A Post: Words Not Needed

I am never a woman with few words. But I think the story of what happened last weekend may not really require any explanation.

45 minutes later…..(yawn)

2 hours later…..

WTFT?!?!? (What The French Toast?!)

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  1. amyjo smith

    lol – and they made dad do all the work?? or it was a safety thing – like my kids would have just smashed it to smithereens in a couple whacks and they’d be going, **WHAT?? only SMASHED TOYS??**


    cool toy/project πŸ˜€

  2. Sharon

    Just plain adorable. I’ll take the husband AND the kids! If you can’t bear to part with those, gimme the dang camera!!!

  3. Mindy

    Yeah, my boys would have gotten Daddy’s BIG “BaBa” and cracked that sucker open and been equally disappointed…love it! BTW, those safety glasses are way cool!

  4. Christima

    There are similar, buried dinosaur-bone toys out there that you get to put together after you dig them out… maybe that be a little more rewarding for the boys. πŸ™‚

  5. Lore

    I love the picture where they are curious but look from the distance to see what happens next. Adorable! πŸ™‚

  6. Suji

    Oh How adorable. Look at those two standing at a safe distance. The little one is holding on to his bear.. .sooo cute πŸ™‚


    OOOh, very cool picture
    The boys are curious but look from a distance to see what will happen next.
    Very, very nice….
    I like nice pictures
    March 8th, 2008 20.15 Amstelveen.

  8. Claudia (cook eat FRET)

    wow. lotta work for not so much…
    the kids look disappointed – i can’t blame them
    i love the moment – the daddy time
    the experience

    still, whata sucky treasure
    but whata nice family

  9. dp

    How very cute. But all that work and no tasty treasure!

    They are learning about dinosaurs at Sonny’s pre-school and they had something similar to let the kids excavate. Instead of the buried treause there were small bones, which they had to put together. But it took a lot of hammering and spraying with water to loosen the dirt.


    Dear Jaden steamykitchen,

    I just made an error to block any notification from you

    Please improve, Thanks,

    Gandamora Siregar,
    The Netherlands

  11. blondee47

    I thought mine were cute at that age, but yours are unspeakably cute!!

    I have a pic with such a look and cherish it to this day: the kind of look that says it all and cannot be described

  12. RecipeGirl

    Hey, we did that dig thingie too… but 6 year old whacked the heck out of it and got to the treasure (with sand ALL over our backyard) πŸ™‚

  13. Helene

    Didn’t you just want to cry for them when they found the ( I use the word loosely!) “treasure”? They look soooo disappointed…poor babies…and poor Scott.

  14. bill

    thanks for the chuckle… I needed that. It is said that a picture may convey a thousand words. Your sons expressions post the wtft is equivalent to Dostoevsky’s finest works!
    Oh and I’ll be using the french toast thingy too… nice touch for those of us with 4 year olds running about.

  15. Holly

    LOL. Oh, I can sympathize. My 4 year old’s well meaning Aunt gave us the “Dig for Dino’s version. Compressed “rock” block to chisel through all the prehistoric eras. So far after 2 hours of chiseling I haven’t made much progress or found a single dino. Oh the things we do for the kiddos!

  16. eliza

    he-he..it was actually great that you didn’t bribe your kids with chocolates πŸ™‚ i should try that with my son.

  17. Donald

    Jaden – u need an omni-cam ’cause, being a boy myself, this u capture, i tell u, never ends!!!!

    Wait 4 the expressions when u can no longer read their minds! Like that could ever happen; i’m 45 (this year) and my mom still treats me like i’m 10! I think she will 4 ever.

  18. Lynn

    The looks on your boys’ faces are priceless. A lame treasure, indeed. And your husband is a trouper to do all the grunt work for them.

  19. joey

    Aw! All your boys are too adorable! Love your sons’ expressions when they find the treasure chest with no chocolates…hahahaha!

  20. mochachocolata rita

    let me create one where my sous chef gets the credit card bills in a mini treasure box WAHAHHAA cant wait to see how he’ll react HOHOHOHO (i’ve purchased some fab vintage dresses for spring 2008)

  21. Alejandra

    LOL!! I’m cracking up over here! What a fantastic toy…although truly lame prizes. I think i might actually buy that for a boy (at heart) I know….

  22. radish

    That’s hysterical… It sounds like they like food treasures at the end of their search. I don’t blame them, all this work would make one hungry! Your kids seem awesome – love that ‘less-than-thrilled’ expression on their face.

  23. Helen

    Hey… I’m impressed that the little ones are in the “2 Hour” shots… quite the attention span. That woulda been my dad, all by his lonesome, swearing under his breath, LONG after we had all abandoned him.

  24. Dr. Biggles

    Holy fuhjeezus, sigh. Totally get it. And it sucks. The toys promise so much, the theme is absolutely wonderful, their joys are at an all-time high! And then, you open the box.

    The box is more fun. Which is why some times I’ll find myself a refrigerator box, some markers and tell the boys to HAVE AT IT !!! Days of fun what with the help of some carefully placed portholes.

    A box.


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