A Post: Words Not Needed

I am never a woman with few words. But I think the story of what happened last weekend may not really require any explanation.

45 minutes later…..(yawn)

2 hours later…..

WTFT?!?!? (What The French Toast?!)

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  1. wmw

    Looks like your man is enjoying it more than the kids! You should have made him wear an Indiana Jones hat! :o)

  2. Laurel

    Your two boys are too cute! My own is now a tween and I do miss those days. Kinda. Grandma would give these type of gifts only to burn 2 hours and get .10 trinckets. Never knew which way the wind was going to blow on these “special” prizes. My husband and I would usually end up at Chuckie Cheez or ToysRhell to make up for the dispointment. These are the moments that I truly treasure MY TIME in the kitchen. Love your blog! All the best — L.

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