Presenting…..the TRAILER!

family shot for Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook

When did cookbooks start involving video trailers like movies?! Isn’t that just nuts?

Well, now I have my very own trailer, courtesy of our extended “family” – Todd and Diane of White On Rice Couple. They spent a couple of days with us, filmed us cooking, eating, playing and talking about the book, Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites.

The book is released February 5th, and when you pre-order (here’s an Amazon link!) I’ll send you a signed book plate for the book (just fill out this form)

Okay, so without further blabbering, I’d like to present to you the Official Trailer for Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook <– typing that just made me feel important!

Let me know what you think of the video!!!!! Do you like!?

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  1. JulieD

    I’m completely in love with the video!! I can’t believe February is almost here, I can’t wait. Huge congratulations, Jaden!! And btw the kids and the dogs and Scott look like they are having a bunch of fun in the video! xoxo

  2. Mona G.

    Love the video, you have a beautiful family…but I have to tell you, the music is WAY TOO LOUD…..and I have it turned down almost as low as it will go….especially when you are talking, it’s hard to understand you…..this happened in another video you did, and I noticed others had written in about this also πŸ™‚ So maybe your next video, the sound could be turned down a couple of notches πŸ™‚ I’d rather hear what you have to say than listen to that music :)just sayin…………….

  3. Ken G.

    I’m in the entertainment biz, I know good from bad, and this Ms. Steamy Kitchen is amazing. four stars across the board! Congratulations and I look forward to the book.

  4. Sylvia Carlisle

    Great site and I shared it on Facebook! Good Luck, I love to see women do well! Congratulations on your book!

  5. Sylvia Carlisle

    I use IE for web and the video wouldn’t play for me, but I am hoping it will play on facebook for me.

  6. Maryann

    Nicely done! The fact that you stress the importance of involving your family in the cooking is just priceless. This book sounds like the perfect book for my sons girlfriend who loves Asian food, but is a beginner cook. Then she can let me borrow it : )

  7. amy

    Love the trailer! Am excited for your book next month!! πŸ™‚ Congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment!

  8. Carrie Newman

    Awesome job! My husband was watching and hopefully he’ll catch that healthy bug as well!! Can’t wait to finish writing this so I can delve back into YOUR KITCHEN!!! lol…

    wishing you many years of cooking for us all.

  9. Penny

    Great video,great family,pets & food looks so delicious.Am excited to get your book,it looks great.

  10. Beverley

    Great trailer. I look forward to trying some of the recipes, everything looks delicious.

  11. Faleen

    Jaden this is excellent, but I am certain that you already know that. The background music is lite, lively, and enjoyable. The video itself tells us what you do, how we can do it and at the same time gives a personal glimpse into your life. It makes us feel much closer to you as a person and not just someone who posts terrific recipes. It implies educating with a relaxed atmosphere. I LOVE IT. Congratulations to you all. Faleen

  12. Linda

    I loved the trailer! Very professional and inviting. I want to eat that food! And buy that book! I love your web site and being able to see you and your family just having fun together is wonderful. Congrats and good luck with your book.

  13. Tori

    Beautiful book trailer Jaden!! You look so pretty, and I loved seeing your family, your home, the food… just lovely. xoxo

  14. Deborah Butler

    Congrats on the video, it looks wonderful!! I love your website, can’t wait for the book.

  15. DeeAnn S

    A happy, up-beat video. Thanks for sharing a slice of your family life with us. πŸ™‚

  16. MARY S

    I loved the video! Thank U for sharing your family life with us.
    I have tried some of your recipes and they are GREAT!
    I can hardly wait for the cookbook.

  17. Sally - My Custard Pie

    Great video Jaden – it’s got a home-spun, unpretentious feel to it that makes it a real pleasure to watch. It explains what the book is about too – those Korean barbecues look like a lot of fun.

  18. Deb Adams

    Terrific trailer…looks like you had fun! Anxiously waiting for your new cookbook! The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook is one of my go-to sources for quick, healthy, VERY tasty meals! I have never been successful with Asian recipes – until you! Fresh ingredients, bright colors, clean, crisp, smooth, spicy, sweet, sour, tender, crunchy…fantasmagorical! Thank you Jaden! You are a shining star here in SW FL!!! Wishing you continued success!

  19. Ren Behan

    I love the trailer Jaden, it’s wonderful, upbeat and gives a great description of your USP – healthy Asian cooking for the whole family. I really enjoyed testing some of the recipe and can’t wait to see your book here in the UK!

  20. Ken Knitter

    The food and video looks great. Definitely a great selling tool for you new book. Congratulations.

  21. Susan

    Congratulations on this trailer and your fabulous new cookbook. Sounds super yummy and those shots of the food and all the people enjoying it had me salivating. Love the idea of introducing people to food that is beyond the take-out variety. Healthy food at home is wonderful!

  22. Ellen Barth

    I love the trailer! If I hadn’t already wanted to get your cookbook before watching the trailer, I would want it now!

  23. Laura (Got Chocolate)

    Wow, the video is FANTASTIC! I love how your say that Asian cooking is more than the standard Teriyaki. I can see this is SO true with just those quick views of what you were cooking in the video.


  24. Sashun4a

    About the video: you are charming! About your Buddha near the chicken house: why does it look like Darth Vader’s mask?

  25. David W. Sturgeon

    That video proves that you have the perfect life style that anyONW person always dreams of having it all and sharing it was your own children and perfect husband with the perfect company like yours in the “STEAMY KITCHEN” ! Keep up the true and healthy way of living on this planet of ours, Miss Jaden Hair ! My family and myself live in Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA ! And we love you truely, Jaden. CHOW !

  26. patricia cartelli

    Very nice video, you have enlightened me about asian cooking just with the video, everything looked so yummy, and easy.

  27. Elaine

    I am looking forward to your book. I also enjoyed seeing how your garden thrives in Fl! I’m a Cali native but transplanted to Cape Coral 23 years ago and have had no luck gardening… Love Asian fresh too! You are an inspiration! Tx!

  28. Danny @ 1227 Foster

    Hi Jaden! So glad I found your trailer – love how video can really bring someone to life, something I love to incorporate on my site when possible. Looking forward to your new cookbook – all the best!

  29. Kim I. mD

    Better late to the party then not at all…love the trailer, Jaden! I already purchased your book, but I’m still thrilled to see you and your family in the video!

  30. Cyndi

    I love the trailer! Definatly sold me a book! I’m a mom of 4 and love to see your beautiful family included.

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