Ridiculously handsome duck


Hi. My name is Duckee Momo.

I like to blog.

I’m a ridiculously handsome duck.

Do you want to read what I wrote?

Are you suuuure?……….Okay, I’ll show you!


Oh yes, you read that right…..eat mor beef. Beef is yummy. Ducks are not.

In addition to blogging, we can do other chores too, like picking kale from the garden.

That’s my brother Scarface sitting down below.

He has a scar on his head. I think he got in a fight with a baby chick with a sharp beak.

We love our new family, but we aren’t so sure about the other 2 pets.

Especially this one.

I hear he’s eaten over $500 worth of remote controls.

I don’t think I like him much. He’s got a big head.


We need a bigger swimming pool.




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  1. Auntie KD

    Andrew, how do you keep the dogs so well behaved around the ducks?

  2. Natalie

    I just love Your posts and Your personality!!! Duckee Momo is extremely photogenic :)

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