Vote – Which Blogger Dish to Cook on TV?

I’ve got a regular schedule now for my local ABC appearance – the last Thursday of every month. So, I’ve got a week to go and would love you to choose which blogger dish to cook in my live 5-minute bit. as part of the ABC morning news Of course I’ll post the video online for all of you to giggle at me!

Here’s the criteria for how I choose which dish to feature.

Asian Food: Since I specialize in modern Asian cuisine, the dishes that I like to feature has to be East Asian, SE Asian or even South Asian. I’m just starting to dabble into Indian cuisine (LOVE IT!!) and I’m sure with the help of my Indian blogger friends, I’ll soon be whipping up classic Indian dishes soon! Perhaps next month I will cook an Indian dish on TV. Plus, I just received the MOST amazing vegetarian Indian cookbook directly from the authors of Cooking at Home with Pedatha in India, more on that later.

Easy & Fast: The dish has to be something that a home cook can make in their kitchen. So anything fancy, expensive and time consuming is out.

No Oven: Unfortunately, the studio on set doesn’t have an oven. So I’m limited to stovetop.

Timing: The set looks like this:

and I’m just yards away from the newscasters, so NO LOUD foods like butchering live animals (ewww!)

The newscasters do their morning news, then 40 minutes into it, they cut to the kitchen. I’ve got 5 minutes-ish to demo something. I don’t have to cook the entire dish during this time, but I get to talk about whatever I’m cooking (giving a nice shoutout to blogger’s dish of course!) and demo something. Then the news continues on and towards the end of the newscast 20 minutes later, everyone ends up in the kitchen and we show the final dish (and eat too!)

So, it’s quite a feat of coordination and timing to make sure that I can finish in time. So, anything that can be made within an hour’s time is great (I can cook while the news is going on)

Ready to vote?

My Past Cooking Segments

2 are on YouTube, 2 are on ABC’s site (just click on the “Video” link above photo)

ABC 7 August 23rd Steamy Kitchen Fried Rice
ABC 7 – October 2nd RasaMalaysia’s Coconut Prawns
ABC 7 – November 27th 6:35am Mae Gabriel’s Firecracker Shrimp
ABC 7 – December 18th 6:35am David Lebovitz Frozen Yogurt

What should I cook next week?

Chez Pim’s Pad Thai for Beginners: I love the flavors of Pad Thai – sweet, salty, hot and a tinge of sour from freshly squeezed lime.

Oishii Eats Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Healthy, crunchy and perfect party food. I’ll teach you how to roll them tight!

Wandering Chopstick’s Vietnamese Coffee with some fried Steamy Kitchen Shrimp Chips with Spicy Peanut Sauce:

Have you ever tried Vietnamese Coffee? OMG. It is the most luxurious coffee you’ll ever taste with sweetened condensed milk. Fried shrimp chips puff up in seconds and are crispy and light as a feather…dip them in a Spicy Peanut Sauce and you won’t stop eating ’em! Great Superbowl finger food.

Please Vote!

You can vote from now until next Tuesday 12:33pm EST.


Thanks for all your votes – come see Steamy Kitchen cook Oishii Eats!

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  1. argus lou

    I chose the summer roll since you’re in hot, hot, hot Florida. Oh, yeah, roll it as tight as a chihuahua’s ass, Mrs Steamy! πŸ˜‰

  2. Dan

    I picked the Summer Rolls too. I’m in Wisconsin, and if you put the word “Summer” into anything, it appeals to me.

    For example:
    Jaden’s Summer PB&J
    Jaden’s Summery Microwave Ramen Noodles
    Jaden’s Summer Earthworm kebabs with Firecracker Fourth of July Remoulade Sauce.

    See? That just warms me up inside.

  3. Suji

    I voted for summer rolls too. Something new and I have been thinking of making them myself and so if you whip it up , I will do it πŸ™‚

  4. Lilie

    Summer rolls for me! I can’t roll those things right so I would LOVE to learn how to do it right.

  5. LunaPierCook

    I voted Pad Thai as I believe it would be more dramatic, particularly squeezing the limes & whatnot.

  6. Jessica

    The summer rolls look beautiful, simple to make, and quiet. Your segment would be great for the rolling tips alone (I’m terrible at rolling/folding stuff like that). Also it looks like a great fresh, healthy finger food just in tiem for SUPERBOWL parties!!!

  7. raquita

    I vote rolls cause you can have them done before hand and simply demonstrate and then pull a tray of them bad boys out all nifty like at the end and everybody can get one…

  8. Betty

    I voted for the spring rolls becuase we just passed New Years and there are a lot of people “dieting” (not that we should think about that! But anyway – those dieters may be looking for a variety of heatlhy recipes to make/food to eat. Your selection could help someone to make a sensible decision on what to eat for lunch or dinner. Have a great time.

  9. Meryl

    mmm – definitely pad thai! I LOVE pad thai and I’ve never successfully made it at home.

  10. Helene

    Since I make Pad Thai a lot just for me I’d like to see the tips on rolling the summer rolls tightly. I’m in Alabama and we just got a P.F.Chang here and I’m drooling to finally have a GOOD chinese restaurant..woo hoo!

  11. syd

    I would actually pay to see you make either of the first two dishes. Since I have made Pad Thai before, I voted for the Spring rolls. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 3.

  12. Lydia

    I voted for Pad Thai, because I’ve made Pim’s recipe and it’s great. Also, you can save the summer rolls for warmer weather!

  13. amy purple

    I chose the summer rolls because, well, i’m cold! Summer, warmth, get it. But really, those just looked delicious to me.

  14. Grifola frondosa


    Name one person who doesn’t like Pad Thai.

    Gotcha !

    You gotta go Pad Thai.

  15. TBC

    How exciting is that, Jaden!
    I vote for veg Pad Thai.:-)
    I cannot wait for you to cook an Indian dish on TV!

  16. Diana

    Summer Rolls. Think there’s a greater appeal as it should attract people who like asian/vietnamese food and people who are trying to eat healthy!

  17. Grifola frondosa

    I just checked my calendar and it looks like you’re on just before our national holiday.

    Rename your dish – Super Bowl Pad Thai.

    Serves a crowd, easy to make,delicious and a perfect dish eat while watching the Patriots win Super Bowl 42.

    Go Pats !!!

    PS: Hot Wings are soooo yesterday.

  18. Wendy Withers

    I would say the summer rolls, but when I tried making my own with Tapioca sheets, I got burns all over my hands and tongue (don’t ask). I’m still holding a grudge.

  19. chunky

    coffee drinker that i am, i voted for the vietnamese coffee paired with shrimp chips. i believe you won’t have a hard time prepping this simultaneously while talking and looking beautiful. remember to smile- a lot!

  20. chunky

    coffee drinker that i am, i voted for the vietnamese coffee paired with shrimp chips. I believe you would find it easy to prep simultaneously, while talking and still looking beautiful. remember to smile- a lot!

  21. Lisa

    I vote for the Pad Thai, just because I’ve been saying forever that I’m going to try making it myself. For some reason I never have… too much easily available mediocre Thai food in NY, maybe? Anyway, I will make it. I will!

  22. joanne

    I love Pad Thai, but I can’t seem to roll my summer rolls tight. Hmm, I want the pad thai

  23. Jaime

    I voted for Pad Thai – more people in the world neeeed something that good, but I’d love love love to know how to roll summer rolls correctly. I agonized for ages, then asked my five year old what she’d like to eat. She said, “Bring on the pad thai, momma!”


    Now a trip to the store for some ingredients!

  24. Denise

    I think Wandering Chopsticks Vietnamese Coffee sounds wonderful…love sweetened condensed milk anyway.
    Plus your shrimp crackers and spicy peanut sauce look wonderful…this is my vote.

    Sometime, how about doing something on Shirataki? I’ve only just discovered it…noodles made from yam flour and practically zero calories. I hear you can mix half noodles and half rice together, to cut calories. Interesting. endorses the Tofu Shirataki…do you know anything about these Japanese noodles?

  25. argus lou

    Didn’t vote for Padthai as I thought the newscasters would be tortured by the aroma as they read the news. ^_^

    Received the coriander and fennel seed packets this morning. Mrs Steamy, thanks! Will cook and photograph soon…

  26. chadzilla

    How about tako-yaki? It’s gimmicky because it uses the same type dish that people are buying for this ridiculous stuffed pancake craze (which basically uses a tako yaki pan). People love to run out and buy novel new things.
    If you feel the tako part is unappealling to the South Florida masses, then sub for shrimp (but then it would be ebi-yaki) or crab (kane-yaki) or whatever else you desire.

  27. Persephone

    Love the summer rolls, although I have made spring rolls, I have never made the summer rolls. I do want to see the technique. Also, there are so many restaurants that never seem to put enough herbs in them. As, for the sauce it really is across the spectrum. One of the things I do like to always add is extra sirachi, because it is never spicy enough.

  28. Julie

    Go summer rolls! Gotta love those fried shrimp chips though…grew up snacking on ’em in the Philippines. They’re called “kropek” over there.

  29. wanlee

    I think both Pad Thai and Vietnamese Roll are good choices. For your future shows, how about Thai Curry (Panang or Green Curry). It’s easy to do and I think people enjoy this dish.

  30. Suzana

    I chose Summer Rolls, my second option would be the Pad Thai e last the Vietnamese coffee. And man, am I crazy about coffee! I just think either the Rolls or the Pad Thai would be better options to show on TV. I’m drooling at the photo of Summer Rolls!

  31. Victoria

    I voted Pad Thai mostly because I dislike Summer Rolls (I don’t like the texture of the wrapper part and how it feels in my mouth as I chew – yuck), and I don’t think the coffee and shrimp chips would have as much impact as a steamy bowl of yummy noodles πŸ˜‰

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