Going home tomorrow!

I’m finally going home tomorrow! Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting my parents, but I miss my husband and my bed. I want my bathroom towel warmer, I want my secret stash of chocolates that I hide in the refrigerator drawer labeled “vegetables.” I want to know that when I push those tiny, rubbery buttons in this particular order “170”at any given point, that someone whose sole goal is to pleasure me appears on TV and brightens my evening.


Alright, enough whining, because really, I did have a fantabulous time in Los Angeles, I got to meet this woman. But really – don’t be fooled by her cute, blonde hair and (ding!) gorgeous, sparkling smile. She’ll flip your legs over head and have your body splayed on the floor in 2 seconds flat, with one-hand behind her back whipping egg whites. Mental note: don’t be stupid and challenge her to an arm wrestle after 3 glasses of wine.

I took the kids to Knott’s Snot’s Berry Farm one afternoon and after the 156th time on the choo-choo train that goes around and around and around and around on a track the circumference of a blow-up kiddie pool, I wanted to just grovel to the kid selling shaved ice cones to puulleeeeze spike my razzlin’ raspberry cone with some gin, vodka or your choice of whatever stashed in your back pocket.

But instead, this couple came to my rescue and invited my raggedy body and my sugar spiked kids to dinner at their home. I was recharged with their generosity and home cooking. And my kids thought they were the coolest, as they always love visiting homes of people who don’t have kids yet. Because the fun is discovering: a) if the piano sounds better if played with snail shells on fingertips b) do fish like Sunkist orange soda and c) Dante, the doggy? Does he giddyup like a horse if you jump on his back?

No, no and yes.

I left with a carload of goodies from their garden like blood oranges, tangerines, juicy navel oranges the size of grapefruits and a Vietnamese perilla plant. Plus, I got to take home a fresh jackfruit for my parents who haven’t had it this fresh since forever. And because I was the one who carried the jackfruit bounty into the home, presenting it as an gift to the wonderous people who gave birth to me, it was I who got all the credit, praise, adoration for the offering of exquisite delicacy. But only for like 10 seconds. Then they were like, “White on Rice couple…can we adopt you?”

And these two bloggers who were blogging when blogs were still awkwardly called web-logs – they need to just get married and have many kids. Natural selection has worked in their favor, and no, that’s not his real pic.

Oishii Eats came to help me in the cooking class, and within seconds we worked side-by-side as if we had known each other in a past life as young grasshoppas. And him? He seduced me with talk of curves and levels. Ay-ya-ya! Dirty, dirty Photoshop talk.

Next post?

Three free cookbooks for you, courtesy of Cooking Light.

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  1. Sharon

    OMG Jaden! I don’t have any more room on my Googly home page for food bloggers!!! And, I MUST have these. Please to stop!! That photo, those boys, those hats, those birds!!! GAWD, what an amazing shot.

  2. LunaPierCook

    “White On Rice Couple” took you home with them?? I’M SO FLIPPIN’ JEALOUS!!! Love those two … did either of them think to break out that video camera of their’s to document your visit? I sure hope so! Hope you have a safe trip back to Florida … and that Customs doesn’t take all your California fruit. Ya’ know, California IS a whole other country … 😉

  3. Alexander

    Oooh, I used to love KBF when I was a kid! So much fun! I never did get to try the prized fried chicken.. my dear old father wouldn’t wait an hour and a half with 4 hungry kids. Ah well, I guess the park was enough for him! We’d end up over in El Monte eating the best green chile burros ever!

    You’re a great Mom!!

  4. Shasta

    One tip for any future LA-related theme park visits: if you go to Disneyland, get the pass that lets you and the kids go to California Adventure, too. And then keep an eye out for the following places: 1) the margarita stand, 2) the winery, and 3) a restaurant called “Ariel’s Grotto” that my friends and I affectionately call “Ariel’s Blotto” because of the full bar in the back. They tend to mix their drinks with the kind of heavy hand I used before I was able to drink legally, but you won’t mind, because the Disney experience is a whole different thing after two Sapphire & tonics.

  5. daphne

    hehe. i love those caps that your boys are wearing!

    and jackfruits.. i missed that too.
    great to know your classes went well!

  6. Tracy

    Heh heh … I’ve done the endless circles on choo-choo trains. My kids have graduated to roller coasters that turn your belly inside out. I’m not sure which is worse.

    And why in the world do you need a towel warmer in Florida?

  7. mochachocolata rita

    u know…nothing dirtier than “curves” and “levels” than when they were paired with “AUTO” LOLLLLLLL

    wat i miss about my home:
    – cooking in my old undies
    – eating with my legs up on my chair/dining table, singlehandedly handle the chicken drumstick while another hand flicking through cable TV channels


  8. stacy

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  9. LunaPierCook

    Looks as though we’ve taken a break for some spamly advertising. Since they left their email addy as [email protected], let’s all spam ’em back!

  10. Suji

    you have a bathroom towel… what? I have heard of toilet seat warmer but bathroom towel warmer? lolol.. don’t you live in florida?..lolol

    Look at Nathan and Andrew, they are in love with those birdies :). Where did you get their hats… pretty neat 🙂

  11. Sharon

    This is a random comment about your wit. I’m addicted to Diablo Cody, the screenwriter who won an Oscar for Juno. She has a column that appears every 3 weeks in Entertainment Weekly. It’s the very last page, and she shares weeks with Stephen King and some other dude I don’t know or remember. Anyway, I finally got around to reading the April 18th column and found myself, every two or three paragraphs thinking about………………you! You have very similar wit and writing styles. Check her out! Maybe you should win an Academy Award too!!?”?!!

  12. White On Rice Couple

    Next time, your parents get TWO whole 20 pound jackfruit babies! Hope Andrew’s cheek is OK, all of us (including Sierra) sends lots of kisses over to him to make it better. Sorry about such small snails in the dish, next time it’ll be the better and meatier ones!
    You are the real deal Jaden- full of talent, kindness, generosity! Not only do you make the food blog world a much better place but your love transcends over to your beautiful boys too. The boys are super adorable and you are a rock star mom, wife, daughter, cook and blogger. You deserve the ultimate success!

  13. Artsygal

    Fresh jackfruit? Oh man. I’d shower you with praise and adoration too! That canned stuff I get here is rubbish!

  14. Cakebrain

    Whew! Jackfruit? Kinda smelly, isn’t it? I have never acquired the taste for something that looks like human organs and smells like stinky feet. Sorry, I know how passionate people are about this fruit. It’s on the same level for me as “Stinky Tofu”

    I love my towel warmer too.

  15. Mary Coleman

    I know exactly how you feel. No matter how short a time I’m away from home, I can’t wait to get back there. Even though I’m having the time of my life!
    Glad your trip was so successful!

  16. Mansi

    I totally know what you mean! after some time, you start missing “your home” more than anything else, even if you are in paradise!:) welcome back, glad u had a great time with your parents!

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