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Club Med Bloggers Trip

There’s a reason why this photo is cut off, boob down. This was a photo from 6 months ago at Club Med Ixtapa where I took my brother Jay and my friend Diane of White On Rice Couple, and we were pampered to the tilt with unlimited drinks, gourmet breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners and more snacks and even more snacks.

I’ve been doing some freelance writing for Club Med and I gotta say, this client sure has the best benefits (sorry, other clients. i like you too, but unless you have a beachfront resort, club med is numero uno.) Part of my request was that Club Med would host a food bloggers party during their Food and Wine Festival.

…Club Med pulled though and granted my wish!

I’m off to Club Med Columbus Isle in the Bahamas, and this time, I’m taking some good friends, many of them I’m sure you know:



davidlebovitz smittenkitchen


Yeah, can you imagine the conversations that we’ll have? The photos? Oh no, we’ve already made a pact. A pact that includes no publishing of any photos, text or twitter if falling in one of these categories:

A) unflattering photos

B) David Lebovitz wearing this (even if he’s in the background of an otherwise lovely photo) I don’t care what fancy name you call this thing in French, it still will give me heebs to see DL wear that.

C) drunken moments of stupidty (oh there will be plenty)


Club Med’s Food and Wine Festival


It’s Club Med’s Food and Wine Festival at their Columbus Isle property – here’s a video that Diane made of the last Food and Wine week in Ixtapa and our market tour in Zihuataneho where we went on a taco tasting and sampled like 8 tacos in 10 minutes!

Club Med with Steamy Kitchen from White On Rice Couple on Vimeo.

Club Med flies in 15 or more top chefs from around the country – and when I say “top chef” this time I really mean Top Chef! Winner Stephanie Izard will be cooking for us on Thursday.


So you wanna know what’s on the menu for this trip?

Menu for Sunday, March 1st

First Course
Bahamian spiny lobster causa with rocoto remoulade & avocado
Chef Sean Bernal, Oceanaire Seafood Room, Miami

Second Course

Crispy skinned Yellowtail Snapper, Boniato mash, Yerba Buena Mojo & Rum scotch bonnet glaze
Chef Sean Bernal, Oceanaire Seafood Room, Miami

Main Course

Korabuto Pork Belly with pickled baby bok choy, grilled sweet onions, tangerine, and mint
Chef Ian Schnoebelen, Iris, New Orleans

exotic fruit salad w/a herb infusion and passion guava sorbet
Chef Jean Claude Perennoud, NYC


Menu for Monday, March 2nd

First Course
Grilled Chili Rub Jumbo Shrimp with Bacon Mac Choux
Chef Ray Lampe, Southern Hospitality, NYC

Second Course
Confit of Smoked Duck Leg with a crust of Smoked Pulled Pork and Fois Gras served with an Apple Brown Betty BBQ Sauce
Chef Ted Reader, Toronto

Main Course
24 Hour Smoked Brisket with white cheddar polenta, crispy fried onions, Cherriyaki bbq sauce
Chef Ted Reader, Toronto

Jack Daniel’s Sweet Potato Pie with Coca Cola Ice Cream
Chef Ray Lampe, Southern Hospitality, NYC


Menu for Tuesday March 3rd

First Course
Organic Greens, Avocado Leaf Dusted Goat Cheese, Passion Fruit-Chile de Arbol Vinaigrette
Chef Jeffrey Baruch, London Lennies, NYC

Second Course
Jumbo Shrimp and Charred Pineapple Sambal
Chef Sue Torres, Suenos, NYC

Main Course
Achiote Rubbed Local Fish, Steamed in Banana Leaf
Chef Sue Torres, Suenos, NYC

Caramelized Banana Stack, Chocolate-Mulato Sauce & Mixed Berries
Chef Jeffrey Baruch, London Lennies, NYC


Menu for Wednesday March 4th

First Course
Chilled English Pea Soup mint crème, arbol chili croutons, lobster sate’
Chef Greg Sharpe, Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

Second Course
Pan Seared Sea Scallops slow roasted lacquered duck, edamame succotash, wasabi essence
Chef Tim Elliott

Main Course
Roasted Spring Lamb cipollini onions, whipped taleggio crostini,
truffled lamb au jus
Chef Greg Sharpe, Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

Mango & Papaya Crepes with a dark rum butter sauce
Chef Tim Elliott


Menu for Thursday March 5th

First Course
Snapper Crudo, blood orange, candied ginger, baby cilantro
Chef Michael Altman, Town, Miami

Second Course
Atlantic Cod with coconut braised pork belly, spiced pineapple and basil
Chef Stephanie Izard, Top Chef

Main Course
charred filet mignon served in a osso buco – lobster chowder, topped with asparagus monte cristo
Chef Dewey Losasso, North One 10, Ft. Lauderdale

Thai chili chocolate panna cotta with passion fruit and frozen nougat
Chef Stephanie Izard, Top Chef


Menu for Friday March 6th

First Course
Lil’ Lobster Fritter Sweet & Fiery “Marmalade” Sour Orange scented Johnny Cake
Chef Tim Grandinetti, Twin City Quarter, Winston/Salem

Second Course
Pan Roasted Scallops Celeriac, Fennel, Carrot Essence, Crispy Serrano ham
Chef Maria Frumkin, French Bakery, Miami

Main Course
Surf & Earth
Red Spiced Snapper & ”forever braised” Kurobuta
Pigeon Pea Pelau
Chef Tim Grandinetti, Twin City Quarter, Winston/Salem

Passion Fruit Curd with Blood Orange Pistachio Crisp and Mango Sorbet
Chef John Lee, Marseilles, NYC

YEAH. Really, this blogroll will be 40 pounds heavier in one week’s time. In fact, if you find your website lagging a bit over the week, check. You probably have the same people on YOUR blogroll too.

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  1. Jackie

    holy mother of pearl!! this is going to be incredible. thank g we get to live vicariously through you all!! :)

  2. Phoo-D

    Wow, wow, wow. Looks like it will be unbelievably fun! Mr. B and I wish we could join you all. Maybe next year? Can’t imagine a better group of people and reason to hang out in the bahamas!

  3. Ginger

    Wow, I know you will have a terrific time. I never wanted to go to a Club Med until you posted about your last trip and now I am drooling to go. Please have several strong happy cocktails for me and no drunk twittering!

  4. Food Woolf

    Go Club Med! Talk about smart and forward thinking clients. Brilliant marketing!

    I hope you all will have an amazing trip! I think you are very smart to put together those photo guidelines in advance. I can only imagine the kind of fun you all will have while you’re there. The desire to photograph it all will be intense!

    Wish I could be there with you. Maybe next year!

  5. waisze

    This is work worth working! I’m uber jealous of course and yes I do recognize these blogs, all great reads! Have a fabulous time!

  6. Lisa

    So jealous!!! Just to meet my friends Todd & Diane would be a treat but to have all those other great folks along! ENJOY! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  7. Janet

    Wow! I am SO envious! That menu is to die for… I think you’ll be in recovery for awhile!

  8. Chez Us

    Have a great time!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    By the way … nice swimsuit, did you get it at J Crew? ;) I have the same ..

  9. Chef Mark Tafoya

    YUM! Gotta love those media trips that stuff you full of food! We’re currently being spoiled by our friends in Nova Scotia. SOOO many wonderful Digby Scallops and lobster!

  10. Cynthia

    Y’all have a blast! I’m smack in the middle of semester and can’t get away (loud wailing at my end)

  11. Vivien

    wow, this is so cool, i want to go but then it will be too far for me… hehe

    Vivien from Malaysia

  12. Vitor Hugo

    You have to write (another) book teaching us how! :D Wow, Stephanie Izard! I watched last season and Stephanie was great! Send greetings from Brazil! :D

    Enjoy! :)

  13. Cakebrain

    Okay, I’ve figured out by now that I can’t call you lucky anymore! Luck doesn’t happen that often! You obviously deserve all this pampering and worked hard to make it happen! Eat eat eat and enjoy yourself…and remember to keep spreadin’ that good karma around!

  14. Chris

    What do you mean you aren’t posting pictures of drunken stupidity? Those are the best ones! Please? Pretty please with sliced strawberries with sugar and cream on top?

  15. Judy

    Oh the menus…I wish I hadn’t of passed and not said next time! Have a great time!!!

  16. rita

    that’s great! i don’t think i have to tell you, because i know you guys will have an AWESOME time!

  17. Madeline

    “Confit of Smoked Duck Leg with a crust of Smoked Pulled Pork and Fois Gras served with an Apple Brown Betty BBQ Sauce,” That sounds FAB-U-LOUS! All of the dishes sound amazing. Have a wonderful time!


  18. Pearl

    Will you temporarily adopt me and my mother so that we may join you on this fabulous getaway?

  19. Passionate Eater

    Please post often so that we can live vicariously through you! And what would it take for a blogger to be added on to that list?! ;)

  20. David

    glad you like the swimsuit. I’ll be sure to wear it more often, like…all the time!!

  21. Murasaki Shikibu

    The last thing I read last night was your blog and I had a good laugh (which was good – and I love your blog because it often makes me laugh), but as a result I had this DREAM about you guys on the white sand beaches of the Bahamas and David was wearing that THING… -_-

  22. mr. miamipcrepairs

    Great info and if you are ever in Miami and need computer repairs let me know!! We are the best in Miami computer repairs!

    …and obviously the best spammers in Miami too ~jaden

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