Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers!

Vietnamese Pulled Pork Sliders

Vietnamese Pulled Pork Sliders (one of the recipes in my cookbook)

The Steamy Kitchen cookbook is well under way. I’ve been working hard refining my photography skills, such as food styling, composition, lighting and learning how to use my camera beyond just the “automatic” settings. You guys want to hear more about my cookbook?

Periplus/Tuttle is my publisher, they’re responsible for at least 35% of my annual cookbook budget, meaning I already own A LOT of their cookbooks:

Asian Appetizers

Cambodian Cooking Japanese Homestyle Dishes


Interested in recipe testing?

Update: **Hey guys! I’m done with the Steamy Kitchen Cookbook! I’ll be looking for recipe testers when I start book #2….stay tuned…I’ll post when recipe testing begins.**

So anyways, I’m looking for a few recipe testers to help out with….um….recipe testing. The cookbook will be “Modern Asian: fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight’s supper” (yup! just like what my blog header says! It includes 100 recipes + 160 color photographs in a beautiful hardcover book. Nearly every single recipe will include one of my luscious photos! Because I have so many photos, the book won’t be released until next year.

Why so many photos? I don’t know about you, but when I flip through a cookbook and if it doesn’t have photos, I put it back. I’m a very visual person and my brain just naturally gravitates towards eye candy. Which is why I must be blindfolded whenever entering a Sur La Table store. My mind just goes bezerk with sensory overload!

Here’s what recipe testing involves:

  • Testing 3 recipes and providing honest feedback on specifics of the recipe and final dish
  • Submitting a photo of the dish – so that we can all see if it looks even remotely like my version that I had concocted in my kitchen
  • I’m also looking for one organized, sane individual to help manage all the testers and testing feedback

What do you get? Hmmm….how about your name in bright lights in my book? A big hug? An invite to a big massive launch party with lots of famous people and champagne? Ok, still working on the famous people bit, but I AM one degree from Justin Timberlake, one degree from David Beckham and just discovered last week that I’m one degree from Mario Batali!!! My one degree is heading to NY to visit cousin Mario and get this…she’s promised me that she would give him a big, wet kiss on the cheek for me.

WOOHOO! It’s only a matter of time!

Seriously, your help would be most appreciated and yes, your name will be in the book! As for the organized, sane individual who would like to manage the testing, you will be showered with lavish gifts, my next Chia Pet will be named after you and who knows what awesome opportunities will arise from being the First Mate of a new cookbook?

If you’re interested in recipe testing, comment below or just email me at [email protected] Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

edit: holy fish sauce! over 250 testers. LOVE IT. The more, the merrier. Let’s make this a fun cookbook testing group. You guys rock. To answer some of your questions:

1) no, your photos will not be published in the book. It’s for our group reference only.

2) yes, your name will REALLY be in the book!

3) you’ll test 3 diff recipes, each one time.

4) no, I haven’ t personally grabbed Beckham’s ass yet. But I WILL one day….and I will have photos for you when that day comes.

5) no word from Mario, whether or not the kiss on the cheek got him to come to my site. When he comes, you’ll be the first to know.

Dang….that sounded sorta kinky.

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  1. Gaby

    Hi we would love to test out your recipes. Is it to late? We can be the twenty something test couple who aren’t very good at cooking but try anyway. You need one of those right?

  2. Artsygal

    Oh oh.. pick me!

    I’m indian, but grew up in Thailand, with parents who grew up in Burma.. my love for asian food covers the full spectrum. I’d love to try out some recipes. And my mom (the family foodie) doesn’t know it yet, but I’m signing her up to help me. Between the 2 of us, we’ve probably got any ingredient you throw at us already in our kitchens since our cooking covers all the various countries we’re from and have lived in.

    Oh… and I can take awesome pics now that I bought a Lowel Ego light – based on your recommendation! Thanks for that recommendation BTW. The quality and colour accuracy on my photographs has improved many times over which is making my life so much easier.

  3. Cindy

    I’ll do it I’ll do it,
    I’ll be a perfect person to try out your recipes,
    Because I’m not THAT good at cooking,
    So if your cook book is aiming for fast, fresh, and simple,
    It’ll be perfect!
    And after following your recipe and recreate the dishes,
    You can totally tell if the recipes are really “simple” to make!

    Me me me!

    By the way,
    I don’t know if it’ll be helpful enough,
    But I don’t mind putting all the feedbacks and pictures into a….excel? powerpoint? word? file!

  4. Michelle


    Since I can’t cook, I would love to help you organize the book. I’m super organized!!


  5. Gerri Hayden

    I would be very interested in testing recipes for you. I entertain a lot both in the United States and Australia and would be glad to test some of the recipes on my guests in both countries and get their feed back as well.

  6. sia

    me too me too… my gosh!!! looks like i came here bit too late πŸ˜‰ see u have so many testers already πŸ˜‰

  7. Isabel Lam

    I’d love to be a tester, if you mean I cook it in my own kitchen… cause it’d be hard to fly to the US from Australia and try squish into a kitchen with all the above people πŸ˜› It would be crazy but hella fun!! A cookoff! WOOT!

  8. paula trehey

    I’d love to be a tester. My husband and I cook a variety of things and entertain on a regular basis. We could test them out with a small group and get some varying opinions.

  9. Swapna

    If you’re still looking for recipe testers, I’d love to be included! I cook every night but am running out of good recipes!

  10. Diana

    Hey Jaden, I’m extremely interested in testing your recipes especially since it’s modern Asian. Let me know if you are still looking.

  11. Diana

    Sorry for adding a second comment. I am interested in knowing more about what’s involved in helping you organize and manage the testing. Do let me know.

  12. Jo Snell

    Cooking is my passion and I would love to be a tester. Jo Snell, Aurora, Colorado

  13. White On Rice Couple

    Wow ! You’ve got plenty of help of some well qualified people here to test your recipes!
    Well, if you have any left over recipes that need any further testing, just send them our way.

  14. Tina

    Hi Jaden,

    I am very interested in being a tester for your cookbook. I am very passionate about food and cooking. So much so that I worked a full-time job and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles because I wanted to test my skills and abilities. I’m in my 40’s so quitting my job and working in a kitchen is not realistic but I’m confident that doing this would be a perfect thing for both of us. I could put my skills to use and you could use the results. Sound good?

  15. Chris

    Oh! I’d love to help you out! Please!?

    I love all forms of Asian food and we cook it here all the time (in the middle of Iowa, it’s the only way to get it!!!)

  16. Helen

    Whoa… Get bogged down in work for a few days and you miss all kinds of stuff! If you need 251, I’d really, really love to help. Looking forward to the cookbook!

  17. bruce bauer

    Does it matter that I’ve hugged Mario Batali? He came into my old restaurant a few years (and pounds) before he was Mr. TV guy…but I’ll never forget our “connection”….okay, that connection thing may be an overstatement, but the hug felt real, ya know?
    If you still need any testers, let me know. If not, I’m very stoked anyway for your continued success. Way to kick-ass girl!

  18. Silvia

    Hi! I’d love to test your recipes (as long as there is no meat in them)! πŸ™‚
    If you want a tester from Italy, here I am!! πŸ˜‰

  19. Junie

    Hi I would love to test your recipes. I am not that great at cooking and would like to improve on it. Testing your recipes will give me a chance to do that.

  20. Phyllis

    Would love to be a tester, although you seem to have quite a few volunteers already!
    Fortunately, I am pretty comforatable with my digital camera. I’ve been having fun with the Japanese “charaben” bentos for my daughter. Charaben are bentos decorated to look like characters – some very elaborate. Mine aren’t but it is still quite fun and she looks forward to it every day.

    Count me in if you need another recipe tester!

  21. Barry

    If its not too late I would looooove to test the recipes. Simple, complex – doesn’t matter. I live in San Jose so ingredients wouldn’t be an issue. Oh and I’m not a pro, just a passionate amateur (hmm…that sounds wrong.)

  22. Nicole from : For the Love of Food

    Hi Jaden,
    I’d love to do recipe testing for you!! Can I also publish my results on my blog? Oh, I’d also (almost) like to volunteer for the organizational part, but before I do, I want to know what it entails so I know what I’m getting into if I were to have the honor of holding the job πŸ™‚


  23. Kat

    I would love to be a tester.

    I can’t wait to see your book. I only buy cookbooks with tons of pictures.
    So I am defintely looking forward to yours!

  24. Lily


    I am detailed, organized, LOVE food, and your blog. Interested in helping. Please let me know what you are expecting.

  25. susan g

    Willing!! No qualifications, just an avid cook. (You don’t want to hear my experiences in cookbook publishing, in my youth = in the dark ages. Well, I do know the publisher’s family…) At any rate, wonderful to hear that this venture is going forward.
    NB: vegetarians, made a wonderful dish with your black bean “ribs.”

  26. devonrex

    I woul also love to help out. Love to cook asian foods and I as well prefer not to buy books without pictures. In fact the pictures are what inspire me to cook the foods.

  27. argus

    Hey, I just got back from an Internet-less trip to Venice and Florence. Great food and settings!

    Dear Mrs Steamy/Kinky, please include me in your recipe testing thingy. Not too late, me hopes. (By the way I write ‘thingy’ you’d know I’m not qualified to be your testers organizer/manager — I can’t organize the front end of a dog from its back end.)

  28. Sabrina Huang

    Hi Jaden,

    I am with you. I don’t buy any cookbook that doesn’t have a lot of photos and I can’t wait to see your cookbook.

    I took two Food Styling workshops in LA and it was very fun and informative. I think you will enjoy it as well. Check out their website for more information:

    I think you already had more than 250 testers so far but do let me know if you need one more. πŸ™‚


  29. toontz

    If you need another tester, I am game…Do you have any vegetarian dishes to test? No matter, I have a family of 5: 2 vegetarians, 2 meat-eaters, 1 confused cook. lol

  30. Deborah

    I would love to help too! I will eat anything and have access to many Asian markets nearby.

  31. Helen C

    Hi Jaden

    Have always loved your site and recipes.. Hope I’m not too late to be included in your tester list.. Gosh, you’re an inspiration to me and my partner and your recipe saved us from alot *blanked* dinner ideas!!

  32. Jimmy Crews

    Hello Jaden, we met @ the Rolling Pin in Brandon, it was the charity event for Cresent City Farmers Market. I was the hungry soul sitting at the end of the counter. Thank you for your participation for such a noble cause. Are you still in need of a taste tester, well if so drop me a line and if not, thank you once again and good luck with the new book…

  33. Leah

    If you are still in need of testers I would love the opportunity to be one of your Ginny Pigs. My family love it when I try out a new recipie.

  34. Katherine Williams

    If you wouldn’t mind having a tester ‘the other side of the pond’, this food loving Brit would love to join in the fun! ‘cups’ and words like ‘cilantro’ (we say Coriander!) are not a problem – I can work with those US measures and terms with no problem (thank you Food Channel, we now get to see Barefoot Contessa and others over here in England!) Photography is another hobby, so please sign me up!

  35. Ashley

    I sent you an e-mail but got a bounceback. I’d love to be on your recipe-testing committee! I love your site and recipes and am really looking forward to seeing your book in the steamy flesh πŸ™‚

  36. Phil

    Just found your page in Google readre. Love the idea and would love to help. If it’s the more, the merrier of course. Looks like you have plenty of volunteers. Guess I’ll hear if you need me….

  37. Mike Czyzewski


    Don’t know if you are still looking for testers but you can throw my name into the hat.


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