Presenting…..the TRAILER!

family shot for Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook

When did cookbooks start involving video trailers like movies?! Isn’t that just nuts?

Well, now I have my very own trailer, courtesy of our extended “family” – Todd and Diane of White On Rice Couple. They spent a couple of days with us, filmed us cooking, eating, playing and talking about the book, Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites.

The book is released February 5th, and when you pre-order (here’s an Amazon link!) I’ll send you a signed book plate for the book (just fill out this form)

Okay, so without further blabbering, I’d like to present to you the Official Trailer for Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook <– typing that just made me feel important!

Let me know what you think of the video!!!!! Do you like!?

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  1. Cynthia

    Hey Jaden! Happy New Year to you and the family! congrats on the second book. Will pick up my copy when I’m in the US next month. Continued success.

  2. Michelle Schoelz

    Awesome video!! I love seeing you with your family, especially your kids. I cook with my kids in the kitchen too!! It’s so cool getting the kids involved.

  3. Lisa

    What a great video! I am also a little envious of your backyard setup. We have always talked about having chickens for a natural insect control and fresh eggs but our city doesn’t allow it. Plus, because we live in Ontario we can only grow produce a few months of the year. Good luck on your book release. I will look for it online.

  4. Kitchen Butterfly

    What a wonderful trailer Jaden – many congratulations and wonderful to hear your voice. I’m excited for the book – knowing your flavourful cooking, I know the recipes will rock. Well done!!

  5. Janet

    Congratulations, Jaden!

    I found you/your blog nearly five years ago and cannot tell you what a joy it’s been to watch your life evolve. And, along the way I learned soooooo much! Your post about No Knead Bread started my love-affair with Dutch oven cooking (not to mention no knead bread!) and you taught me how to take photos using a light tent and so, so, so, so much more.

    Watching your boys grow has been an added bonus!

    Thank you!

  6. The Peace Patch

    Superspinningly cool video! I adore your spirit and exuberance and dedication to fun creative healthy cooking! I hope you sell a ginormous boatload of your fabulous new book…Cheers!

  7. FranNVA

    Wonderful video. Can you please tell me where you got your table top grill that you used in the video. I think that would be a great way to get my 5 year old grandson to eat more veggies.

  8. Kim Cherry

    This website is amazing. I am curious if anyone can tell me what Wok Jaden is using in the video introducing her new book? I just grabbed the book off of Amazon and now would love to buy the wok. It’s a bright red or orange. Eye sight a bit off these days. Any info in the right directions would be great. I also observed the table top grill. Never seen one of those before. Thanks.

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