Ego Inflated, Temporarily

A couple of months ago, Sarasota Magazine called and asked to feature me as their “NoiseMaker,” quite appropriate as I can be a pretty gregarious, controversial gal. You see, I live in a city where the average age of the patrons at Outback Steakhouse is twice mine. This land of Sarasota is paradise. It’s where the rich retire. It’s a city full of restaurants where you’re guaranteed that 3 out of the 5 appetizer specials are “gummable.”

OH GOSH. I’m just kidding.


I do love this area, even though I miss my San Francisco grocery stores and ethnic corner eateries, living here actually inspired my cooking career, a fun story for another time.

So when John, the photographer for Sarasota Magazine showed up at my doorstep, I already had rehearsed in my head how I was going to convince him not to take a boring ol’ shot of me smiling-happy-holding-a-wok-spatula-pretending-to-cook-in-the-kitchen pose. YAWN. Thank heavens John was cool. In fact, he suggested that we photograph me eating on my Balinese day-bed.

We had to take several shots before John and I were happy with the lighting, pose, setting and of course, my LOOK. Because I had to decide if I was going to look:

a) Giddy

b) Hungry

c) Insane

We chose the “Draping Seductively Over the Balinese Love Lounge” look.

I’m a thirty-frickin’-five year old mother of two and I can still look hotter than habanero sunbathing in july.


oh and yeah, THAT is how Scott, Nathan, Andrew and I eat dinner every night. On dry-clean only embroidered silk.

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  1. Suji

    Oh that “Jaden does Asian…” cracked me up and I am pretty sure you know what I am thinking ;).

    Congrats on getting featured in another paper. You must be Furikakishly happy πŸ˜‰

  2. Dan

    Yummy… Two very tasty dishes on one exotic hunk of furniture.

    Maybe someday someone will want to do an article on a fat guy eating chili dogs on a couch that’s covered with cat hair. When that happens, that is so going to be me.

    Ahhh… I can dream. I can dream…

    Anyway, great picture, and congratulations on the press.

  3. Melinda

    Of course you are hot! You look fabulous, darling!
    (I am hot too but in a scary menopause womanly way!)

  4. veron

    Yesss! indeed. I know you are going places , sister! Yes and you look seductively gorgeous! Steamy kitchen indeed!

  5. Allie

    Very cool.. and the food looks good, too! πŸ™‚

    Question.. my boyfriend moved away from his hometown in MN (we’re on the East Coast now) and desperately misses a Thai (we think) dish he used to eat. It’s called Pra Ram Long Song (sp?), and is chicken and steamed spinach in a slightly spicy (barely) peanut sauce.

    We can’t find it anywhere. Is there any chance you know of this or maybe have a similar recipe I can try out? Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Jen Yu

    Yo lady, you are just too hot to handle. *sizzle* You friggin’ crack me up every time. LOVE the shot. Jaden, bringin’ authentic Asian to the masses! I’m so impressed that you can keep your furniture clean and lovely… you know, with your family eating noodles on it and all πŸ˜‰ Rock on, Jaden. You da wo-man.

  7. Toni

    Hi Jaden – Just discovered your blog today, courtesy of Terry B over at Blue Kitchen. He had a link to your post on salting steaks (last August), and I thought my tea would shoot out my nose reading it! Now I discover a gorgeous woman is who is cracking me up. You go, girl!

    My folks, who were not rich, retired to Sarasota many years ago, so I’m familiar with the town. Yes, lots of good restaurants, but it’s still the other side of the moon from San Francisco!

  8. Dave Harralson

    “Jaden does Asian”!?!?!? I wanna see the outtakes, not just the winning shot.

    Hey, take some more trips to China and do a Tastes of China series on regional Chinese cuisines. Do one a year and them make the recipes into a cookbook.

  9. Dave Harralson

    Oops, forgot to add………some of the best chicken I’ve ever had is the white-feathered, fluffy (like it stuck its foot into an electric socket), black meat and bone chicken of China. How moist and wonderful. Have some recipes for that and get this chicken introduced to the American palate.

  10. Joanna Dyckhoff

    Yes, you are certainly steamy in a Chinese Poster girl sort of way, ahahahah!!!! You look amazing and you’re my hero! Got any recipes for making babies? I’m a little behind in the momma status…hey, send me a flick of your Balinese day bed!!!! Pleeeze!!!

  11. Mansi

    Hahhaaa…just like Suji said “Jaden does Asian..”hehehe:D not a great tag line girl:D

    but have to say John did take out the best in you:)ok ok…youd had a big role to play too:)

  12. Meeta

    oh baby you do Asian like no one else I know. You are gorgeous. Here’s to all the gorgeous 35 year old mummies – Chinchin!

  13. katy

    Congratulations! Great picture, and I agree that it’s better because it’s not posed fake-cooking! You look beautiful!!!

  14. Samantha

    Jaden, that is a gorgeous picture! I have been trying to master the smile with my mouth closed for YEARS, but I always just look pissed off. And I love that necklace!

  15. Diane

    Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous in that picture!

    And just so you know, I’m still laughing over this word: FURIKAKE!!!

  16. Dhivya

    One word ‘Hot’…umm..well i need to add one more ‘sexy’. who in god’s name wud think u r one thirty-frickin’-five year old mother of two !!!

  17. Single Guy Chef

    Jaden, you are putting an industry of publicists out of business. You do it all your own, who needs a publicist! Congrats on the hot cover! (Actually, I should say Congrats to the magazine editors for a successful feature!)

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