Cheating Little Duck!

Each morning, after breakfast and before school, the kids go out and do their morning chores, which includes feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, watering the garden and feeding the ducks. We started out with 2 ridiculously handsome Pekin ducklings and 1 Khaki Campbell duckling but lost one of the Pekin to either an eagle or hawk.

We can now tell that Nibbles (the brown Khaki Campbell) is a boy (he quacks) and Duckie Momo (the white Pekin) is a girl (she squeaks like a broken squeaky toy). They are quite the characters. Nibbles is actually a bit more skittish – he still won’t eat out of my hand and I’ve never been able to even touch him. Duckie Momo, on the other hand, is fat, loud, waddle/runs straight to you and pester you for some food. She’s clearly the dominant one.

Yesterday morning, I went out to feed them and they both come running, quacking.

Duckie Momo always is first. Nibbles just a few steps behind.

homestead update-5542

Starts pecking at my boot and immediately dives her face in the feed scoop in my hand.

homestead update-5543

“WHAT???! Duckie Momo! Why do you have white feathers all over your bill? Who have you been making out with!???? ARE YOU CHEATING ON NIBBLES???!!

homestead update-5545

Oh you cheating little whore!


The hens are still doing great – we’ve been keeping the hens separate from the ducks, but I think it’s time for integration, so that the hens have a lot more room to run around in and also stay out of my precious garden. They prefer the taste of micro-greens and baby bok choy to weeds and grass. I can’t blame them ….I would too!

We’re still getting around 8 eggs per day – the perfect amount for our family. I can’t wait for Duckie Momo to start laying eggs too so that we can have both chicken and duck eggs.

homestead update-9736

Recently, all of the photos of the hens make them look really pissed off.

Please, just smile for Mama?

homestead update-9733


Scott’s been busy building his greenhouse for the aquaponics garden. We’ve been harvesting tons of beans, Thai basil, Italian basil, edamame, Japanese shishito peppers, Chinese eggplant.

homestead update-9746

The koi fish have relocated to a much larger home. This swimming pool tank holds 1,000 gallons of water!

homestead update-9747


Lastly, Coco is doing just fine.

Right after Buster passed away, Coco began exhibiting similar symptoms as Buster – our greatest fear was that Coco also had the same disease. Her blood test results came back negative for Pythiosis (thank goodness!) and she’s back to her normal self. We’re hoping to get her a new best friend in November, after we return from a family trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

homestead update-5540

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  1. Michelle

    Love this post, and how you teach you are teaching your children to be responsible with animals. Not only that, you are teaching them a healthy lifestyle and more. I am in awe of all that you do, and absolutely adore your posts, tweets, etc. Keep up the great work. Kudos to you and your family.

  2. Patti Morfeld

    I love that you cal her a cheating little whore:) I have a dog like that who keeps getting out and coming back with a very satisfied look on her face:)

  3. Wendy

    Jayden, honestly. What’s a poor girl to do when the only man available is so skittish and stand-offish?? 😉

  4. Christiane ~ Taking On Magazines

    I’m so jealous! After we lost the last of our chickens to a hawk, I decided that we would wait to get more. You have me wanting them … NOW. They’re so cute, even if they do look a little mad. 🙂 I love the greenhouse that’s being built. What a fantastic addition that will be.

  5. jaime @ asweetroad

    They are all so adorable. I love Nibbles, the brown little guy. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a fully brown duck like that (is that weird?).

    This post makes me excited for the day when I live in a place where I can have animals!

  6. Chris

    Actually, I thought Duckie just had an “unsightly facial hair” situation and was going to recommend an epilady….errrr epi-duckie.

  7. Casey

    Your animals are very photogenic! Your children are very lucky to be able to have the experience of having these animals and see where their food comes from.

  8. Gary

    When I read about your boys gathering eggs I remember being sent out at five years old to gather them. Most of the hens and ducks gave no trouble, but we had a mean one – a black Banty hen.and that mean old thing wasted no time pecking at my legs and ran me off from there. Mom went out and gathered the rest of the few eggs left and gave me the standard “You’re a big boy now…” lecture. That night on one of our two television channels, a movie was on about gladiators which I was allowed to watch. The next day I gathered all the eggs all by myself. Mom got the biggest kick out of telling folks about me with a basket of eggs in one hand and dragging a metal garbage can lid behind me with the other – with the frustrated banty hen just pecking away at it.

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