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How to Cook Brown Rice in the Microwave

How to Microwave Brown Rice featured-0312

Servings: 4      Prep Time: 1 minute      Cook Time: 30 minutes

Big thanks to the nice lady who answered Mahatma's rice crisis help line!

You can use any type of brown rice - if you are using fat short-grained brown rice, add 3 minutes to the cooking time at the end. IMPORTANT - Use a tall, pot-like container (like the one in my video) and if the lid is not vented, do not close the lid completely tight. Leave a space for steam to vent out. Corningware-type with glass lid works well too.


1 cup brown basmati rice
3 cups water


Wash rice, rinse, drain. Add rice and water to very large microwave safe bowl. Microwave uncovered at 100% power for 10 minutes. Reduce power to 50%, cover the bowl, and microwave another 20 minutes. Fluff with fork and serve.