E-Cards are soooo 2007 – Send Your Own Recipe Greeting Cards!

Send out Cards

I know that you’ve not known me that long, but you’ve gotta believe that when I squeal in excitement like a monkey in heat – it’s good. Real good.

See those cards? My photos, my designs, and inside? My recipes!

Ok, ok. Let me share with you how I did it, because it was sooo easy and you could do the same. OMG, where do I start? I’ll just show you.

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload photo/graphic for front of card
  2. Type in the inside text. The font can even be in your own handwriting.
  3. Choose recipient(s). Click SEND.

The company called Send Out Cards prints, stuffs, stamps and sends out your card. No licking envelopes, finding a stamp or buying ugly greeting cards at the store.

And a few days later, your recipient gets a real card in the mail. No more stupid spyware infected e-cards! YEAH!

The cost is 1/3 the cost of a greeting card at the store, starting at $0.31 for one card (meaning you don’t have to buy in bulk. cards are professionally printed and sent one at a time)

Here’s the front of one of the cards:

Send Out Cards

They are glossy, thick (like the expensive Hallmark cards) and the photo quality is amazing. I customized the front of this one with, “Sunday Morning with the Boys.”

The Inside

Send Out Cards Sample

This particular card I chose to be tri-fold and inserted more photos and told a story about how the boys made German Oven Pancakes. Basically, I turned my blog post into a beautiful card and sent it to my Mom, who loved it. This tri-fold card cost me $1.24 to make and send + $0.41 postage.

A bi-fold card

Bi-Fold Card

You send in your handwriting and signature. If you have messy chicken-scratch handwriting, you can use one of their fonts instead (like that one above). Insert a jpg of your business card if you want. This bi-fold card costs me $0.93 to make and send + $0.41 postage.

Here’s my handwriting font

Send Out Cards

And noooo, I can’t tell you what the rest of the card said!!!

The envelope


No more licking stamps or trying to find an envelope.

A postcard + lots of templates!

Send Out cards Forget food – put a pic of your cute pet or an old photo of your son at 4 months old flipping his Mama off.

He couldn’t even say one word yet, but didn’t need to, I guess. (yeah, that’s Nathan)

There are over 12,000 frames, layouts, designs to choose from.

I just uploaded the booger-butt’s photo, chose a frame to customize it. This postcard cost me $0.62 + $0.26 postage.

I thought this frame was cute for a postcard, because I couldn’t find one that said,

“This is what I think of diaper rash.”

Nathan’s signature

Special Signature

Ok, another food porn card:

Send Out Cards Blogs, emails and websites are nice, but there’s just nothing like getting a real card in the mail.

E-cards just suck in general.

The Send Out Cards system is all web-based, and you can import in your contact database.

Create and send a card to 1 person or 1000 in less than a minute. The price per card is the same.

Thank you’s, Christmas, birthdays, just because, business, etc.

Live Demo!

Join me on a phone + web demonstration Monday March 10th evening 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST. My friend, Jules and I will be doing a live demonstration of SendOutCards, the company who is responsible for this awesome card system. I’ll be customizing the demo just for food bloggers.

For the demo, just listen in (you don’t even have to talk!) and watch on the screen as we walk you step by step. I’ll be giving you some of my points to send out cards of your own!

And yeah, I KNOW. SendOutCards corp website sucks. But I promise you that you will absolutely loooove my demo!

To keep the group small and manageable, I’m limiting it to just a handful of people on the line, so if you are interested, email me directly at [email protected] to RSVP and I’ll forward you the web conference details. I do make nice little referral fee for anyone who want to use this system – which I am very, very happy to share right back to whoever participates in the call! (just send me some chocolates!)

You can send cards internationally, and I will have a separate call for people who live outside the U.S.

Can’t wait to show you!!!


p.s. No, this isn’t my big announcement….BUT I PROMISE, I’LL REVEAL THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SOON. And to answer your emails that I’ve been getting:

I’m not pregnant

This card thing is NOT my company – THOUGH I wish it was cuz I’d be a gazillionaire!

Though the big announcement does involve a “Dear John” letter (not to my loving husband, of course) and I will announce it NEXT WEDNESDAY <– hint hint

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  1. kate

    hahaha … the preggy thing really got to u huh … πŸ™‚
    well these cards are a fantastic idea…. so cute some of ’em. Cant wait to hear what your big surprise is.

  2. LunaPierCook

    This is great stuff, J! I think I might have to send some of these to a few folks. Ok, so I can take a hint … no more pregnancy questions … unless … you’re not pregnant … IS SCOTT??? πŸ˜‰

  3. caroline

    I love these cards! Did you post a website for where I can do this? Very cute. Which reminds me to tell you that I found your website from another blog taht posted about your German Pancakes. And we now make those pancakes every week, too! Love them!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

  4. argus

    Great, personal idea, Mrs Steamy! (Is this your business idea, too?)
    But then my pics are not exactly up to scratch… sigh.
    And now I’m drumming my fingers awaiting your big announcement. πŸ˜‰

  5. Jandi

    I’m very fortunate to be a local friend of Jaden’s, so I get to see her in-person all the time…AND I’ve been using this WONDERFUL greeting card system she turned me on to for a few weeks now. My friends and relatives to whom I’ve sent beautiful customized cards think I’m a genius and a technical wizard (and trust me, I’m neither!). I encourage all of you, my fellow SteamyKitchen fans, to join Jaden on March 10th to learn all about it. It is not an overstatement at all to say that it will enhance the quality of your life and your relationships!

  6. Bkhuna

    I can’t make the conference call (past my bedtime you know) but I’d love to get the URL of the website.

  7. Jenny

    What a great idea! I kind of hate e-cards for how impersonal they are, but I love the customization options, so this is a great blend.

  8. RecipeGirl

    Hmmm… big announcement? Very intriguing! A cookbook perhaps? A big magazine spread in one of the major food publications? A prize winner of some sort??

    The card thingie is a great idea. My mom would be nuts over it. Especially if I photographed she and my son making something together. Neat idea πŸ™‚

  9. Mandy

    What a neat idea the card is! And I am so looking forward to hearing the big announcement! It must be something worth celebrating.

  10. veron

    This is a great idea…and thanks for getting me started on this. I’m going to get some other pictures to upload.

  11. Simply...Gluten-free

    Hmmm….Ok, so no web address for these cards, does that mean that your announcement is that you invented these cards and you are the owner of the company that makes them and that you will soon be taking over the world alla Martha Stewart? Am I colse?

  12. Howard

    That sparerib recipe is well worth sending. I made it with chicken thighs instead of spareribs. Not sure why at this point but it was exquisitely good. Cards are fun

  13. kat

    I did something similar with Moo.com through Flickr. These cards are definitely the next trend!! Can’t wait to hear your announcement.

  14. mochachocolata rita

    I love personalised or handmade greeting cards, so thoughtful and soulful. BUT i always forget birthdays and special occassions. I’ve tried alarms, e-reminders, pencilling, highlighting, ripping off the pages of my calendars, mumbling the dates while covering my ears (this is said to improve memory), murmuring the dates while blinking my eye one at a time, NOTHING works.

    hmmm let me upload & share my handmade cards with you guys later

  15. joey

    Oh these are so cute and clever! Yes, it really is different getting an actual card in the mail no matter how much you are addicted to the NET! Heehee πŸ™‚

    Love that photo of Nathan!

    Can’t wait to hear the big news!

  16. Nina

    These cards really do look gorgeous. I looked at a similar thing the other day, but in a recipe book from, slightly more expensive, but still a good deal.

  17. Julia

    I would love to know more too (I googled but the site seemed very corporate). It’s the loveliest idea, so personalised and thoughtful.

    I would be sending cards mostly internationally so please add me to any chats/demos that will be taking place for that.

    [email protected]

  18. Flanboyant Eats

    Hey there… yeah what a freakin’ great idea. sometimes the simplest inventions are all we need to become gazililionaires!

    thanks for sharing. I’ll be getting great use out of them…

  19. radish

    What a great idea – i can’t wait for the demo. This is sort of what I’ve been talking about before, how this would be so great to have. And here you are offering up a chance for us all to make our own recipe cards – how grand!

  20. wmw

    Yes, you’ll need services like this when you’re sending out the hundred thousands of cards to members of your worldwide fan club soon ;o). I’ll be waiting!

  21. Mansi

    Jaden!! you are the girl!! man, that’s such an amazing concept!! I am so checking out “send out cards” today!!:) thanks for the idea! you rock!:)

  22. chunky

    you are way too secretive with your messages to scott huh? i bet you are itching to share it with us… if only scott wouldn’t mind. and the announcement? i have been checking constantly for new entries just to be the first ones to get this news. the card is such a great idea, love it!

  23. aa

    lovely idea, thanks for sharing!
    Big announcement…hmmmmmmmmm….you’re endorsing barack obama??!! πŸ˜›

  24. katy

    wow! what a cool idea — i’m very impressed! i want to get those for my wedding present thank you notes, but i think my mom would kill me. πŸ™‚

  25. Lynn

    What a great idea! I’d way rather send someone something chocolate than a tired old grocery store card any day. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Melinda

    Love the 3 page one of the boys making pancakes.
    Does this work for international postage. (knowing you, you probably told us but I am too weak to re read…lazy, and don’t remember 3 seconds later)
    I couldn’t believe I paid 4.00 pounds for a birthday card last week…yes, that’s like $7.00! Hallmark should be scared now.


    I love great ideas, amazing…….
    would somebody send me a couple of those cards??????


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