got massive paws. MASSIVE. Our baby is gonna be a big dog!

He’s shy, quiet, snuggly and a very calm puppy. Buster Blue loves to sleep, snuggle, cuddle  – and it’s so cute – when he sleeps, his skin has all these deep folds that crumple and sigh around his face!

So far, Coco loves playing with him. Sharing toys? Not so much. I’m sure it will take time to go from only dog to big sister.

This morning, it wasn’t a good morning for Coco – she refused to look at the camera and smile.

“Coco! Look at the camera! Mommy wants to take a picture!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Please? Purrdy please?!”

“Fine. I’ll look at the camera. But I ain’t smiling.”

“Chickens! Do you want to smile for the camera?”

“Camera?! No way! I’m outta here!”

“I’ll smile for the camera!”


 Did you know Pitbulls used to be the “nanny dog”? In recent years, bad people trained pitbulls to fight – thus tarnishing their reputation as a fighting, biting dog.

Who also had pitbulls? Helen Keller had a pitbull. Cesar Millan’s “Junior” is also a blue pitbull. Petey from The Rascals was a pit (remember him!?)



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  1. Jocelyn Pascall

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL puppy. How fun to have this new addition to your family. I love those chicken pics too – there is something so fun about their little faces.

  2. mimi greenberg

    He’s a cutie. You can tell from the photos that he admires Coco and literally looks up to her. Very good sign.
    I am so happy that you selected an orphaned breed. I hope Buster Blue will be the guy to show the world that pit bulls are loveable, gentle and friendly.
    Please keep us up to date on significant milestones in his lucky life.

  3. Ti

    He is gorgeous! I laughed out loud at the unsmiling Coco. Poor thing. Looks like her world was rocked a bit with the addition but I am guessing they’ll be great buds. She just won’t let you in on the secret.

  4. Cristina

    Ahhh, he is so cute! Congratulations to your family on the new addition, and congratulations to Buster Blue on his amazing new home!

  5. Tina

    He’s beautiful! Those eyes are positively spectacular! With paws like that, he really will be a big boy; he,Coco and your boys are going to have such fun together!

  6. [email protected]

    Oh my gosh those are great photos! Too funny withh Coco not looking, the look on her face is priceless! Your new family member is adorable. We just got a new puppy this month too, and she has blue eyes, but she’s a Border Collie. I’ll have to show her her picture sometime. She will not sit there to pose like yours do! I have to be quick with the camera!

  7. Lydia

    What cuties!!! I love that picture where it seems like Coco is giving you that side eye!! Love Pitbulls – have a few myself 🙂

  8. Connie

    Love your smiling animal pics! Especially the new puppy, what an adorable dog. It is easy to see why your family is in love.

  9. Kaitlin Jenkins

    Buster Blue is a handsome boy! I just wanted to say thank you for adopting (again) and for choosing to support the pit bull breed in such a wonderful manner. Coco will adjust to big sister mode soon I’m sure 😀

  10. [email protected]

    so cute! never had any bull dog. Had one Golden retriever, super friendly and sweet!

    so what’s cooking at Tampa, FL? any inspirations from our VP hopeful Paul Ryan?;))

  11. Tycoblue

    A pit bull can be a great family pet! Buster blue is beautiful. Pittes have strong teeth so make sure you get a Kong!

  12. Gabrielle

    What a gorgeous puppy! And Pits really are lovely, so I applaud your choice to look past the ridiculous prejudice against the breed and open your home and heart to this adorable puppy!

  13. Kim in MD

    Oh…Buster Blue is gorgeous! That photo of Coco not smiling made me laugh out loud! My dog gets an attitude sometimes when I take her picture, so I know that look! 🙂

    Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap in the last few years. Like children, dogs are not born mean. What they become is what they have lived and been taught.

  14. MarieInOttawa

    A black Kong 🙂 they are tougher than the red ones and might be able to withstand a pittie attack 🙂

  15. Jolene

    He is stunning! Looks very much like a couple of my boys. My absolute favourite breed, congrats on your new addition!

  16. DonnaT

    You sure put the HAPPY in my day with this post! ThankUmuchly! I love pit pulls, and this is a georgous, sweet-faced puppy. I love the way your comments were woven into the picture presentation. May you have many happy, healthy years with your new baby.

  17. hello haha narf

    your pups are magnificent. sad that pitbulls got a bad rap; they truly are great dogs when raised with love and respect.
    the photo of your dogs sleeping together is incredible!

  18. Terri H

    Buster Blue is absolutely gorgeous! I was so hoping that you would go with a dog in the Bull Terrier family when you and your family were deciding on a new addition. We have a beautiful Staffie named Diesel that has the same colours as Coco, and I have never known/owned a better dog, and couldn’t help but think that a similar breed would complete your family perfectly!!! 😀

  19. Peter jacobs

    Buster is a great little pup. He will grow into a big dog and Pitbull are killers. They don’t normally kill those they live with but it happens. Australia is a laid back country however they are recognised as a dangerous animal and are banned by a number of administrations. Go into the Google, Pitbulls Australia for guidance.
    I’m a doggy person, have been forever, I recognise the qualities of a well loved and trained dog. It is probable Buster will protect you and in doing so might kill the stranger who calls on you, or happens to be walking past with their well loved dog on a lead.
    Again, check it out, but not with fellow lovers of Pitbulls.

  20. Rita S

    Buster Blue is adorable. Thanks for helping educate people about the joys of sharing your life with members of the sweet, loving bully breeds.

  21. Bonnie N

    Hmmmm…I’ve never seen a gray pit bull. This one is a real cutie. However I go in for the smaller breeds. At one time I raised the little weiner dogs. Then when I stopped that, I kept four of them. Had a black long hair, a brindle, and two tan ones. Now I’ve just got one cat.

  22. ZarahDX

    Kudos to you for helping spread the word about what a wonderful family addition a Pit can be! Your new baby is such a handsome guy, can’t wait to see more pictures of him!

  23. Eva

    Congratulations on the new addition. Pitties are such a misunderstood and mis-used breed. They are a very loyal dog. I’ve seen many that have come though the SPCA here. Many of them very sweet. Oftentimes, the owner just did not train them properly or are not well socialized.

    Coco seems to be doing well, so I would assume that Buster will grow up into a wonderful family dog as well! :))

    And here’s something that’s interesting:

  24. Tangerine

    O my gosh he is SO cute! Just like his big sister! Love the pics where you were trying to get both pups to look at the camera.

  25. Debbie

    Buster Blue is gorgeous! Our 12yo rescue dog, Sadie, is a partial pit mix & she’s wonderful. She looks a great deal like Petey. Loves people–in fact, she was at home when our house was broken into a few months ago. The thief didn’t harm her nor did she scare the thief away before the person had enough time to steal a few things. However, if the thief had brought their own dog into our home, Sadie might have been a little more protective because she definitely guards the perimeter of our yard to prevent other dogs from coming into “her” yard. Thank goodness for invisible fences!

  26. Joon L-K

    Love your dogs! And your pics of them. We have a black lab whom we brought up for a guide dog school. She passed her guiding exam but failed the gun test (couldn’t shoot straight!) so she’s back with us. Full of beans! Have fun at puppy kindy. xxx

  27. Chris

    Have you taught Buster the egg yolk trick? I know you are still at the table doing that 😉

    Hope you and the family have a great Labor Day!

  28. Maryann

    Oh, my he is such a cutie patootie! Our greyhound “disappears” when we let him out in the backyard at night. We call him our camo dog. I have met some super sweet pit dogs and have met some scary chihuahuas. I’ll take the super sweet any day.

  29. Angie Huckleby

    Hi Jaden. I’ve been following you for a while now and I love all that you do but have never written to you before. I couldn’t resist telling you that your new puppy, Buster Blue, is one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve seen. You can tell he is full of personality just by your pictures. I have never owned a pitbull but have had friends who did and in my opinion they are wonderful dogs. I’ve had rottweilers and they also get a bad rap but mine were nothing but big fun goofy teddy bears full of love and loyalty. Thanks for sharing pictures of him and Coco as well.

  30. Vicki B

    That is one beautiful puppy! We ended up with a stray pitbull dog that is the sweetest thing ever.

  31. Angie

    He is gorgeous! Many years ago we had a pit puppy adopt us. He was a stray and found our home. It was ok that we already had 3 other dogs. He was malnourished and a little sick. He grow to a 90 pound healthy baby doll. His brindle coat made him very magestic. We named him Winston (as in Churchill), but called him Winnie (as in Pooh). Good luck and congrations.

  32. Lisa

    Thanks for posting the historical tid-bits about pitbulls. It helped me put some of my own misconceptions into perspective. Keep up the bloggin’!

  33. Becki Robins

    I just love the chicken pictures. The puppy is really cute too, but those chickens are so full of character. They look like they’re gearing up to peck your lens. Better watch out! Haha.

  34. My Persian Kitchen

    Congrats on the new addition to the family!!! He is so gorgeous!!!! It is always so awesome to see other people adopt Pitbulls as they are wonderful dogs. Pits are loyal and have so much love to give to those of us who are privileged to have them as family members!

  35. Jim Tuttle

    Hey Jaden, Jim here, it is true these dogs (whom I consider family members) are amazing with children, unbelievably loyal; and, soooo adorable. I had a red nose pit bull when I was a young boy and well in to my teens; and, she was my best friend. No pun intended. She went everywhere with me and my friends, she slept in my bed (often times as a pillow), she traveled through three states and even had her puppies in my bed in the middle of the night. I was honored! She is still missed to this day (she was part of our family for 16 years–oh, and never bit anyone. Thank you for sharing your new family member with us, she is stunning!!!

  36. rita_n

    awwwhhh… such a handsome addition! of course, coco has to have her “diva” moment 🙂 that coco. the two dogs are so adorable together. congrats!

  37. Kathie

    He’s a handsome pup! Congratulations! I have a 11 year old photo like your Coco + Buster shot. My older dog looking to the right, the new pup looking up at her longingly. That’s a look from Coco in the third shot! 🙂

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